How to Increase Water Pressure in Kitchen Sink?

how to increase water pressure in kitchen sink

If you are suffering from the low water pressure in the kitchen sink, we understand your pain. Due to low water pressure, washing the dishes can become a nightmare as it increases the time and effort to get the job done. In other words, you will end up frustrated and a moment away from lashing out at your kids or other family members. The only way to avoid this is to increase the water pressure. After all, it is the only logical thing to do. This blog post will let you know everything there is about increasing the kitchen sink’s water pressure. Let us start.

How to Fix and Increase Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Sink

There are several things that you can do:

1. Call a Plumber

Instead of getting your hands dirty and wet, the most logical thing to do is call a plumber. They will determine the problem right away and recommend the most appropriate fix. Although an expensive option, it will ensure that the problem is fixed professionally. If you are tight on budget or want to fix the problem yourself, then keep reading.

2. Shut-Off Valve Problem

One of the answers to how to fix a kitchen faucet that has low water pressure is by playing around with the shut-off valve. The purpose of this valve is to stop the water supply to the sink. If you look underneath your sink, you will find this valve. Turn on the tap and play around the faucet. First, turn it off and then open it again. If there is no difference in the water pressure, there is a problem with the valve. You need to turn off the water supply coming into the kitchen and then replace the valve. 9 times out of 10, this is the answer to how to increase water pressure in the kitchen sink.

3. Clogged Aerators

Look at the kitchen faucet, and you will notice a wire-like lid. It is called an aerator. If you are facing low water pressure, you need to assess if the aerator is working correctly. At times, minerals and other debris can become logged in the faucet, decreasing the water pressure significantly. All you need to do is remove the aerator using a slip-joint plier or any other tool. Make sure that you cover the sink before doing so. Why? The plier or the other tools might slip out of your hand, resulting in damage or at least a scratch on the sink. Once you remove it, use a toothbrush or a pin to clean it up. Other than this, you can leave it in vinegar for a few hours. It will clean up the entire aerator. Now, insert it back, and you will notice that the water pressure is back to normal or even better.

4. Pressure Valve

All homes have a pressure valve whose purpose is to regulate the water pressure throughout the house. Usually, it is located near the main water supply line coming into the house. In certain houses, each faucet has a separate valve. Someone might have unknowingly fiddled around with the valve, causing a drop in water pressure. All you need is a wrench or any other tool to rotate the valve. It will surely improve the kitchen sink’s water pressure.

5. Damaged/Clogged Water Pipeline

Another answer to how to fix a kitchen faucet that has low water pressure is by checking for damaged or clogged water pipelines. As the water pipeline is underneath the flooring or inside the wall in certain homes, you will need to call a plumber. The reason is that a person without any knowledge of water pipelines cannot fix this problem, regardless of how much they learn through YouTube or DIY tutorials.

6. Contact the Water Supplier

Another option to fix the low water pressure is contacting the water supplier. At times, the issue is at their end. They might be going through a problem or anything similar due to which the pressure is low. Therefore, before you opt for an expensive fix, try talking to your water company.

Wrap Up

I hope you’ve cleared with your question that how to increase water pressure in kitchen sink. The next time you face a low water pressure system, opt for the above solutions. We are confident that it will help you fix the problem promptly and cost-effectively. Thank You.

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