Suppose that you buy a house or rent a new place. Before moving in, you make sure that the place is thoroughly cleaned. For this purpose, you even hire a cleaning company that gives the place an in-depth washdown. After settling into the home, you notice that there are roaches. You wonder, why do I have roaches in my clean house? It is something that many people go through despite ensuring that their home is spotless. While some of you may be scared of them, the germs that they bring into your home are more frightening. Roaches are nasty creatures that live in filth and then bring it to your place. Therefore, you better get rid of them promptly.

Causes of Cockroaches in Clean House

There are several reasons behind seeing roaches in your clean home. Let us go through them:

1. Food

All living things require food, and roaches are no exception. Food, if left uncovered for long periods, will invite roaches in long numbers. Even an open dustbin where you throw the leftover food is an open invitation to the roaches.

2. Shelter

Roaches enter your home for shelter. Therefore, they will use all possible entry points to come into the house. Over time, you will face a roach infestation. Hence, seal up all potential entry points such as:

  • Space Underneath the Doors
  • Cracks and holes in the Walls
  • Gaps Around the AC Area

3. Moisture

Roaches cannot live without water for long. Research indicates that they can live without water for 1 week only, while they can go without food for up to a month. Therefore, make sure that the house is dry at all times. If there is any leak, fix it promptly. You can use a professional plumbing service to help you identify and fix leaks.

4. Location

Certain areas are more prone to roaches than others. Even if you keep your home sanitary, they will find a way.

Why Do Roaches Exist?

They eat materials that no other insect or animal eats. It helps in getting rid of unwanted materials. Thus, their eating and droppings help add nitrogen to the soil. Lastly, they act as pollinators for various plants and flowers.

How to Get Rid of Roaches from Clean House

We have given you the answer to why do I have roaches in my clean house. Now, let us focus on getting rid of them.

Store Away Food Properly

We request that you store food correctly. For instance, make sure that the containers are tightly sealed. Secondly, keep the dustbin closed. Roaches even thrive on pet food. So, make sure that it is kept away safely. Clean up after each meal as cockroaches can survive on small crumbs.

Thorough Cleaning

We know that you clean the house. But we recommend using top-quality cleaning detergents to clean the place frequently. Make sure that you do not miss out on any spots.

Chemical Baits

You can find products that smell like food. When roaches eat them, they will die out. They can spread the poison around, eventually killing the entire infestation.

Boric Acid

Mix an equal quantity of boric acid, sugar, and dough. From the dough, make small balls and place them in areas where you usually see the roaches. The roaches will eat the dough, whereas the boric acid will end up killing them.

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