Which Shower Faucet will suit your Bathroom Better?

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For rejuvenating oneself, a relaxing shower is mandatory. But for getting a calming experience, do you have the correct faucet? If yes, then there is nothing like it. However, if you do not have it, you will have to look into multiple options available in the market. For getting the most appropriate alternative, you will have to delve deep into the variants. While purchasing faucets, you might not think twice before selecting one.

However, it is the most vital area which requires your time and analysis. These days shower faucets get categorized on various subsets. From the configuration to the valve to the handle, everything makes a difference. But you don’t have to worry about it. Some experts will help you with the relevant and precise information on each of these categories.

Different categories of shower faucets

When you head towards the market, you will come across various alternatives. You will have to get something that compliments your bathroom and fits your budget. From top fillers to shower faucets to showerheads, everything needs proper handling. You will have to balance each of these aspects to grab a magnificent look.

Classification of the faucet based on the valve

The performance and durability of the top-rated shower faucets depend on the type of valve you are using. The shower fixture that gets installed on your bathroom wall is a simple valve. There are multiple categories of valves available in the market, and they differ in their functionality. Hence, it is significant that you learn about these features and their related mechanisms.

Thermostatic valve

As the name suggests, thermostatic valves come with thermostatic systems that regulate the water temperature. Contemporary thermostatic valves get equipped with modern technology that is anti-scaled. It prevents a sudden increase in temperature, which sometimes results in a burn. Another significant feature of this system is that it controls the water flow. If you want to halt it, all you have to do is move the button. In addition to this, these systems come with a diverter as well as a deflector. These two features make it possible for water to reach those hard-to-reach areas of the body. As a result, partial shower experience gets enhanced. The modern heating system that comes with it is one of the finest elements. It ensures that water does not get cold when you are running towards your daily office.

Pressure balancing valve

These are the most common valves available in the market and are best for the new age bathroom. It is very similar to thermostatic valves, helps control water pressure, and takes care of the plumbing system. These valves come with shower cartridges connected to the main bathroom handle. Hence, you get complete control over the entire plumbing system.

Single handle mixing valve

This is a simple and straightforward variant of the traditional shower faucet. In this system, you will find one single handle by which you can regulate both hot and cold water supply to the head of the shower fixture. This particular valve comes with a ceramic cartridge that controls the volume of water from both sides. The color of the cartridge gives a clear idea about its temperature. So this is one of the most efficient methods to control water temperature and volume for your shower faucet.

Different types of valves available in the market

Classification based on the fixture configuration

Mostly, shower fixtures come with two taps or handles. These are termed “two-handle widespread” faucets. Another way of designing shower fixtures is by placing them parallel to each other. Fixtures that are designed this way are termed as “three handle deck mounts” or alternatively, “wall mount center sets.” These are easy to install and do not occupy much space on the bathroom walls.

Different shower faucet configurations

From tub combo faucets to shower-only kits, there are multiple categories of faucets based on the bathtub. Each of these classifications comes with its pros and cons and comes with different technologies. Most of the apartments and houses use top combo faucets, which are a standard shower combination. Moreover, the shower-only kits include multiple valves for controlling showerheads. They come with thermostatic valves and regulate the water temperature.

Lastly, you may take a look at deck mount faucets and wall mount faucets. These are modern innovations and come with contemporary technology. They have different types of operators connected to them. They are a popular style that creates space in the current market. You can choose the one that helps your bathroom look appealing.

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