Best Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms

best shower doors for small bathrooms

As per studies, people invest 40% more in the design of their bathroom and sanitary while building their own home as compared to any other room. The overall beauty and aesthetics of your house are reflected by the bathroom.

Like, if you browse Google regarding the designs of the house, the first thing you will notice is a stylish and beautiful washroom.

Everyone loves to take baths in comfort and style. Furthermore, it is not an easy task to find products when the bathroom is small.

Luckily, the use of the best shower doors is the best option for small bathrooms. There is no need to be a super-practical or gigantic door. However, it needs to fit well according to the size of your bathroom.
Shower curtains might seems functional, however, when there comes a point of visual appearance, there is nothing more elegant and modern than a glass shower door.

The doors help the light to get in, making bathrooms look bigger, and highlighting the chosen shower fixtures and tiles. There are many shower doors available to suit your bathroom size and style.

It might seem a simple decision to choose a shower door, but there are several points to keep in mind. This article will help you to highlight many important features while choosing the best shower doors for small bathrooms.

Let’s get into the details.

Best Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms

There are many options to consider however, there are just some that are according to our standards.

Below are some of the best showers for small bathrooms to help you provide the best features.

1. VIGO VG6041STCL6074 Elan Sliding Shower Door

The brands should check their life and visual appearance. Vigo is an expert in both. This is the reason it is behind the best frameless shower doors present. The door has an Elan sliding model.

By just looking at it, you will see it is among the premium-quality shower doors present. The 304 stainless steel hardware will make it long-lasting and incredible.
It will enhance the appeal of your bathroom exponentially, getting a modern but attractive touch that is even loved by traditionalists.

Furthermore, you also get an easy-to-clean and rust-free door. After several years, the door will look new. When it comes to opening and closing, you get a sliding option. The Vigo’s Elan doors will slide super smoothly and easily every time with the use of roller disks.

With the help of a reversible door, you can open your shower either left or right as required.


  • Versatile in color range with 4 different color options
  • Resilient and thick tempered glass
  • A quiet and smooth sliding mechanism
  • Beautiful frameless design
  • Super-tall design at 74 inches

2. WOODBRIDGE MBSDC6076-MBL Frameless Sliding Shower

This model is worth mentioning. That is the reason our second choice is MBSDC6076-MBL.

We just didn’t add this one because we like the brand. The reason is it is an incredible choice all over, best to install even in the smallest bathroom, with a beautiful door. This is a perfect frameless design. It enhances 3/8 inch thick tempered glass and has a spot-free construction all over.

It comprises stainless steel hardware, designed to make it long-lasting and super attractive in every possible way.

You can say bye to spots, rusts, spills, and much more with this specific model.
It enhances a bonded safety film that hinders it from scattering around even if it gets damaged.

The door is 56- 60 inches wide and can be adjusted as per your choice. The height of the door is 76- inch that is best for tiny bathrooms.

It also has 3/10 inch adjustability to adjust them easily. The door won’t let you down along with a reversible door design.


  • Wide range of widths
  • The private and extra-tall design
  • Super-tolerant tempered glass
  • Water won’t drip out or splash
  • Reversible and handy doors

3. DELTA SHOWER DOORS SD3172 Contemporary Sliding Door

The design is available in different tempered glass surfaces and handles designs that will compliment your bathroom without an issue.

To match your privacy requirements, you get a chance to go from a Frosted, Clear, Transition, or Rain glass style as each one of them provides a different look.
You will also need to consider the Windemere or Trinsic handles, so it complements the style of your bathroom more easily.

The design of Windemere is more traditional, whereas, Trinsic provides a trendy touch, each one is available in tones of Nickle, Chrome, and Bronze. Regardless of the style you pick, another point you will like is the anodized aluminum handle.

While delivering maximum strength, it inhibits any kind of damage. The chances of handle breakage are almost zero with time.

This door also meets their standards and is perfect for those who want easy usage. During the sliding of a door, anodized aluminum rollers ensure maximum smoothness.
There is also a center-guide door system present at the base of the door installed with an aluminum bottom track to provide super-smooth operation during regular routine.

You also get a tempered glass of 3/8- inch thickness.
The total adjustable thickness is 50.12 to 58.5 inches and the total height is 71 inches. So you get a broad and decently large model.


  • Versatile hardware colors
  • Possess different glass tints for any purpose
  • Maintenance of glass and hardware is easy
  • Every style has its own attractive look
  • Quite affordable

4. DREAMLINE INFINITY-Z 44-48 Sliding Shower Door

This shower door is for the ones who want tons of style, maximum durability, and maximum practicality. It comes under the best options. As compared to other models, this door possesses a beautiful framed design.

That means within the metal, you get the glass resulting in maximum resilience and durability, along with a highly stylish touch.

The tempered glass used is amazing. It is among the thinnest option available on the list with a thickness of ¼ inches. The appearance of the door is super-sleek.

Remember, you will also attain a reversible door. The door has a width of 44-48 inches which is perfect for small bathrooms. It works well in almost every place as it is only 72 inches tall.

The construction material used for the frame is Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze. The other way the shower door will be durable and look amazing.
The model has a super-modest cost. So there is no tension about getting this piece.


  • Affordable for its quality
  • 3 different and beautiful colors
  • Durable with its sturdy glass
  • No effort is required for cleaning purposes
  • Suits most showers and bathrooms

5. BASCO CLASSIC Sliding Glass Shower Door

Budget-friendly, stylish, long-lasting, and designed perfectly for small showers- the door will not disappoint you.

The most amazing part about the shower door is 23.8 inches entrance width which is super-large to meet the requirements of every person, making it the most practical model because of its size.

The panels are 29.25 inches wide, large with a total width of 60 inches.

So installing it up in tiny showers won’t be an issue. With different hardware styles available like Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Silver, and Brushed Nickel no matter where you take it, this design is highly compatible.

The height of 70-inch is also useful. It is best for both short and tall heights people. The premium quality construction material also lasts longer no matter what the use is.
The last thing is the protective film that hinders any filth or soap from sticking to the glass.

You are able to get a Sta- Kleen track that helps in smoothening up the sliding with the provision of extra strength to the product.


  • Glass tints are of different array
  • Incredible hardware color options
  • Opens quietly and smoothly
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Good-looking and super-thin glass

6. SUNNY SHOWER Sliding Glass Shower Door

If you are looking for a model that fulfills all your demands, then this is the best option.
The door has a 1/4 inch tempered glass with a maximum sturdiness that is durable and lasts longer however, is thin enough to look beautiful.

This complements well with the stainless steel hardware. The two internal knobs and horizontal handles will add simplicity to the design.

This also helps to slide the door smoothly. Both doors move to both sides, regardless of how you open them, still you can move in and out smoothly.
It also offers an adjustable range. The door fits well with slight adjustment either the shower is 58.5 or 60 inches.

Remember the sealing strip. If you don’t like the water drips or splashing out the shower, then you will like this shower how it hinders or prevents that.
You can enjoy both the Chrome finishes and Brushed Nickel if you want an even more stylish product.


  • Wide range of different size options
  • Decent semi-frameless design
  • Attractive hardware color options
  • Construction is super-resilient
  • Highly affordable for most people

Types of glass shower doors for small bathrooms

If you have been wondering to replace a shower door and having a small bathroom, you might think which one suits you best. You need to make a careful decision to make ensure you are choosing the right small bathroom glass shower.

glass shower doors for small bathrooms
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Below, we have discussed the types of shower doors and what you need to consider before picking up any.

  • Pivot: The door types fit all types of new and modern showers and can move 180 degrees to open the other way. This type of door can be attached in the middle or on any door side.
  • Hinged Shower Doors: These glass-made doors are the same as the pivot ones, however, with one clear difference: the pivot’s opening direction. Similar to a bedroom door, this type of door can only be opened in one direction.
  • Frameless: It has a few clips to hold the side of the glass instead of the frame. It gives an airy and spacious feel to a bathroom. In this, the sturdy tempered glass of almost 3/8’’ to ½’’ thickness is used, which needs metal support all around its outer corners.

This allows a modern and clean-line look without any visual hindrance. It is to notify, they are more costly as compared to the framed shower doors.

  • Semi-Frameless: A semi-frameless shower door is the best alternative to complete frameless for a more contemporary appearance that has less cost. Premium-quality components, like the solid handles, permanently bonded hinges, and patented glass layers make it look vibrant and attractive, so go for these options.
  • Framed: Finished with oil-rubbed gold or bronze, brushed nickel a framed shower door is equipped with a composite material all over the glass. They are more watertight in comparison to frameless, so there is no shower water on the bathroom floor.
  • Sliding: To let someone get in the shower enclosure, this door is designed to move backward and forward. Normally it consists of two panels so that it can move easily from one panel to another one on twin rollers.

To match your space, these doors come in many shapes and sizes.

  • Bi-fold: A bi-fold or a folding shower door is the best option for the small-sized bathroom. It helps a wide walk-in opening without affecting space in the process.
  • Clear Glass: Though it affects your privacy if you want up gradation after the kids are gone or you live alone, a clear glass door allows you to exhibit your shower in a small space, however, remember, to stay pristine does need regular cleaning with a squeegee.
  • Textured or frosted: To add privacy and a fun look, go for frosted or textured glass. It is quite easy to maintain a sleek, clean, and attractive finish.

What factors to consider while buying shower doors?

Taking a shower is not just a routine habit, you might also want to enjoy that time. That is easier to achieve with a quality shower door.

However, if you have no idea what type of shower door works best for you, then it can be really difficult to get the right option.

Now take a look at the points to know everything about the shower doors.

1. Width & Height

The most important thing is to make sure the door fits properly in your bathroom. Specifically, if the bathroom is small then special attention must be taken to the dimensions.

Width and height, both are very important to consider otherwise your bathroom will look crowded and uncomfortable.

2. Types of shower doors

Want a shower door that compliments your style, but also safety, durability, and tidiness needs? Always go for the right kind of door. Some of the types are:

  • Semi-frameless
  • Framed
  • Frame-less
  • Tub Enclosure
  • Partial Tub Enclosure

3. Door Mechanism

After the style or type of the door, go for the mechanism it uses for closing and opening. There are three mechanisms to consider

  • Pivoting
  • Sliding
  • Bi-Fold

4. Quality of glass

The best shower doors are not only beautiful and practical but are also long-lasting. Some of the things to consider are

  • Color
  • Thickness


In today’s world, shower doors are becoming the most trending washroom sanitary item. They give a sophisticated look and make your washroom look incredible. However, other than the trendiness and look, the shower doors also have some positive and negative attributes. In this article, we have tried our best to provide you with the best understanding and knowledge regarding the best shower doors for small bathrooms to give the best ideas for a lovely home.

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