How to Clean Shower Head Without Vinegar

how to clean shower head without vinegar

Showerhead cleaning is one of the smallest tasks that often get out of mind however, it makes a significant difference. It not only improves the pressure of water but also provides some important health benefits.

Showerheads are the most important part of any bathroom, and they should be properly cleaned and maintained.

There are chances that the showerhead holes become blocked after sometime, mainly affecting water pressure.

The water from the head of shower has been shooting water out in all directions and with the passage of time it gets worse and you are unable to take a decent shower.

It is now a time to clean up shower heads.

The holes present inside the shower heads get blocked with minerals, and fortunately, you are able to clean them without rushing to get a new one from the market.

Do you have any idea how to clean the head without using vinegar? If not then there is a number of other ways to clean it without using vinegar.

In our houses, there are many common ingredients that can deeply and properly clean the head of a shower as compared to vinegar.

In this article, we will focus on how to clean shower heads without vinegar, the importance of cleaning showerheads on regular basis, and some precautions to keep future clogging to a minimum.

Why does the Shower Head get blocked?

Like calcium and sand, there are some types of water elements that remain clogged in the tap affecting the free supply of water. Consequently, you sometimes come across a blocking problem though the pressure of water in the pipes is enough.

Moreover, blocked heads of the shower deliver dirty and polluted water that could be unhealthy.

Cleaning the showerhead is an important job in order to get clean and purified water.

How often should you clean your shower head and why?

You should clean the shower head regularly every week or through cleaning one in a month to prevent serious buildup.

People consider showerhead cleaning as an afterthought, and it is very easy to get an idea. After getting yourself clean, doesn’t the head of shower clean virtually by itself every time after using it?

Unfortunately, the answer is no and the head of the shower doesn’t appear dirty to gain your attention, mineral deposits and organic matter build-up with the passage of time and this is the reason for irregular spray patterns.

Furthermore, you should also consider hygiene reasons- as the installation is in hot and humid weather. The heads of the shower are the ideal places for the growth of germs, bacteria, and mold.

Why vinegar is not the best solution?

Cleaning a shower head with vinegar is always a quick solution on the internet. Whether it’s brown vinegar or distilled vinegar, the first thing recommended by many websites is using vinegar the removal of dirt and mineral deposits from the head of a shower.

But the fact is that white vinegar is not the best remedy for cleaning the head of a shower.

The worst issue with lime scaling normally doesn’t vanish by using vinegar only, so there is a need to search and use other alternate solutions.

The vinegar reacts with the accumulated mineral deposits and helps to clean the shower heads expectedly; many people can’t tolerate the smell and are looking for other ways to clean the head of a shower without using vinegar.

Below are the best solutions to clean the shower heads without vinegar and you will attain the best results?

What you’ll need

Before initiating the cleaning process, you should collect the following things that are required.

  • Facemask
  • Baking soda
  • A pair of gloves
  • Large bowl
  • A brush
  • A large bowl
  • A towel or some rags
  • Hot water
  • A scrubber sponge
  • A reliable cleaner

Alternate ways to clean the shower heads without vinegar

Here we will discuss the following ways to clean the clogged shower heads to enjoy the shower.

1. Cleaning Shower Head using a Bleach

Bleach is a disinfectant household cleaner that is cost-effective, easy, and readily available. But take some precautionary measures while using and in a properly ventilated room.

Avoid the combination of bleach with other cleaning substances, as it can be unsafe for the health of humans.

Mix bleach and water in a bucket, bowl, or container that won’t be used for the storage of food anymore. Before applying to the showerhead make sure to dilute the mixture.

Use a soft clean cloth to apply and wipe the showerhead properly. Before rinsing off with water, leave the mixture for five minutes. Use a mild soap and allow it to dry.

By using this cleaning method you would make an old showerhead look new. Make sure to clean the showerhead properly for any residues. This indicates the bleach is still there in the head. Make sure to clean and dispose of the residues of the bleach solution.

2. Cleaning Shower head using an Oven Cleaner

Most people go for oven cleaner to wipe off food crumbs and grease from the oven. If they can work for such purposes, then they should also work for cleaning showerheads.

Oven cleaners have hard cleaning chemicals and are an active agent for removing any kind of dirt from the showerhead.

It has a strong and pungent smell after application and after every use, it requires proper ventilation. As a precaution, use gloves and a mask.

Spread the cleaner properly over the whole surface and allow it to settle down for 20 minutes. Wipe it off completely after the countdown is over.

3. Cleaning Showerhead using Baking Soda

Also known as sodium bicarbonate is handy and readily available when it comes to cleaning household items. It is non-toxic, non-abrasive, and a bit abrasive.

The magic of baking soda is revealed when it comes to cleaning the head of a shower. It is a readily available, simple, and budget-friendly option. It also possesses antibacterial properties.

Mix warm water and baking soda in a small container to form a thick paste. Be careful with the consistency.

The paste must be applied to the whole showerhead along with the holes. Cover the head of shower and leave it for half an hour before thorough washing. Make sure that the paste is removed completely from the head after washing to avoid more blockages.

4. Cleaning Shower head using Lime Scale Remover

For cleaning the shower head, lemon juice is a perfect option. The nature of lemon and vinegar is the same as both are acidic. In this method, squeeze lemons to get juice or buy lemon juice.

Take a clean cloth and clean the head properly. The acid will act as magic; they clean the fixture. A pinch of salt in a lemon juice works magically it makes the head of shower shiny. This also helps to remove all grease and mildew and make the head look new.

Leave the mixture for some time on the head. Wash the juice and clean it properly for complete drying.

5. Cleaning Shower Head with Coca Cola

Coca cola is more than just a beverage people love to have at parties. It possesses awesome cleaning power and acts like magic in the removal of rust and grease. It also helps in the restoration of damaged copper or silver.

The shower head can be cleaned in two ways, by keeping the head or disconnecting it.

Let’s discuss the methods.

1. Pour Coca-Cola into a bowl. Put the disconnected head in the solution and allow it to rest for some time. Use a brush to clean the head and holes of the showerhead. Keep on repeating till you are full satisfaction.

Wash with warm water. Consider using a soft and mild soap to wash again to remove the grease of the showerhead caused by the sugary drink.

2. The second method is without disconnecting the shower head. Take a small container and fill it with coco-cola. Using an elastic band, stick it around the shower head to sink the showerhead completely in the mixture. Leave this blend for 20 minutes and then remove the bag for better results. Use a brush to scrub and carefully wash the dirt.

The only drawback is that it forms a sticky residue that must be removed after cleaning the showerhead. Before putting the showerhead to the fixture make sure to wash properly with water and soap to remove mildew.

How can you prevent clogs in the shower head?

Make sure to clean it on regular basis to prevent future clogs and blockage in your showerhead. Take some precautions quickly.

  • Use your toothbrush to clean the showerhead.
  • Wipe it off on a regular basis
  • Use water softeners


You spend a lot of time in your bathroom regularly. The moisture in the bathroom is favorable for the growth of bacteria. A properly cleaned and well-maintained bathroom looks beautiful and pleasant and is also important for your health. Molds also grow in your showerheads so regular cleaning must be done and there are many other alternatives other than vinegar that are convenient, easy to use, and budget-friendly. Make sure to clean the heads properly once a month to prevent clogs and blockage.

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