Why Won’t My Toilet Flush

why won't my toilet flush

Imagine that you are on the toilet seat, doing your business. When you are done, you clean yourself up and proceed to flush the toilet. To your horror, the toilet does not flush. You realize that you are in for a long time in the washroom. At times, the toilet does flush, but not all the way.

Regardless of the type of problem, it wastes considerable time, but it is outright disgusting to see your poop. So, the first thing that you should do is put down the lid. It will give you some much-needed respite. Before we tell you the solutions to why does my toilet not flush or why is my toilet not flushing all the way, you need to know several other things.

Top Reasons For Why Won’t My Toilet Flush?

Several reasons are responsible for this problem.

Problem 1: Handle or Toilet Flush Button

If you are wondering why is my toilet not flushing all the way, the handle or button might be the culprit. While you might disagree, it is actually good news. Why? This problem is easy to fix and requires little time—more on the solution later in the article.

Problem 2: Clog

Irrespective of your drainage pipe’s quality or the overall drainage system, they can only handle so much waste. When you use too much toilet paper or flush things like condoms or sanitary products, it can clog the toilet. Due to it,

Problem 3: Toilet Tank

Another reason your toilet is not flushing is that there is little to no water in the toilet tank. Obviously, when there is a water problem, the flush will not work. Similar to the previous issue, it is easy to fix.

Problem 4: Drain Line Problem

At times, there is no problem with the flush. Instead, the problem lies with your home’s drainage system. Unfortunately, in most situations, it will require professional help to fix.

Problem 5: Flush Keeps Running Continuously

One reason why is my toilet not flushing is that the flush keeps running continuously. Not only does it increase the water consumption and bill, but it will prevent the toilet from flushing properly.

Problem 6: Blocked Inlet Holes

Another reason why your toilet might not flush properly is that the inlet holes through which the water comes into the bowl are blocked. It is easy to fix this problem.

Now, let us focus on the central part of this article.

why my toilet does not flush
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How To Fix Toilet That Doesn’t Flush?

Solution to Problem 1

Despite turning the handle or pressing the button, if the toilet does not flush, you need to reconnect the handle/button. For this, you need to remove the water tank cover. You will see that the handle is connected to a chain and arm. They are what lift the flapper. At times, the chain or a nut can loosen, causing the connection to fall apart. Make sure that the parts are connected. Then, press the handle/button. We assure you that the problem is over.

Solution to Problem 2

Toilet clogs can happen to everyone. It is nothing to worry about as you can fix the clog with the help of a plunger or a toilet brush. We all know how to get rid of a clog, so there is not much to discuss here. If the clog is very severe, you can use a drain snake to clear it. Instead of buying the drain snake, you can rent it too. It will help you save money and get rid of the problem.

Solution to Problem 3

When there is little to no water in the tank, it will not flush. There is no rocket science behind it. A small bump or any other issue can cause problems with the water system inside the tank. How to fix it? Open the toilet tank’s lid. Turn the flush valve. Usually, that will fix the problem. If not, move the floating ball around a little. It needs to be adjusted.

Solution to Problem 4

If the problem is with the drainage system, there is not much that you can do except call for professional help. However, first, try to clear the drain using a drain snake. If that does not fix, call a professional plumbing service. Compare quotes from various plumbers before finalising one. Also, check their online reviews and negotiate the price.

Solution to Problem 5

If water keeps running, the problem is with the flapper. Over time, it can crack up. It is relatively easy to replace. Before replacing, clean the tank as dirt can prevent it from closing correctly. If it keeps happening, the leak might be from other seals. In a toilet, there are several seals. You will need to find the leak and patch it up, which is pretty easy to do.

Solution to Problem 6

The inlets can get clogged over time. Use a coat wire hanger to clean the inlets. Be gentle when poking the inlets.


With the above-mentioned reasons, we hope you’ve got cleared with your question that why won’t my toilet flush. You can get rid of these issues with the above-mentioned solutions, apply them and sort the toilet flushing issue.

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