Why is my Thermostat not Working?

why is my thermostat not working

With summer in full swing, air conditioning is a must-have these days. After all, what to do except stay at home due to the pandemic and restrictions on social gatherings? So, the least that people deserve is some peacetime in a relaxed environment. Suppose you are staying at home, minding your business, and suddenly you feel that the room is getting warmer than usual. Before you panic and call the air conditioning guy, have some patience. Why?

Well, you will end up paying the AC technician money for something that you could easily do yourself. The reason is that in most cases involving the AC malfunctioning or not performing up to the mark, the problem is the Thermostat. Usually, you can fix the thermostat yourself as it does not require extensive knowledge or skills. A quick search on Google or going through this article will get the job done.

Let us see the most common reasons behind a non-working thermostat.

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Why is my Thermostat Not Working? Common Thermostat Problems

Clicking Thermostat

Why thermostat not working or clicking? People consider a clicking thermostat as problematic. Well, they are wrong as clicking indicates that the thermostat is working as it should, and there are no problems. Therefore, do not call a technician for a clicking thermostat. They will charge you a hefty amount and conclude that there is no problem. However, if it is continuously clicking, the system is turning on and off repeatedly. It is a problem that requires a prompt fix.

Why is my Thermostat not Turning On?

Another common problem that thermostat users experience is that it refuses to turn on regardless of how many times you click on the on or temperature control buttons. It can be highly frustrating, especially if you wish to cool down or feel warm during the winter.

Why is my Nest Thermostat not cooling?

Nest thermostats are more advanced than your ordinary thermostats and expensive too. So, one expects them to work fine without running into issues. But that is not the case as a non-cooling nest thermostat is a common problem.

The thermostat Temperature & Room Temperature Do Not Match

It is another problem that people might face throughout the year.

Troubleshooting a Problematic Thermostat

There are several do it yourself fixes that you can rely upon to fix a thermostat.

Batteries & Wiring

If you are looking at a blank thermostat, it is time to replace the batteries. If it still does not turn on, check for a blown fuse. If that is working fine, look for a tripped circuit breaker. 9 times out of 10, these steps will fix the Thermostat.

Clean it Up

Remove the thermostat cover and remove the dirt/dust. At times, dirt or dust can prevent the Thermostat from working correctly. You can use a can of pressurized air to remove the dust and dirt.

Check the Mode

You might have mistakenly set the Thermostat on the incorrect mode. Therefore, ensure that it is in the right setting.

Check the Temperature

Some thermostats do not set the temperature automatically. In other words, you need to select the temperature manually. Therefore, if your Thermostat is not cooling, try to lower the temperature.

Incorrect Placement

Make sure that the Thermostat is in the correct location. The reason is that it uses the environment to read the temperature and set settings accordingly. If it is in the kitchen, it will think that the house is warm and lower the temperature. If the room is too cold, it will increase the temperature. Hence, place the Thermostat in a place where the temperature is neutral.

Call a Professional

If nothing works, it is time to call a professional. Make sure that you check their reviews before calling them over.

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