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how to clean shower head without vinegar

How to Clean Shower Head Without Vinegar

Showerhead cleaning is one of the smallest tasks that often get out of mind however, it makes a significant difference. It not...
best bathroom exhaust fan with light and bluetooth speaker

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Bluetooth Speaker

People love to listen to music while taking shower. Furthermore, people install exhaust fans in their bathrooms, without having an idea that...
best lighted bathroom mirrors

11 Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

LED backlit mirrors are regarded as a must-have item in every home. It is commonly seen in bathrooms and bedrooms, but it...
how to cover wall tiles without removing them

How to Cover Wall Tiles Without Removing Them

Looking at old tiles in the bathroom or kitchen may be depressing and it can make you feel out of touch with...
where to put toilet paper holder in small bathroom

Where to Put Toilet Paper Holder in Small Bathroom

A large bathroom is such a luxury since it allows you to store as many things as you desire. On the other...
best granite colors

Top 10 Granite Colors for 2022

Without a doubt, granite is one of the most popular natural countertops used in kitchens and bathrooms, especially in America. Granite colors...
best non slip bath mats for elderly

Best Non Slip Bath Mats for Elderly

Having the best anti-slip mats for seniors and elderly people in homes is very important as bathrooms are famous for being the...
acrylic vs fiberglass tub

Acrylic Vs Fiberglass Tub

When shopping for a bathtub, you will come across countless options. If you are looking for something that does not break your...
best tile for shower floor non slip

Best Tile for Shower Floor Non Slip

The bathroom floor deserves the most attention. It makes sense to choose a non-slip bathroom tile. There is a common issue that...
how to fix a slow flushing toilet

How to Fix a Slow Flushing Toilet

Finally, I noticed the previous day that the toilet in our guest bathroom was not working properly and this is the reason...

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