People love to listen to music while taking a shower. Furthermore, people install exhaust fans in their bathrooms, without having an idea that these same gadgets can play music.

Yes, you heard it correctly- in today’s market, there are exhaust fans available that allow you to listen to and enjoy your favorite playlist along with maintaining the moisture level of your bathroom.

In a bathroom, you relax and rejuvenate. But if it is ventilated properly, this part of your house can easily become a home for bacteria, germs, and mold spores.

The level of humidity is very high in bathrooms, which can be very difficult to keep fresh without a proper system of ventilation.

The fans of bathrooms have been invented in 1946, but they have undergone some major advancements in upcoming years. Now the bathrooms are installed with Bluetooth speakers, so there is no need to think about missing your most liked songs while taking care of business or getting ready.

Wondering to enjoy music, along with getting some quality air? The solution to your problem is an exhaust fan that can simultaneously perform two functions. A good exhaust fan provides the best illumination that manages to provide your favorite music along with decent light.

The capability of bathroom fans has been modified and upgraded with the advancement in technology. Today the fans available in the market have installed Bluetooth speakers.
Having a good background sound is very important when performing daily tasks. In this article, we have reviewed the best bathroom exhaust fans with light and Bluetooth speakers.

What is meant by a Bathroom Exhaust fan with a Bluetooth speaker?

It is a fan that provides a function of two products in one, a speaker and an exhaust fan.

As all gadgets like tablets, phones, and laptops available nowadays are equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology- compatibility is not a problem as all the fans of the vent will join with all of them without cables or wires.

All you have to do is just to connect to the speaker once and after that, it will automatically connect when you get in the bathroom or if the phone gets within the range of 20-30 feet of the bathroom exhaust fan.

The point of leaving the phone in the bedroom helps to protect your phone against all the possible damages that can occur in the bathroom.

How to install Bluetooth speaker bathroom fans?

The installation of Bluetooth fans is quite similar to the installation of a normal bath fan. Below are some of the tips related to installation.

Use a separate wall switch- Make sure to install a separate switch, then the Bluetooth speaker will get switched on only when the bathroom fan is on itself.
This may be a little irritating as the bathroom fan sound may reduce some of the speaker sounds.

Housing Size- The model name will tell the dimensions of the housing in the manual of product. And purchasing a new bath fan equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, make the installation easy if you go for a bigger bath fan as compared to the already present bath fan.
This will let you make an already present hole wide which is easy to remove an old fan.

Duct Size- Another main point to consider is the size of the duct of the Bluetooth fan. If a new fan is of a 4-6 inch duct and the size of the duct at home is 3 inches, then the options are a few.

Go for a duct reducer simply to connect both the existing and new ducts on the housing. Unluckily, this makes the performance of the bath fanless, and you are unable to get the desired performance of the fan.

If you want to get the whole performance, it is best to go for the same duct size as the new bath from the exhaust fan. The small-sized duct increases the exhaust fan noise which also reduces the sound of the Bluetooth speaker.

Reviews of the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Bluetooth Speakers

In this guide, we have reviewed the best Bluetooth bathroom fan and light speakers to help you select the best one for your bathroom with all the pros and cons.

1. Broan-NuTone Sensonic (Best Speaker Quality)

This speaker is the best one among all others. The exhaust is equipped with a dual-speaker system for the production of high-fidelity sound.

The fan speed is 110-cfm and is the best one for bathrooms with more than 105 sq. ft. The sound is very quiet with a rating of 1-sone which is equivalent to the level of a whisper. A 4-inch duct with a housing size of 10-1/2’’ by 11-3/8’’ and a depth of 7-5/8’’.
Similar to all other fans, when playing music will still hear the sound of an exhaust fan. You need to get a separate wired switch if you want to play the Sensonic by itself.

Even in retrofit installations, the fan is very easy to install. The exhaust fan also has a spacer for an I-joist installation. The metal tabs are removable if you want to replace an already-present bath fan.

Pros and Cons

For high-fidelity sound dual-speaker systemRemovable metal tabs

2. Delta BreezIntegrity (Best Quality)

This exhaust fan is equipped with a hidden Bluetooth speaker to podcast or play your favorite music while staying in the bathroom. The speaker has a rating of 3 watts and utilizes 3.0 Bluetooth.

The speed of the fan is 70-cfm with a premium-quality DC brushless motor that is qualified with an energy star. The rating of the sound is 1.0-sone only which is very quiet.

It has the best option of using a standard micro USB connection for connecting with a Bluetooth speaker.

This means you can do replacement of the speaker with a small speaker that is slim enough to fit on the inner side of the exhaust fan. As the default speaker is not the best one globally, you may want to replace it in the coming time.

Pros and Cons

Bluetooth speaker 3-wattThe last user must disconnect the Bluetooth so that others can use
Micro USB connectionThe default speaker is not that much great
Fan speed 70-cfm
1.0 sone makes it quiet

3. Homewerks 7130-03-BT (Best Long Distance)

This is our top choice for the best bathroom exhaust fan with Bluetooth speaker with strongest Bluetooth connection. You can leave your tablet or your phone outside the bathroom with this exhaust fan. It gets connected to the device, even more than 30 feet away.

The Bluetooth fan has a speed of 90-cfm and is best for a bath size of almost 90 sq. f. The fan is very quiet with 1.5-sones.

The wiring of the fan is very easy and has very quick connecting wire terminals, by just pushing the bare wire into the quick connection.

One negative point is that it makes a chime or a loud beep every time you connect the phone to the speaker. The volume of the speaker itself is not loud, and the sound of the shower is more than this.

Pros and Cons

Fan speed 90-cfm with 1.5 sonesIt has a loud connecting beep sound
Easy installation with mounting hardware and quick connecting wires
Bluetooth connection is very powerful

4. Homwwerks 7130-04

This model is similar to the 7130-03-BT only it has a fan of 70-CFM so it is for a bit smaller bathrooms (up to 70 sq. ft).

Another main difference is that this model possesses a grille of rectangular shape rather than a round.

The exhaust fan is 1.5 sones which are very quiet. The Bluetooth connection is very strong and can connect your device more than 20-f away so there is no need to take it to the moist bathroom.

One drawback of this bath fan is that it makes a loud beep sound whenever the device gets connected which may be a bit irritating.

Pros and Cons

Grille is of rectangular shapeWhenever you connect it you hear a loud beep sound
Bluetooth connection is very powerful
The speed of the fan is 70-cfm

5. Broan- NuTone Chroma Comfort (Best with Light)

It is one of our top picks among the best bathroom exhaust fan with led light and Bluetooth speaker.

It has a Bluetooth-connected speaker so that you can play and listen to your favorite music in the bathroom.

As it has 24 varied color options, the LED lighting is very cool and the light can also be dimmed from 10 to 100%.

This bathroom fan also has a multi-function wall switch, to make adjustments to the color and timer.
Still, you can use the speaker if you don’t want to use and install that included wall switch.

It has a fan of 1.5 sones and 110-cfm. It has a technology of TrueSeal damper which minimizes air leakage by up to 50%.

Pros and Cons

Has a Bluetooth speaker for playing musicMore wiring is required for the wall switch
24 varied colors of LED lighting
Has a multi-function wall switch to set a timer and change colors

6. BroanNuTone SPK80L

This fan is economical and is blue-tooth enabled. You can play your favorite playlist while taking a shower with the high-fidelity speaker.

The speed of the fan is 80-cfm and is best suited for bathrooms of almost 80-sq.ft. almost. The duct is 4-inch so you will need an adapter if you have an older 3-inch. For extra illumination, it has an LED light.

The only drawback is it utilizes an AC motor instead of a DC so the fan is louder itself than other fans. It has a sone rating of 2.5 which is not a quiet option.

This means that you may have difficulty playing music over the exhaust fan sound.

Pros and Cons

Fan speed is 80-cfmHas AC motion instead of DC
Highly accurate Bluetooth speakerLoud exhaust fan with 2.5 sones
Equipped with LED lighting

7. Broan-NuTone SPKACC (Best Accessory)

On your bathroom fan, it is the best speaker-only option to install. The system can be installed on a series of Broan-Nutone QT bathroom fans. It is equipped with a dual speaker with a sound of high fidelity and has a rating of 5 watts.

The drawback is that this speaker won’t properly work if the fan has a sensor of humidity, a heater, or if it has a changing speed. `

You can’t connect this speaker to another switch, so it turns on only when the fan is working.

Pros and Cons

5-watts powerThe exhaust fan must be switched on
For nice sound quality, it has a dual high-fidelity speakerUnable to work properly if you have a humidity heater, sensor, or changeable speed
For QT series bath fans, it has a speaker accessory

8. Nutone Invent Series 110 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Bath Fab with Light and Soft Surround LED Technology, Energy Star

This product is certified and tested and works like a new one. It has an airflow capacity of 110.0 cubic feet per minute and prevents the growth of mildew. This exhaust fan contains diffused lighting with proper ventilation. For more spread of light throughout the room, this innovative exhaust fan has a unique grille with LED lights on the full perimeter.

Pros and Cons

The light can be connected with the fan or individuallyA bit silent but not quite
12W light with 25,000 operating hours.

9. Hunter 90052 Saturn Decorative Bathroom Ventilation Fan with Light, Satin White

This exhaust fan has a satin white finish with an enclosure of frosted glass and 2 bulbs. It has an ultra-quiet fan with 1.16 Amp. Depending on your preference, the motor for the fan and light can be separately wired or on the same switch.

This fan minimizes excess humidity and moisture and circulates the air and fights against odors. It contains all hardware for easy installation.

Pros and Cons

110 CFMLight gets diffused with frosted covering
Has two bulbs for illumination
Resembles like a normal light fixture

10. Homewerks 7130-16-BT

Introducing the remarkable Homewerks 7130-16-BT, a top-notch choice for those in search of an exhaust fan featuring a built-in light and Bluetooth speaker.

With the Homewerks 7130-16-BT, you’ll experience unparalleled convenience as it comes equipped with a wall-mounted remote. This innovative feature enables you to effortlessly skip or replay songs and adjust the volume, all from the comfort of your Bluetooth-enabled device.

Pros and Cons

One of the Quietest bathroom fans.Little Expensive
Best fit for bathrooms under 110 square feet.
Have 3 years of warranty.

Buying Guide to consider while purchasing an exhaust fan with a Bluetooth speaker and Light

The following are the important points to consider while buying an exhaust fan with a speaker and light to remove any confusion or difficulty.

Sound-Quality and Compatibility

Ensure that the chosen Bluetooth speaker is compatible with the quality of the audio of your home theatre. The system should have easy installation.
Moreover, this product is available in various versions. Some speakers create loud sounds, some show marvelous vocal sounds, while others produce bassy and deep sounds.


Consideration of the flow of air of the exhaust is also difficult. The rate of airflow is mainly dependent on the size of your bathroom. For per square foot, there should be one CFM of airflow.

For a smaller bathroom, it can be almost 50-60 CFM, and for a mid-range washroom choose a fan with a rating of 70-90 CFM.
Ensure not to compromise the hygiene and comfort features as well.

Sones Rating

As you are using a speaker and a fan, consideration of the level of sound is also important. Also known as Sones.

If you prefer a noiseless and peaceful environment, always opt for a product with less rating of Sone. For quiet bathroom ventilation, select Sones of 1.0 or less.

Consumption of Electricity

A single product provides two functions, and the consumption of electricity is also significant. The main priority is to choose an energy-efficient bathroom fan with a Bluetooth speaker.
For consuming less energy, brushless motors are a better choice. They help you to save energy up to 50%.

Additional Features

There are some additional features like app control systems and many-colored LED lights. But the range will be more when they have additional features.


How does the Bluetooth functionality work?

Bluetooth functionality in a bathroom exhaust fan with light and Bluetooth speaker enables wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices. Using the exhaust fan’s Bluetooth connection, you can connect your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device. Once connected, you can play music or other audio content directly from your device, controlling playback, volume, and other settings using your device’s interface.

Can I use the Bluetooth speaker independently from the exhaust fan and light?

In most cases, a bathroom exhaust fan with a Bluetooth speaker and light can be used separately. Bluetooth-enabled devices can be connected directly to the speaker, so you can enjoy audio even without a fan or light. The Bluetooth speaker can also be used as a standalone audio device throughout your house.

Are bathroom exhaust fans with light and Bluetooth speakers energy-efficient?

Many bathroom exhaust fans with light and Bluetooth speaker models are designed for energy efficiency. They often include LED lighting, low-power Bluetooth technology, and energy-saving fan motors. These features reduce energy consumption while still providing adequate ventilation, lighting, and audio functionality.


When purchasing the best bathroom exhaust fan with speakers and light, it is difficult to overlook the advantages of installing a humidity sensor bathroom vent fan. The fans work quietly, are energy-efficient, have more life, and provide the right level of humidity. You can select the best fan depending on the size of your bathroom, features, structures, and mainly your choice.

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