How to Get Rid of House Flies

how to get rid of house flies

When the time of summer comes around, it is the time to welcome the warmth. It’s also a time for holidays, picnics, outings, and the fresh breeze flowing in the air.

And yes, it is also the time for flies. These flies suddenly become the most irritating things happening around, and they become successful in destroying our summer vibes.

They endlessly buzz around in the house, making a little noise but irritating.

How could anyone manage to get into the house in the first place? They land on kitchen tops, our food, and even worse on us too.

This fly buzzing around isn’t just irritating but is a cause of an unhygienic environment. They fly and crawl on almost anything, more commonly the feces of your pets.

On whatever surface they land, they will carry them on their legs, increasing the chance of spreading disease and infections.

Also, they lay their eggs often on then defecate anything they touch, so it is important not to have them in your house.

This article will describe many effective ways to get rid of these flies in the house using home remedies. Repellents are also used to get rid of them or might be setting up a trap.
Our important objective is to get rid of all these house flies, and we will help you with how to do that.

How to Get Rid of House Flies Naturally with Home Remedies

1. Vinegar

If you’re looking for the answer to how to get rid of house flies with Vinegar so you can get here. Vinegar can be used to get rid of these house flies. An inch of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in a tall glass should be mixed.

Cover this glass with plastic wrap, tighten this wrap with a rubber band, and poke some small holes in it.

Flies will be attracted to vinegar because of the smell and fly into the glass through the holes.

The dish soap will then do its work by sinking those flies instead of landing on the vinegar.

2. Homegrown Herbs

Homegrown herbs can also be used to get rid of flies from home. Give this natural, cheap, and experimental alternative a chance, and say goodbye to those entire little buggers method before it’s too late.

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3. Basil

Basil is a culinary herb that is used in Italian cuisines. The aroma of basils can keep flies away because they can’t stand the smell of basils.

You can grow some basil in your garden or on your balcony. Flies do hate the smell of basil. You can also place some basil in the kitchen and watch them disappear.

4. Cloves

Flies detect the smell of cloves. You can place a bowl of dried cloves in every room where you think you face the flies’ problems. Honestly, it is not a good option because the smell of clove is not fascinating for humans, so you have to bear it if you want to get rid of flies.

5. Mint and Lavender

You can plant mint and lavender in your garden and have pots in the house to stop them from entering your house before making it to the entrance.

Cinnamon is the alternative to air freshener because flies hate the smell of these herbs.

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6. Hot Pepper Repellent

If you want to get rid of flies in your house, you can use hot pepper. Flies avoid flying around the plants, which are such type of food that contains hot pepper. Pepper causes irritation, which will make it difficult to breathe for the flies. You can also grow a pepper plant on your balcony to avoid their incoming. You should make a powerful all-natural powerful spray of hot pepper by the following method:-

  • Use 2 or 3 hot peppers depending upon the concentration which you want and then blend them finely.
  • Add approximately 3 to 4 cups of water to it and start blending to make a mixture
  • Pour the mixture into a container and keep it in the sunshine for a week
  • Strain this liquid and get it transferred in a spray bottle. This spray bottle can be used at any time whenever you see a fly.

7. Essential Oils

Essential oils have a strong odor, which can make flies go away. You should make a spray out of oil, and it will be beneficial to keep these flies go away. It would help if you have different kinds of oil, such as clove oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, and cinnamon oil. The method to make a spray is to add those essential oils to a bottle. Ten drops of each oil are enough. Add cups of water and non-flavored vodka. Blend these ingredients together by shaking them vigorously.

8. Check from where they are getting in

It is normal for flies to enter the house with a little opening and closing of doors. However, if you have many flies in your house, you should examine them from where they enter. Check your windows screen and patch for replacement or check if they are damaged. If you haven’t re-fitted your windows, it must be the cause of flies entering the house. Also, check for the weather stripping in your houses around your doctors, and make necessary adjustments or other alterations to ensure that no-fly enters your house.

9. Light Traps

Light traps work in a way to attract the flies and give them a shock of electricity. Some of the lights are quite effective in attracting all kinds of flies that roam in your house. They kill insects using a UV light lamp. The best way to set up your light trap should be

Light traps work in a way to attract the flies and give them a shock of electricity. Some of the lights are quite effective in attracting all kinds of flies that roam in your house. They kill insects using a UV light lamp. The best way to set up your light trap should be

  • Place it 4 to 6 feet above the floor
  • Place it somewhere where there is no visibility to outside flies or insects so that it should not attract them.
  • Use light lamps which are designed for houses. Using commercial one has a little bit of extra volt which will cause a mess

10. Electric Swatter

Some portable insect swatter is an excellent remedy to get rid of flies inside or outside your house. They are like badminton rackets, which include three layers of electrified mesh, in order to use. It works when you pick it up and sweep it across the air. The flies will fly right in between them and get instantly killed by the shock of electricity.

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Prevent a Housefly Infestation

The most suitable process to manage housefly infestation is to prevent it in the first place. You have to make sure that they don’t have specific areas to lay eggs and remove all things that will attract flies.

  • Seal your gaps, door spaces properly, and any other vents, and they should be free from any holes or some other damage.
  • You should use a dustbin which includes a tight lid and dispose of the bags as early as they are full
  • Food should be properly stored in airtight containers
  • Never leave dirty plates on the hostage as food attracts the flies
  • Never leaves the grass or other leaves to let them degenerate near your house
  • Flies are attracted to light, so you should turn them off.
  • Avoid using rat and lizard poison to kill animals because the component carcasses will attract flies
  • Clean up your animal waste right away when it happens
home remedies to get rid of house flies
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Call a Professional Pest Controller

Home remedies are the best solution to these repelling flies. If these flies start to become constant pain, then it should be better to call a professional who will perform pest management to remove and eradicate the fly infestation. These fly experts will properly identify the type of fly and guide you to fly breeding sites. It is essential to know the breeding site in order to remove the fly infestation fully.

The specialist will inspect the breeding sites like drains, tiles any other areas which can absorb moisture. Once this survey is complete and the locations have been identified, the expert will recommend a fly treatment program depending on your needs. Depending on the condition of fly infestation at your home, the treatments might include one of these as follow:

  • Recommendation on housekeeping and hygiene
  • Baits
  • Dusting powders and sprays
  • Fogs Aerosol mists
  • Fly killers

How to Get Rid of Flies Outside Your Home?

If you are looking to remove flies outside your home, these herbs will do many wonders about keeping flies away.

Basil – Able to survive in any climate and doesn’t require any hard work

Bay leaf – Bay leaf can be brought indoors and grows efficiently during the summer times

Lavender – Hanging lavender in huge amounts around your home will stop the flies

Nasturtiums – This herbal flower will keep the flies as far as possible. It can also promote the growth of other plants, which is the main reason why you will find it in every garden

Mint– You can grow mint around windows or other openings in the home, resulting in keeping as many fly away as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. What causes house flies to come inside?

There are three things that attract houseflies: food, garbage, and moisture. The insects can make their way inside your house through open windows and doors, as well as through cracks and holes in your walls and screens.

Q. Are natural methods effective for getting rid of house flies?

Yes, natural methods for getting rid of house flies can be effective. In addition to essential oils, vinegar traps, flypaper, and mesh screens, there are a number of other methods that can be used to naturally get rid of house flies.

Q. How long does it take to get rid of house flies?

The time it takes to get rid of house flies depends on the severity of the infestation and the methods used. It may take longer for natural methods to work than chemical sprays or other insecticides, but they are generally safer and more environmentally friendly than chemical methods.

Q. What are the health risks associated with house flies?

House flies can carry bacteria and other pathogens on their bodies, which can contaminate food and surfaces in your home. This can result in food poisoning and other illnesses. If you want to avoid these health risks, it’s important to get rid of house flies as soon as possible.

Q. Can I use chemical sprays to get rid of house flies?

House flies can be effectively eradicated with chemical sprays, but they are also harmful to humans and pets. In order to ensure safe use, it’s important to read the labels carefully.

Q. How often should I clean my garbage can to prevent house flies?

You should clean your garbage can at least once a week to prevent houseflies. Make sure to remove any food debris or liquid that may have accumulated at the bottom of the can.


Always try to keep your kitchen as clean as possible and wiped it clean. Flies are attracted to places where there are rubbish and garbage. You have to make sure all the bins are closed. You should take care of every step to avoid these flies coming into your home. Along with these remedies, having a clean and hygienic home is the only way to avoid these flies buzzing in your house.

We hope you got the answer to your question about how to get rid of house flies naturally in effective ways. Thanks for reading!

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