Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

best toilet paper for septic tanks

A septic system is intended to decompose the waste from your house naturally using bacteria in a septic tank.

When you flush your waste- along with the toilet paper you have used- makes the journey brief through the pipes and into your septic tank.

The performance of the septic tank gets affected by the waste material carried inside. It is important to check the type of waste you are flushing.

Some of the waste can damage the useful bacteria present in the tank and should avoid flushing in the first place. Like, low-quality toilet paper is unable to get dissolved however sinks down and gets accumulated with time, therefore causing damage to the septic system.

Instead, biodegradable toilet paper is made to quickly dissolve into small particles.
This type will not affect your system, reduce the impact on the environment, and maintain the health of the ecosystem. So, choose the best toilet paper brand for the septic tank.
In this article, we will look for the best toilet paper for septic systems.

What is a septic tank?

It is an underground room made up of fiberglass, concrete, or plastic through which the wastewater (sewage) of domestic goes for initial treatment.

Anaerobic and settling procedures minimizes organics and solids whereas, the efficiency of treatment is normal.

What is the purpose of the septic tank?

The buried septic tank is a water-tight container made usually of fiberglass, polythene, or concrete.

The purpose is to control the wastewater for a long time and allow the solid particles to adjust with the bottom producing sludge whereas, grease and oil float as scum to the top.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a septic tank?

Long service lifeCostly as compared to compost or dry toilet systems
Lower operation costSufficient and continuous piped water is needed to take out the waste to the treatment room
No electricity is requiredLow reduction in organics, pathogens, and solids
Minimum space requirement because of underground constructionSuitable only for low-density housing areas not prone to flooding
Robust and simple technologyManual cleaning is an inhumane task and very dangerous, however, mechanical cleaning needs sophisticated tools
If used correctly no real issues with odors and fliesSludge and effluent need to be further treated or proper discharge
Can be designed and repaired with materials available locally 

What toilet paper is safe for septic tank systems?

A home with a septic tank gives a little different life. The things you flush out in the toilet are not similar to what you do in a city sewerage system. Septic-safe toilet paper is the most significant item.

What makes toilet paper septic safe?

The toilet paper must have two qualities in order to make it septic.


This toilet paper breaks down easily and faster as compared to its non-degradable counterparts. Biodegradable toilet paper has looser bonds with dissolvable fibers rather than non-dissolvable fibers.

This permits the toilet paper to degrade easily and quickly when exposed to water as compared to normal toilet paper.


Recycled paper and recycled toilet paperwork are different. There is no toxic chemical like bleach to affect the balance of the septic system.

This is significant as you do not want to disturb the enzymes and microorganisms that are present inside the septic tank.

Using normal toiled paper means putting unwanted chemicals inside the tank that will disturb the bacteria present inside.

Fortunately, choosing toilet paper that is safe for your septic system is easy to find and will assist to increase the life of the septic system.

Why is toilet paper that is septic safe so important?

A few things need to happen for the proper functioning of a septic tank. The waste material present inside your tank settles down and breaks into three parts.

  1. Effluent
  2. Sludge
  3. A scum layer on top

For the working of this process, the bacteria help to break down the waste for the flow of effluent to the leach field.

If you use toilet paper that includes chemicals like chlorine and other dyes, they can affect the bacteria and slows the breakdown process in the septic tank.

It is harder to expel when the effluent doesn’t break and form drain clogs which can cause septic tank problems like the nasty smell in the house along with other problems.
That is the reason to have septic-safe toilet paper to have a quick breakdown and prevent the formation of clogs in your drain pipes.

The reason to use toilet paper is you do not want the usage of harmful chemicals to unclog the drain of a bathtub, toilet, or unclog sink as those chemicals can affect the bacteria present inside your septic tank.

The use of good biodegradable tissue also plays a positive role in avoiding cesspool issues.

6 best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

While searching for the best toilet paper for septic systems, it is important to understand that you might require to change toilet paper brands.

As many toilet papers are safe for a septic system, but going to the right one means you are giving a chance to your septic system a long useful life and at the same time providing protection to the microbiome that is a present septic tank.

Fortunately, there are many brands of toilet paper to select from.

1. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Supreme

This brand offers the best experience for the bathroom. It has three silky layers for a clean and soft feel. The 24 supreme rolls equal 92 regular rolls- so it helps you to get better value for money.

The 3-ply paper roll can adjust into any standard tissue dispenser, making it the best choice for any toilet. The manufacturer promises to send a roll extender free of cost.
The main thing is the paper is septic friendly. It quickly dissolves and will not coagulate your septic system.


Only paper with three silk layersToo large
More value for moneyEach roll is huge and does not fit in a standard toilet holder
Septic friendlyThe price of a 24-roll package is similar to 48 roll-package

The rolls are silky and soft and this is the best brand to buy if you are looking for toilet paper that will provide the most comfortable experience.

2. Amazon Brand- Presto! Ultra Soft Tissue paper

Most people like to use soft toilet paper similar to durable toilets for home. It gives a relaxed feeling while using it and will quickly dissolve and not block your septic system. This brand offers super soft tissues that quickly dissolve, so your septic tanks stay safe.

It is manufactured from sustainable forests and comes with a warranty to get money back.

It has 6 mega rolls, which are equal to 24 regular-size rolls. These large packs help to minimize with more value to money.


Septic friendlyToo thin to fall apart quickly
Saves moneyCause a lot of shavings on hand
Soft toiled paperDye stains the tissue
Quickly dissolves in waterThe tissue is rough and course
Lasts four times longer 

It is able to dissolve quickly and go down the toilet smoothly. If you are not satisfied with the product, it can be returned or refunded.

3. Scott Rapid- Dissolving Toilet Paper

The tissue is designed especially for use in buses, trains, ships, airplanes, and recreational vehicles. This reason made it dissolve 4X faster as compared to toilet paper.
Moreover, the tissue is 1-ply though, it is strong enough and doesn’t fall apart in your hand.

The package has four tissue paper rolls. Each of them adjusts easily into any toilet roll dispenser. The soft texture makes it comfortable to use by anyone.


SoftSmaller as compared to normal toilet paper
Dissolves quicklyExpensive
Adjust in all types of spindle 
Long life 
Septic friendly 

If you are looking for dependable and soft toilet paper then this tissue is good for your body as well as the septic system in your bus, boat, or RV.

best toilet paper for septic systems
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4. Angel Soft Toilet Paper

It is a collective responsibility to save trees. Toilet paper comes from defrosted non- replaced trees,, it is harmful to our surroundings and should avoid patronizing.

This is the reason, angel soft is a good option. The sustainable source earned a certificate from Sustainable Forestry Initiative Fiber Sourcing that ensures the wood sourcing practices are sustainable and legal.

It is good for your skin, and for your use. It has no additives, which makes it eco-friendly as well as septic-free as it won’t block your toilet.

Moreover, it’s versatile as compared to other brands, so it is great value for your money when you buy this Angel Soft toilet paper.


Soft and strongThinner as compared to other brands
Give value to your moneyThe smell is not nice
Eco-friendlyHolder is big
No additives so can be used on any type of skin without causing irritation 

Consider this toilet paper, if you want to be septic-friendly, eco-friendly, and soft on your skin. It was designed with the environment in mind which helps in conserving the environment.

5. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

It’s also one of the best toilet paper for septic tanks. The brand is septic-friendly and eco-friendly toilet tissue paper. It is 3 times thicker rather than soft.

It gives a ClearRipple Texture, which lets you use fewer sheets. It gently cleans and offers a comfortable feel after every visit to the toilet.

The Cottonelle paper is soft and absorbs 3X more; only one swipe can clean a pound of spillage. As its efficiency, makes it more valuable and each roll lives longer.

It absorbs quickly too and you don’t have to worry about plunging as it doesn’t form clogs inside your toilet.


Soft and convenient for the purpose of cleaningSmaller as compared to older packs of the same type
ThickNarrow role
Septic friendly 
Doesn’t block your toilet 
Fits in any standard toilet paper 

This choice is best for you if you want toilet paper that will save you from the stress of clogged toilets. It is tender and soft to your skin and has the perfect cleaning.

With a lower price tag, it has a luxury feel. When it comes to absorption, it rapidly dissolves providing convenience and value for money.

6. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

It has 12 double rolls of toilet paper which are equal to 24 regular rolls. This means it saves your space and money too.

It is safe for the septic tank as it gets easily dissolved in water. With this paper, there is no need for plunging or worry about a clogged toilet.

The 3-ply 100% biodegradable paper gives you a proper thickness for cleaning. The paper is unscented and can be used for any type of skin without any irritation.

It can be used in RVs, campers, and other same applications without thinking about the septic tank.


BiodegradableLeaves behind lint
Septic friendlyTears easily
Thick and soft 

If you want septic-safe, eco-friendly, and relatively inexpensive then this tissue is the best choice. This is very soft and flushes away in one go.

Buyer’s Guide

Toilet paper is something people buy without giving it much attention. It is something you use without much thinking and consider when it is not available because of some reason.
So, how do decide on the best toilet paper? Here are some points to consider.

1. Septic safe

Always go for toilet paper which is certified as septic safe. If it is not, then this would affect your septic system and cause clogging.

2. Size of Roll

There are 100 sheets of toilet paper in standard rolls. However, now there is not much consistency among brands. In the market, you will observe terms like mega roll, supreme roll, giant role, and many more.
The roll with more sheets will obviously last longer as compared to the ones with 100 sheets only.

3. Plys

Another point is how many plys are there in a paper. Single-ply means a thin single sheet whereas, double-ply consists of 2 thin sheets. As the number of layers increases the absorbance power also increases.

4. Absorbency

You may not consider this point much, however among the two types, you use a less absorbent brand and have the same result. In the long run, this can save you money as you are getting more from each roll.

5. Softness

This is the most obvious trait to compare among different toilet papers. How do you feel when using it as a wipe? Is it soft and nice or rough like sandpaper?
Rougher toilet paper can be very uncomfortable if you wipe a lot.


Toilet paper is something that must be given attention before it is no longer available. It is pretty simple to find the best septic tank-safe toilet paper. After research, buy a paper that is safe and dissolves quickly. This is the best way to ensure you have chosen the right paper for your system. The above-mentioned are some of the best toilet paper for septic tanks that you can consider.


1. Can you use any toilet paper with a septic tank?

A single-ply toilet paper breaks down faster in the septic tank as compared to more ply toilet paper. Go for toilet paper that is recycled, septic-safe and biodegradable.

2. What you should not put in a septic tank?

Avoid putting paper towels, cigarette butts, sanitary tampons, diapers, and anything plastic, and washing food scraps and coffee grinds.

3. Can I use bleach if I have a septic tank?

A moderate amount of bleach will not affect your septic tank. In 1 normal size load of laundry, ¾ cup of bleach is enough to use in a septic tank.

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