Having a large outdoor place is one of life’s greatest blessings. You can walk outside whenever you feel like it, have parties, enjoy the cool breeze, or get a natural tan. In short, having an outdoor pool gives you countless opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest. However, a large outdoor place requires maintenance. Otherwise, it can quickly turn into a nightmare of tall grass, weeds, and creepy crawlies. What is the best way to remove weeds from large area? It is a question that every large outdoor place owner keeps asking themselves repeatedly. Today’s blog post will talk about the best ways to remove large areas of weeds.

How to Get Rid of Weeds on Large Property?

There are several methods that you may opt for when removing weeds from large areas of garden:

Method 1: By Hand

Without any hint of doubt, using your hands is the best way to clear weeds from a large area. But it is the most time-consuming. Imagine walking through your large property, plucking the weed manually. If you have made up your mind and plan to go down this route, we recommend wearing gardening gloves. They will make the task easier and might help it speed up. However, it is possible that you might come across very stubborn weeds or those with deep root systems. In that case, using force is no longer a valid option. Instead, invest in some gardening tools such as a hoe. Please remember that you will need to get down on your knees when removing the weeds by hand. It means that your knees, legs, back, and neck will be under considerable stress. If you have a pre-existing condition in these body parts, avoid this method altogether.

Method 2: Natural Weed Killer

Many people are against using chemicals to kill the weed. So, what is the best way to remove weeds from large area for such people? Make an all-natural weed killer. You need to get your hands on the purest form of vinegar possible. For most people, white vinegar is the purest form they can find. Well, no worries, as it works fine. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle and start spraying your property. Please wear protection on your hands and eyes as vinegar can cause burns or, at the very least, irritation. While spraying the vinegar, try to ensure that you reach the roots. It will ensure that the weeds do not return as their entire root system is burned up.

Method 3: Boiling Water

If the property is large but not too large, you may spray the weeds with boiling water. If it is too large, you will need to rent a water tanker and fill it with boiling water. In other words, it is not worth it. However, if you can walk around your property and spray boiling water, then go for it. Please wear gloves and thick clothes to avoid burning yourself. You need to be careful when pouring water to avoid damaging plants that you would like to keep.

Method 4: Cornmeal

If you live in an area where cornmeal is cheap, then this method is the best way to clear weeds from a large area. Cornmeal has gluten, which further has pre-emergent. It prevents weeds from growing. However, this method is only effective if the weeds have not bloomed. If the weeds are blooming or bloomed, try the other methods.

Method 5: Salt

You can sprinkle salt on the weeds to kill them. But you need to sprinkle it around the base, i.e. the root system. Otherwise, the weeds will start to regrow. If your property is vast, we do not recommend this method. The reason is that the salt might turn out to be too expensive. On top of it all, you will need a lot of free time on your hand. However, if you plan to grow plants, vegetables, and fruits, you need to proceed with caution. Why? The salt can affect your soil. It may increase the salinity, meaning that you cannot grow certain types of plants.

Method 6: Fire

Before attempting this method, please exercise full caution. A fire is not something that anyone should take lightly. The fire is an effective, time-saving, and budget-friendly answer to how to get rid of weeds on large property. You can easily buy a propane-powered weed torch or a similar product. After buying it, aim at the roots. The fire will ensure that the weeds do not return for a long time.

Method 7: Newspapers

If you have a large pile of newspapers available, then we have good news. Sunlight and weeds cannot penetrate the paper. All you need to do is place newspapers on the weeds. You can place rocks or soil on the newspapers to prevent them from flying away.

Method 8: Chemicals & Pesticides

There are numerous weed-killing chemicals and pesticides available in the market. Many of them are powerful enough to ensure that the weeds will not return for years. However, not everyone is comfortable with spraying them over their land. The reason is that they can destroy the soil and bring other problems. If you are an environmentalist or concerned about the environment, do not opt for this method. The reason is that despite their numerous benefits, pesticides and other chemicals are extremely harmful to living things.

Method 9: Call a Professional

Call a professional weed removing business if you are not comfortable with any of the methods or do not have the time for them. These are experts in their field, and they know how to get the job done. They have the right tools and the labor to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Wrap Up

If you still have questions in mind regarding the best way to remove weeds from large area, feel free to let us know. We will get back to you with a detailed answer. We are confident that we can help you rid your property of weeds. If you are in doubt or do not feel like putting in the effort, opt for professional service right away. Do not let the weeds grow out, as it will only increase your expenses later.

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