A large bathroom is such a luxury since it allows you to store as many things as you desire. On the other hand, a small bathroom might be somewhat confining, as you only need the bare necessities in the toilet, such as toilet paper and a few other items. If you have a really small space, you may need to be creative about where you put the toilet paper holder.

One of the most concerning aspects of the lack of storage is where you would store all of the toilet paper. It’s best to just acquire what you truly require. Even so, you’ll undoubtedly need a place to store those extra few rolls. Without an appropriate storage location for the toilet paper, it may easily collect dust, lint, and filth. Most significantly, if there won’t be a continuous supply of toilet paper, it will be difficult to use the toilet paper regularly. When your bathroom isn’t big enough for traditional storage, keeping things organized might be difficult.

In a tiny bathroom space, mounting the toilet paper holder on the wall, on the side or keeping it on the floor are some of the best options. Make sure that the method you use is accessible and usable by everybody who uses the toilet.

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Where to put toilet paper holder in small bathroom

Here we are with some ideas for you to put paper holder in small bathroom:

1. On the wall

Some of the best solutions for mounting the toilet paper holder to the wall include the following:

• Wall-mounted Tissue Holder

The simplest and most apparent location for a Tissue Paper holder in a tiny bathroom is to attach it on the sidewalls, that’s way you don’t need to worry about space or for a paper to get lint and dust.

• Shutters with a toilet basket

A shutter saves space since it can be easily affixed to the wall and then objects like a toilet paper basket or even a roll may be fastened to it. For an easy fit, look for a toilet basket that is roughly the same size as to use for the shutter.

• Making a toilet holder out of cloth

Cut a piece of fabric approximately the width of toilet paper, roll it up, and place the ends to a wall. When using the toilet paper out of it simply slip it in and take out the piece of cloth. Before it can be used again, this piece of cloth must be washed and dried. As a result, you might need more than one toilet to completely dry.

• Wall art toilet paper holder

You may build a work of art out of the toilet paper rolls by stacking them on top of each other. Options include a cloud-shaped wall art with a cloud form on the bottom side and a boxy design idea with a V shape on the lower side.

• Wall mounted baskets

So far, the best solution has been to hang the toilet paper on the wall to conserve room on the floor. You can always have at least two rolls of toilet paper in the toilet thanks to little baskets hung on the wall.

• Floating shelf ideas

A floating shelf is a kind that does not contact the room’s floor or ceiling, and these are some of the best for storing products like toilet paper. You can get one that’s only big enough to hold a couple of toilet paper rolls.

2. On the side or Over the toilet tank

The tank may also serve as a platform for storing your holders. The holder may be mouthed on the side or just placed over the tank.

• Over the Tank

If your toilet flushes using a lever on the side rather than a button on the top, you can utilize the extra space on top to attach a rack that can store goods from both the top and sides. You may put a tiny plant and other little decorations on top, and toilet paper can be stacked on the side.

This concept may be used on its own or in conjunction with a toilet paper holder. When utilizing it on its own, the user may be required to select the top toilet paper roll from the rack. This can be inconvenient at times. The rack may simply be used as a storage for toilet paper when paired with a toilet paper holder with a bar.

• Over Toilet Racks

Another option for storing your tissue holder is an over-the-toilet storage rack. In addition to the holder, you may keep additional washroom goods. Although it is a nice space-saving idea, accessing the tissue requires turning around.

• On the side or Over the toilet tank

The tank may also serve as a platform for storing your holders. The holder may be mouthed on the side or just placed over the tank.

3. Basket with rolling rod

In a small bathroom space, a basket with a rotating rod at the top makes it simple to store and use toilet paper. The new rolls will remain in the basket while the one that is currently in use will be attached to the pole. Because the basket may quickly wet the toilet paper or water put on the floor, it can be positioned anyplace other than on the floor. It may be placed near the sink or even on top of the toilet tank.

4. Buckets turned into toilet holders

If you have a wooden bucket with a few tweaks, you can simply make that bucket into a toilet holder that looks excellent and vintage in style. You shouldn’t have to put much work into this because all you need is a couple rolls of toilet paper and you’re set to go.

5. Corner toilet paper holders

Toilet paper holders in the shape of triangles are a fantastic way to save space while still being able to stack a lot of rolls of toilet paper. For each roll of toilet paper, you may create a shelf with different parts. You may also stack the toilet paper rolls on top of each other in a single column.

6. Using a magazine holder as a toilet paper holder

If you have an old magazine holder lying around the house, you may convert it to a toilet paper holder without making any changes. If it’s big enough to contain toilet paper, you can stack a few rolls in it and put it in a bathroom corner.

7. Wooden ladder with wire storage

A wooden ladder with different wire storage slots may be used to keep toilet paper, towels, soaps, oils, and other products organized in the bathroom. You may organize it such that heavier things, such as oils and soaps, are stored on the bottom shelves while lighter items, such as toilet paper, are stored on the top shelves. When someone is using the toilet, make sure the toilet paper is within reach.

Best Small Bathroom Toilet Paper Holders

If you can’t come up with a DIY solution, you’ll need to buy one, and the best ones we’ve found are:

1. Over-the-tank Chrome Triple Roll Reserve

The chrome toilet paper holder is one of the smallest and holds three rolls of toilet paper. Rather than placing it on the floor or elsewhere, simply attach it to the side of the toilet tank and you’re ready to go. It’s composed of high-quality metal, so it’ll endure a long time.

2. Yamazaki Toilet Paper Stand

The Yamazaki toilet paper stand is one of the most basic toilet paper stands available, and it saves a lot of space in the bathroom. It’s a little circular stand around the size of a toilet paper roll with a rod that keeps the toilet paper in place. It can store up to three rolls of toilet paper and is unquestionably one of the finest toilet paper holders for a tiny bathroom.

3. Yamazaki Toilet Paper Stocker

Another popular Yamazaki product is the toilet paper stocker, which is a tiny cabinet with a slot in one corner where toilet paper may be dispensed. When a roll of toilet paper is pulled from the top, you replace it with a new roll. This enclosed method is one of the finest since it protects the toilet paper from dust and wetness, both of which can harm it.

4. Seagrass Paper Holder

This lovely basket is composed of abaca and rattan and serves as a toilet paper dispenser and holder. The top section of the toilet paper dispenser has a bar that dispenses the toilet paper, while the lower part keeps many rolls of toilet paper. It’s a practical basket made of durable yet lightweight materials that will last a long time.

5. Montanez Twist Rectangle Metal/Wire Basket

Sure, you could just put rolls of toilet paper on top of the tank above the toilet. However, placing them in a basket, such as this wire bin, makes this method appear more purposeful. The Montanez wire basket is the perfect fit. Using a basket will keep this area cleaner by limiting the amount of stuff you can put in it. To put it another way, the less full your basket is, the less cluttered your bathroom will appear.


Any of these options should be able to hold enough toilet paper and other needs without taking up too much room in the bathroom. Some of them will require store-bought remedies, while others may be manufactured simply at home so now it’s up to you how you do it based on your resources and on space.

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