How to Get Rid of Gnats in Plants Naturally

how to get rid of gnats in plants naturally

Gnats are tiny insects hanging around plants. Besides annoying they can also hinder the growth of plants. If they remain unattended for some time, they will multiply in number, causing more severe issues. If you are also facing the issue of gnats in your plants, then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn how to get rid of gnats in plants naturally.

There are many chemicals available in the market to kill these pesky insects. But these chemicals can harm your plant in many ways. That’s why it’s best to eliminate gnats in houseplants naturally.

Stay with me and get your blooming clean garden back. Read on to learn the best practices for keeping gnats away from your precious plants.

Before delving into the solutions, let’s understand the root causes of gnats in plants.

Causes of Fungus GNATS

To get rid of the fungus gnats from your house and garden, it’s necessary to find out the root causes of the issue. Then you can easily eliminate gnats naturally. The following are the main causes of fungus gnats in plants. So, let’s dive in.

Excessive water in the pot

Moisture in the soil can provide a better situation for the growth and development of annoying gnats insects. That is why it’s better to dry the soil to kill their larvae. Moreover, in the dry soil, they would not be able to lay more eggs.

Infected plant

A plant with a gnat fungus can impact all other plants too. Since gnats insects reproduce and enhance in numbers faster, it is crucial to keep infected plants separate. Examine newly brought plants carefully. If you notice any signs of gnats in them do not place them in your garden or home.

Decomposition of organic debris

Organic matter plays an important role in the proper development of plants. However, moisture in it can lead to gnats in your plant. Always add organic fertilizer to dry soil. You can dry the soil by baking it.

Perfect light source

Insects also need an optimum temperature and environment for their growth. A good lightning source can also be the reason for insect growth in plants.

How To Get Rid Of Gnats In Plants?

Since these insects grow very fast it is good to kill them as soon as possible. Try different methods simultaneously so that you can get rid of gnats faster. Here I have enlisted natural ways to to keep gnats away from plants. Let us explore them one by one.

getting rid of gnats from plants naturally
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1. Repot the soil

The fastest and easiest way of eradicating gnats from your garden is to remove the previous soil. Since these gnats are very small it’s better to dispose of all the soil. In this way, you can get rid of hidden eggs and larvae of gnats.

Remove all the soil from the pot carefully without harming the roots of your plant. Then put fresh soil in the pot. This will help in getting rid of all insects very fast.

2. Bake the soil

If you are not comfortable changing the soil, then you can also get rid of flying gnats by baking the soil. For this purpose, you will need to bake the soil for at least 25 minutes or simply heat it up at the stove. All the insects and their eggs will be finished.

3. Quarantine new plants

If you bring a new plant to your garden, check it thoroughly. If you notice any insects in the plant or the plant is getting damaged day by day, then you just need to keep it separate.

You can control gnats in plants by placing the new plant in a separate place for at least 3 weeks. You can put it back in your garden once the problem is resolved.

4. Remove excessive water from the plant

Do not overwater the plants. Moist in the soil can provide a better situation for the growth and development of musky gnats insects.

So it’s better to dry the soil completely. Try to give healthy breaks while keeping your plants’ condition in mind. The egg and larva will not grow in dry soil leaving your plant fungus free.

5. Make a Sugar trap

One effective and natural way to control the population of fungus is a sugar trap. Mix one tablespoon of sugar in a cup of water. Also, add a few drops of regular dishwasher in it. Insects will be attracted to it due to the sweet taste of sugar.

The dishwasher will help in breaking the surface tension. So the insects will fall down quickly whenever they land on a mixture. This is a good and easiest method to capture the flies.

6. Make Fruit trap

You can also use rotten fruit to kill flies and insects that are damaging your beautiful garden. Put some pieces of rotten fruit in a bowl.

Cover it with a sheet and make holes in the sheet so that insects can get into it. The gnats will be attracted due to the aroma and eventually fall into it. A fruit fly trap is my favorite way to keep gnats away from plants.

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7. Make vinegar trap

Mix apple cider vinegar in water in a bowl. And then add a few drops of dishwasher in it. You can also add sugar to catch more insects. Cover the bowl with a sheet and make holes in it so that insects can get into it easily.

Put this bowl beside the infected plant. Insects will be attracted to it due to its faintness. They will try to sip the mixture and eventually fall down.

8. Make a potato trap

Put a piece of potato in the soil. The larvae will try to feed on potatoes and remain stuck to it. Meanwhile, replace the potato with a fresh piece. In this way, you can remove growing fungus gnats from your plant. Dispose of the used potato piece far away from your garden.

9. Use flycatcher

If you are a busy person and do not want to repeatedly check out the potato piece, then you can also use a flycatcher. These flycatchers are available in local markets as well as online. You can purchase them easily. Place a flycatcher in the plant and capture all the insects very easily.

10. Use sticky trap

There are different sticky traps available in the market. Use a colorful sticky trap to attract and catch more gnats. Place a sticky trap beside the infected plant. Replace it with a new fresh piece whenever necessary.

This can be the best way to analyze the population of insects. You will have a better idea of whether the insects are increasing in number or not. Moreover, it cannot harm your precious plant.

My grandmother told me that insects get attracted to yellow color easily. I used a yellow sticky trap and the results were phenomenal.

11. Use hydrogen peroxide

Fungus gnats are more alarming due to their high rate of reproduction. Your plant might have few fungi at night, but a large number of insects hanging around your plant in the morning would surprise you.

That’s why it is essential to kill their eggs as soon as possible. Hydrogen peroxide is the most efficient for killing the eggs. Mix one part of hydrogen peroxide in four parts of water.

Pour this mixture into the soil of the infected plant. Remember to pour it when the soil is ready to absorb it. Do not pour it into the wet soil.

12. Use cinnamon and chamomile

Cinnamon and chamomile are natural fungicides. They help in removing fungus gnats and stop the insects from laying new eggs.

Both of these are kitchen essentials. However, it is better to use Ceylon cinnamon instead of regular type. Sprinkle some Ceylon cinnamon and chamomile at the surface of the soil to get rid of these insects.

13. Use soap and dishwasher

Dishwasher and castile soaps can also be used to kill the germs. Sprinkle them on the upper layer of soil. In this way, you can get rid of gnats in plants with dish soap.

Both are effective insecticides, but castile soap will give you superb results. Since castile soap is made from plant oil it can kill the bugs by suffocating them. A dishwasher and soap will help you get rid of gnats by damaging their soft bodies.

14. Use neem oil

Neem oil can also be used as an insecticide. Sprinkle the diluted neem oil on the surface of the soil. This will kill larvas by suffocating them.

15. Use candle trap

Partially fill the candle stand with water and then place a candle on it. Turn off all the lights in your home and light the candle. The insects will be attracted to light. Ultimately they will burn or fall into the water. In this way, you can remove gnats from your home easily.

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How to get rid of gnats in the kitchen?

The most effective and popular way of removing gnats from the kitchen is a vinegar trap. Mix vinegar, dish soap, and sugar in a bowl. Cover it with a sheet. Make some holes in the sheet for trapping them into the bowl. Place the mixture near the gnats.

Can I use a spray to kill fungus Gnat in my home and garden?

Yes, you can use insecticide spray to kill gnats. You would need to do so very carefully because this may kill useful insects if not done properly. Use bifenthrin, permethrin, and pyrethrins in a spray bottle. You can also use a mixture of soap and water in it to kill the gnats. Spray around the areas where insects are present.

Do gnats fly around the house?

Gnats are not fast flyers. They just keep hovering around plants. And do not think as they can bite you. They are just like fruit flies hanging around plants. However, they will not harm humans in any way.


Whether you have grown plants for the sake of your interest or you are a professional gardener, the gnats in plants can affect your overall garden. So you just need to get rid of those fungus gnats very fast.

In this article, I have highlighted all the main causes of the problem and their best possible solutions to get rid of gnats in your plant naturally. Take a close look at them and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

If you are stuck at any phase in removing the gnats, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to help you to get your happy garden back. Do let me know in the comment section which method works out for you. Happy gardening.

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