If you’re thinking of moving to a new location or upgrading your current space. After the furniture is in place, it’s time to consider window treatments. Many individuals want curtains for their windows but are not willing to install rods or drill holes in the wall.

For someone who wants to alter their home decor on a frequent basis, hanging curtains on a rod might be inconvenient and a touch too permanent. Having said that, there are a variety of inventive methods to add curtains to your window without having to use a typical curtain rod.

Look through the following suggestions and see how you may include them in your next space makeover.

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How to hang curtains without a rod

Hanging curtains without a rod or drilling seem to be a hassle but on the other hand, doing it with drilling or permanent rods is also bothersome. So we are here with an easy solution for you to hang your curtains – the way you want them!
So let’s get into it:

1- Drawer Pulls

Almost any hardware store sells antique-looking drawer pulls you can use as a hanger. But look for a drawer pull that fits the eyelet hole of the curtain perfectly so it can be slid straight on. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including modern, country, and abstract, as well as a wide range of colors. Just like a cabinet or desk drawer, you should be able to screw the drawer into the wall easily.

2- Stick on

A stick-on curtain rod allows you to hang curtains without destroying your walls or compromising your desired look. You can hang this temporary curtain rod as high as you want and extend it to the full width of the window, unlike many others.

3- Rope

If you want to hang curtains with a rustic or countryside pattern, this is the best option. To start with, measure the breadth of the curtains you’ll be hanging before choosing your rope. If you have two panels, measure the width of one and multiply it by two. Locate a robust rope that will fit through the curtain’s top opening. A craft store, fabric store, or hardware warehouse can cut your rope once you have found the right width. Lastly, Make sure to leave enough space on all sides so it fits without stretching.

4- Tree Branches

Adding a touch of nature to your decor by hanging your curtains from a tree limb is a great way to put up curtains without a rod. No matter what shape the tree branch takes, it must be sturdy enough to hold your curtains. You’ll need a strong branch if the curtains are thick. Break or cut off any little twigs or branches on a tree limb you want to utilize after you’ve found it. You might have to sandpaper the branch when it’s clear of any excess growth to make it even smoother.

To hang your curtain, either attach a clamp to each side where the branch will be hung, or cut two parts of the branch and attach them to each side so the branch may rest on them.

5- Hooks

There are a variety of hooks you can use to hang your curtains. First, you can check out the self-adhesive curtain hooks that you can find at any store where the curtain rods are available. For this solution, you will have to take your time and carefully measure the distance between the grommets that are on the curtains. Once they are in place you just have to place each eyelet ring on your curtains right on the hooks.

6- Sports Equipment

There are numerous pieces of equipment that may be used to replace regular curtain rods if you have an athletic design theme. Baseball bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, and even a boat oar are all viable options. Look for anything that the curtain can pass through. You may finish the curtain with a finial to keep it from slipping off when it’s opened or closed. Baseballs may be used as bats, and pucks can be used as hockey sticks. There are a variety of ocean-related possibilities.

7- Nails

You may simply use nails if you want to keep things simple and have a basic curtain made of lightweight cloth.Look for nails that are long enough for the curtain to drape straight over them. To ensure a straight line, use a ruler to draw a straight line between the nails. The curtain may then be hung in a straight line or in a ripple pattern by allowing it to hang between the nails.

8- Copper Pipes

Copper pipes may provide a subtle touch of refinement to a contemporary setting. You can find these pipes at any home decor store, and while you’re there, you’ll also need brackets to hold them in place. You could also want to consider adding a vintage-looking doorknob or drawer handle to either end of the curtain to complete the effect and hold it in place.

9- Upholstery Tacks

If you are renting a place and don’t want to drill any holes in the wall you can hang your curtains directly with upholstery tacks. You would not be able to pull the curtains open but you could get materials to use to tie them back and use tacks to attach those to the wall. Dollar stores have so many inexpensive materials that could make this project easy and affordable.

10- Command Hooks

The simple-to-use Command Hooks come in a variety of designs and sizes. The hooks allow you to hang paintings and decorative objects without leaving any trace on your walls. You can follow the instructions on the package. When you’re ready to take the item down from your wall, it comes down easily (and without a hole!). If you don’t want to use a regular curtain rod and want to hang your curtains, they would work. You may use a variety of them to hold both lightweight and heavy drapes.

11- Wire

Heavy gauge wire might potentially be used to replace the curtain rod. It’s another quick, simple, and low-cost technique to hang your window treatments. On either side of the wall, you’ll need brackets or something to wrap the extra wire around. If you want to draw either side of the curtain back to let some light in, you’ll also need some tie-backs.

12- Yardstick

A yardstick as a curtain rod would be a terrific way to dress up a man-cave or your favorite handyman’s bedroom. This would be simple to install, and you could even use measuring tape as curtain tie-backs.

13- Plastic Animals

One of the DIY hacks to hang curtains without drilling is to get a pair of plastic elephants and use them as curtain holders. Wrap each end of the curtains over the elevated elephant trunks. You could even use many of them to create a draped appearance on the wall.

Bottom Line

We hope you are clear with your question that how to hang curtains without a rod. You can simply hang your curtains without hurting the walls, whether you want to do it in an old-fashioned manner or without curtain rods. Tension rods and stick-on curtains are more innovative solutions to hang curtains without putting holes in your walls.

With all of these options, you won’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic of your modern décor for the sake of curtain rods. Just make sure you have all of your information straight before choosing one of them.

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