A bad Sewage smell in your washroom indicates some kind of issue in the drainage or pipe system.

Sometimes, when you cannot find the cause of the problem due to which the issue reoccurs, it leads to a point.

Here you will get the answer to your question that “why does my Bathroom smells like sewer?”

Otherwise, you cannot find the right and long-lasting solution to this problem, due to which you have to face this odor again and again.

The smell is unpleasant and causes issues to your health and breathing issues, due to which you can fall sick.

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sewage?

Here are some of the reasons that contains smell in your bathroom.

1. Improper Installation of Toilet

Improper installation of the toilet near the walls can cause it to smell bad, which resembles sewage.

This cause is sometimes hard to figure out, but if the smell gets sharp near the toilet, then you have found the issue.


Contact a Professional Plumber to reinstall the toilet and solve the issue. And fix the seal.
If you smell a sewer in your home, your initial instinct is possible to analyze the commode, which feels like the most rational resource of the issue. Nevertheless, occasionally odors linger even after you have thoroughly cleaned your bathroom as well as restroom, and air fresheners, as well as followers, are insufficient to dispel the smell.

When absolutely nothing you attempt makes the smell vanish, you are more than likely taking care of a more substantial problem. Examine the following areas of your house and note if the smell gets more potent in certain places– your nose will certainly be your initial clue in discovering the source of the sewage odor.

2. Clogs

Look for Clogs because it is one of the main reasons for this kind of smell, and it has the easiest solution. All you need is to grab a can of clog opening acid.

This is the most rapid issue to repair because all you’ll need is a bottle of drainpipe cleaner from the grocery store or hardware store. Put it down the shower and sink drains to remove any cruds that may have developed in the pipelines and caused the stink.

Meticulously follow the directions on the packaging, and ensure you wait the requisite amount of time before you purge the drains with water.

3. You Shaped Pipes

One of the most typical causes of smells in the washroom is a completely dry P-trap. The P-trap is a U-shaped pipeline located under the sink. There is always a percentage of water in the P-trap in typical cases, which prevents drain gases from getting to the shower room.

Nevertheless, if several of your faucets come to be dry because you don’t utilize them consistently, the P-trap will undoubtedly dry out with time. Therefore, the barrier stopping the spread of gasses is no more there, as well as you will undoubtedly face a drain smell in the washroom. Fortunately, this problem is straightforward to solve.

To return water to the completely dry P-trap again, open up the tap and allow the water flow to run for ten minutes. As a safety measure, you can put a little sodium bicarbonate right into the drainpipe. Nonetheless, if the sewage system smell persists, you must call a plumbing professional since the source of the stink is not a completely dry P-trap. The plumber will try to find possible breaking and fix the problem.


Call the plumber immediately to hydrate those U-shaped pipes, and the odor will leave in a day or two.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove drain odor in the bathroom?

To do away with the smells in your washroom, you will need to unclog the debris that is feeding the germs in the drainpipe. Make a DIY, all-natural cleaner using baking soda, boiling water as well as white distilled vinegar.

Is the sewer odor in the restroom harmful?

Hydrogen sulfide is the primary gas in the sewage system gas. According to a research study, hydrogen sulfide has been revealed to be hazardous to the oxygen systems of the body. In high amounts, it can trigger adverse signs and symptoms, organ damage, or perhaps fatality.

What eliminates the smell of sewer?

When experiencing a smelly drainpipe, the most effective action is to pour two mugs of hot (not boiling) tap water into the drain. You can additionally attempt putting 1/4 profile cooking soft drink into the drainpipe, followed by one cup of vinegar, adhered to by a gallon of cozy water. If after two days the smell continues, try getting rid of the drainpipe’s cover.


I hope with the above-mentioned reasons you have got cleared with your question about why does my bathroom smell like sewage. Sewer odor in the bathroom is undesirable and can be hazardous, so begin exploring as soon as you smell it. There are a few locations to inspect, as mentioned over, and if you aren’t comfy repairing them or need help identifying and taking care of them, please leave us a note below so we can aid!

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