How to Grow Bamboo from Cuttings?

how to grow bamboo from cuttings

Bamboo is one of the most sought-after materials in the world. You might be wondering what is so special about them, except that they are a panda’s favorite meal. Well, most people do not realize it, but bamboo wood is used in premium furniture and flooring. Other than this, people prefer bamboos for their visual appeal and privacy. As they proliferate quickly and in clumps, they are so dense that people cannot see past them. Therefore, if you want to protect your house from prying eyes, bamboos are the best option.

How to Propagate Bamboo Plant?

There are several ways through which you can grow bamboos:

  • Cuttings from Creeping Rootstalk (Rhizomatous Roots)

They can produce a new plant as they can create root and shoot systems. In most cases, it is the easiest way to grow anything, including a bamboo tree. Each piece of the rhizome can grow into a new plant, which in this case is bamboo. The process is referred to as vegetative reproduction.

  • Cuttings from Stems (Young Culms)

They refer to the branches or leaves.

You might be wondering about how to take bamboo cuttings, right? Well, do not worry because we will tell you right now.

How to Take Bamboo Cuttings

If you are taking a bamboo cutting from the stem, sterilise the tools. It is vital that you disinfect the tools correctly. Now, cut at a 45° angle. If you are cutting from a rhizome, you will need to dig up the bamboo as its rhizomes are underground. Once done, cut the rhizome into separate pieces. Yes, it is that simple. If you don’t know about the rhizome, Google it to see what it looks like.

Now, let us focus on the topic at hand.

How to Grow Bamboo from Cuttings

As said earlier, there are two types of cutting. So, we shall focus on both.

1. Growing Bamboo From Rhizomes

Step 1: Take rhizomes that have at least two growth buds. If the rhizomes appear darker than usual, leave them, and take the other ones. The reason is that they might not grow well at all, causing you much frustration.
Step 2: Get clean pots in which you plan to grow them. Once you do that, place the rhizomes horizontally. The buds must face upwards.
Step 3: Place a 3-inch soil layer over them.
Step 4: Water it until the entire soil becomes moist.
Step 5: Place the water in a warm spot but avoid direct sunlight. Ensure that the soil is moist.
Step 6: In four to six weeks, you will see their growth.
Step 7: Once night-time temperatures are around 13° C, plant them outside.

2. Growing Bamboo from Culm Cuttings?

Step 1: Find a bamboo tree that is at least 3 years old.
Step 2: Cut a cutting that has a minimum of one node and one internode.
Step 3: Make potting mix. If you are an avid gardener, you already know what we are talking about when we say potting mix. If you are just trying your hand at gardening, we recommend that you Google potting mix and how to make it. All you need to know is that it is used for growing plants in containers. If you do not know how to make it, you can easily buy it from any plant shop.
Step 4: Apply rooting hormone to the cutting because it will help it regrow faster.
Step 5: Apply beeswax or any other soft wax to one end of the cutting. It will prevent rotting.
Step 6: Bury the cutting into the potting mix. Please keep in mind that only 1 node should be buried.
Step 7: Spread the mix so that there is no space left.
Step 8: Use a spray bottle to moisturise the soil. It should not be muddy. Overwatering can kill the bamboo.
Step 9: Fill the cutting center with water.
Step 10: Place the pot in a warm but shady area. Avoid direct sunlight.
Step 11: After 4 weeks, you will see a growth in the cutting’s height and additional branches.
Step 12: After 4 months, transport the bamboo from the pot to an outside area for best growth.

How to Propagate Bamboo in Water

If you wish to grow bamboos in water, here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Cut 10 inches long cuttings. You should select one with two nodes and two internodes. Again, you need to cut at a 45° angle. Please, do not forget to sterilise and sharpen the tool before cutting. Otherwise, you might damage the bamboo.
Step 2: The cuttings are at risk of rotting at this stage. To prevent this, you need to dip one end in soft, melted wax. You may opt for beeswax.
Step 3: Once you complete the above step, put the cuttings in water. You should avoid direct sunlight, but the room must be well-lit.
Step 4: You need to change the water every day. Why? Standing water runs out of oxygen which is essential for any plant’s growth.
Step 5: Wait for the cuttings to develop 2-inch roots.
Step 6: Get a new pot and fill it with potting mix.
Step 7: Make a hole in the mix.
Step 8: Place the cutting into the hole. The cutting must not be below 1-inch depth.
Step 9: The cutting can deform or keep falling over at this stage. To prevent this, tie it to a stick by using string.

After that, you can follow the steps mentioned in the previous sections.

Wrap Up

It concludes our article on how to grow bamboo from cuttings. If you have any questions in mind, feel free to let us know. Our experts will get right back to you with a detailed answer. Lastly, although planting bamboos is not illegal, there may be certain restrictions in your area. For instance, several US states have clearly defined where one can plant bamboos. In case of failure to abide by these rules, you might end up with a huge fine. Therefore, confirm with your local body regarding the restrictions before planting. Thank You.

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