Anyone who happens to live in an area where mosquitoes are common knows about the ongoing battle to control them. Fortunately, the majority of individuals only experience the standard symptoms, which are itchy mosquito bites. There are annoyances and irritants, but they come with little to no risk. But, the other deadly diseases that come with these insects may spread, like yellow fever, dengue, malaria, and other problems.

If you have water standing in a tub, pooling around plants, or sitting in a sink or pet bowl, insects may be drawn to it because standing water is the primary lure for mosquitoes. The likelihood that you may experience indoor mosquito problems increases the need to get rid of standing water. Making sure there is no still or stagnant water in the house is the first step in getting rid of mosquitoes indoors.

Simple steps can be taken to eliminate mosquitoes in your home. You may lessen your risk of being bitten by a mosquito by using chemical insect repellent products and mosquito traps. However, neither you nor the environment is in favor of such substances. Fortunately, there are several simple natural repellents that may be used in place of artificial repellents to keep mosquitoes away.

So, let’s dig into the ways how to get rid of mosquitoes inside your home.

10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Inside the House

1. Using garlic juice

There are a number of qualities in garlic that repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes attempt to avoid garlic because they dislike the sulfur in it. Also, garlic juice is toxic to mosquitoes, so if they catch hold of it, game over. You can try this approach by boiling crushed garlic cloves in water. Then, fill a spray bottle with the solution and mist it all over your room, garage, etc.

This garlic-based treatment should effectively eliminate mosquitoes. You don’t need to worry about the scent of the chemical lingering in your home because it will pass quickly and come to your nose. You don’t have time for all that.

2. Use of camphor

Camphor is more commonly associated with the cold salve people apply to their chests. Using this chemical, you can facilitate better breathing by widening your nasal airways. Because they are readily overpowered by the aroma, mosquitoes can be deterred by the same quality.

It is possible to get rid of mosquitoes with several types of camphor. Choosing the burning option requires that you close all the doors before lighting the camphor. The absence of mosquitoes will become apparent after around 30 minutes.

3. Use grounded coffee

You won’t have to go very far to discover this chemical that keeps mosquitoes away because it’s here, in our homes all the time. Coffee grinds are one of the greatest all-natural solutions to get rid of mosquitoes in the house and are almost universally available.

If you have a problem with standing water in your house, coffee grinds are an excellent solution. This is due to the fact that standing water attracts more mosquitoes, thus all you need to do is add coffee grounds to it. Without oxygen, mosquito eggs will rise to the surface and perish. Existing mosquitoes and a variety of other bothersome creatures are also deterred by coffee grounds.

4. Using essential oil

Another efficient natural mosquito repellent is by using essential oil mainly lavender oil. This has a far more pleasant aroma so use the aroma of lavender oil to your advantage because mosquitoes hate it!

Spray lavender oil about your house and the neighborhood to deter insects. Fun fact: You may apply some to your skin to ward off insects and prevent bites! Additionally, a few drops of lavender oil go a long way in calming an already-existing bite.

5. Using mint leaves

Mosquitoes hate the fragrance of mint, much like they do lavender oil. Use this weakness to your advantage once more. Place fresh mint leaves or mint oil at strategic locations throughout the house. If you make a few handmade sachets,then its a bonus point. Also, think about planting mint bushes in patio planters.

6. Use of dry ice

The carbon dioxide emissions from dry ice will ultimately draw mosquitoes to the container or trap. They’ll become entrapped and perish there. When handling dry ice, put on gloves or an oven mitt. It is so cold that prolonged contact with your skin might cause it to freeze. Take precautions to keep it out of the reach of children, pets, and people who ought to know better.

7. Using pinion wood

If you’re one of the lucky renters who has a fireplace or outdoor fire pit at your residence, think about storing up on pinion wood before your next night out. Mosquitoes will swiftly perish since they can’t stand the fragrance of this specific wood. Simply make sure you buy genuine pinion wood since while some manufacturers may call it as such, it’s actually just pine wood.

8. Use of apple cider vinegar

One of the few organic components that, when combined with other specified components, produces a spray that repels mosquitoes surprisingly well is apple cider vinegar. Simply blend one-quarter cup of witch hazel with one-quarter cup of apple cider vinegar. Add some essential oils for fragrance next. Use one with anti-mosquito qualities if possible, such as eucalyptus or citronella. After mixing, pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Before each spritz, be sure to mix it thoroughly. Where necessary, spray to repel mosquitoes.

9. Attract some birds to feed

In order to keep insects at bay, invite feathered companions as birds like munching on mosquitoes. Just add a few bird feeders to the balcony or porch. They will arrive at the location as a result, where they may perhaps catch a few mosquitoes to eat as an appetizer.

10. Use a fan

Grab a fan if bugs make it difficult to enjoy your apartment balcony! The annoying insects, who are not good flyers, would try their best to avoid a strong breeze. In addition, you’ll keep comfortable and cool throughout those muggy, hot months.


Yes, mosquitoes are an important component of the global ecology, but that doesn’t mean we have to feed them. So give a few of these tried-and-true organic methods for repelling mosquitoes a try. What do you have to lose?

So, the next time these pesky insects start sniffing about your property, try utilizing one of these natural mosquito repellent choices.

It may seem hard to get rid of mosquitoes, but with a few simple items and a few inventive methods up your sleeve, you’ll have a mosquito-free house in no time.

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