How To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning

No one enjoys experiencing hot weather conditions. With the intense heat, you might need to turn on your Air Conditioning (AC) to keep the room cool, allowing you to relax and enjoy most of your day. As you choose to run your AC, you may want to ensure that you get the most out of it. In this way, you can have a cool room without having to burst your electricity bills.

An AC unit is responsible for providing a cool breeze inside the room. Depending on your house structure, budget, and aesthetic choices: Most residential households could have a window or split type. As you turn them on, you expect your room to be cold and cozy, allowing for a calming and chilly day.

Moreover, below are the ways on how to get the most out of your air conditioning:

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Keep Your AC In Their Best Shape

To make the most out of your AC, you need to ensure that it is functioning well all the time. It’s to help you cool the room and not provide an added wall art, which can be a costly choice. However, if your AC comes to cross damage, which needs immediate repair, you should hire air conditioning services right away.   

With an AC service, not only can they provide repairs, but also proper maintenance. In this way, you can keep it in its best shape, giving you cool air for as long as possible. The last thing you want to happen is to purchase an expensive device only to have it working inside your room for a couple of years when a regular household AC should last for about 10 to 20 years.  

Clean Your AC Regularly

Apart from repairs and regular maintenance, clean your AC regularly. It will include waging the removable filters and the machine itself. With a dirty AC, your device might not be able to function well as there would be plenty of dust accumulation blocking the way. To ensure that it would have a smooth-sailing process without worrying about the airflow within the unit, you should do a regular air conditioning cleaning.

Ideally, clean the removable filters on your AC once every two weeks. It helps to remove any dust and dirt that could be blocking your AC. Additionally, you should hire an air conditioning cleaning service every three months. A professional will take it off your walls and clean it thoroughly with a power washer. Alternatively, you can do this yourself if you have the right tools and know-how to clean it properly.

Close All Doors And Windows

No matter how high the coverage of your AC unit is, you should close all doors and windows when you’re switching them on. It helps prevent any heat from coming inside the room, making your AC work harder to keep the room chilly.

Your AC works by providing cold air inside the room. Depending on the type you have, they can detect if the room already reaches your set temperature, allowing them to slow down the cooling process and maintain the room’s temperature. However, if the hot or warm air keeps on coming inside the room as you’re opening the windows and doors, your AC may need to work twice as hard to reach a specific temperature.

Not only that it’ll allow you to increase your electricity bills dramatically, but it can also over-exhaust your AC, causing them to break faster.

Seal In Gaps

Even if you close your windows and doors, and still have gaps in between, you’re not sealing in the cold air inside your room. Even if the crack is minimal, it can still allow the heat from coming inside the room, making your AC cool slower.  

As for gaps, consider purchasing a door or window gap seal that you can attach at the end of your doors and windows. It will help to prevent releasing any cool air and eliminate the possibility of pests, such as flies, from entering your home.

Use Thermal Curtains

While inviting much light inside your home, it will help you save on your electricity bills; and might heat your room quicker than just turning on your LED lights. When numerous lights are coming through your windows, especially during the middle of the day, you can anticipate that sunlight will give your home an added heat, which you won’t need during the summer.

To keep the heat away and allow your AC to cool the room without worrying about balancing the warmth, the use of thermal curtains will help get the job done.

A thermal curtain is responsible for blocking the heat from entering the room. It will repel any heat and won’t absorb any high temperatures as it’ll only allow it to bounce back outside. It will help prevent any warmness from entering the room and let the AC cool as usual.

Utilize Your Fans

When using your AC, you may tend to turn off your fans since they’re enough to cool the room. However, if you’re no longer satisfied with how your AC can keep the room cool or you want quick results, turning on your fans might be an option for you.

While you can always use any fans to make your room cooler, it would be better to use ceiling or tower fans as they could help spread the chilly air around the room. If you don’t have a ceiling fan or cannot install one, using a tower fan would be the second-best option, especially since it doesn’t consume much space and electricity. However, they might not be entirely powerful to use alone as they don’t have any blades.

As you use additional fans inside your home, try to place them at the other side of the room so you can allow the air to circulate. It will help to provide an even temperature to every corner of your house.


Having an AC during the summer is a total lifesaver. Not only can it help to keep you comfortable during the day, but it can also make you calm as intense heat could raise your mood. With that, utilizing what your AC can do will help to keep your room colder, allowing for maximum comfort for everyone.

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