Who wouldn’t love a classy look in their bathroom with shiny, clear glass? Glass doors make your bathroom look more spacious and beautiful.

But wait!

These glass doors don’t need just installation, keeping them clean is also necessary and that is the hard part.

Due to soaps, shampoos, and the water quality in your house, you will find hard stains on your glass shower door and streaks of soap scum. Continuous deposits of these cause thick grime to form on the glass surface making it look dirty and ugly. Also, it is essential to maintain the hygiene of your shower area so it should be cleaned of all that dirt and soap layers.

Keeping in mind how difficult is it to clean this layer of slickness on your glass door and the care required to not scratch it or cause more streaks we have brought down the best shower glass cleaner for you.

How do glass shower doors get stained?

Most of the soaps and shampoos in the market contain paraffin wax in them. When we bathe in the shower, the residue of soap or soapy water makes stubborn spots on the glass shower doors and the walls too. Although you won’t notice these spots on the wall or bathtub, taps, etc. But they are there.

On the glass surface, these stains and spots are more visible. Also, if there is a hard water supply in your home then this also causes the glass to get steak and salty water stains on it. Many people try to clean their shower doors with the same water and soap. This worsens the stains and causes more streaks on it, making the door look older and dirtier.

Why is glass cleaner for shower doors necessary?

Cleaning a glass shower door is not an easy task. For regular cleaning, you won’t want to spend hours scrubbing this grime and in the end, have some extra streaks or stains on the glass.

Glass cleaner liquid gel or sprays will clean out this grease and grime layer swiftly with simple rubbing leaving the glass sparkling clear with no smudges or smears. Glass cleaners are targeted according to the stains and glass material so that the cleaning is damage-free and give perfect results.

So clean the stubborn soap scum or hard water stains and give your bathroom a fresh and appealing look with the best shower door cleaners available to make your life easier.

Review of the Best Cleaner for Glass Shower Doors

1. Bio-clean Hard Water Stain Remover

Key features

  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Best for hard water stains
  • Organic ingredients

If you are tired of those stubborn hard water stains that don’t go no matter how much you’ve tried, then we have a lifesaver for you. The bio-clean hard water stain remover is a completely organic and bio-degradable shower glass door cleaner. This cleaner is made from abrasive ingredients that are non-toxic and chemical-free.

Bio-clean works like magic on the tough buildup of years on your shower glass and cleans any grease, mold, or grime that makes your shower door look unappealing. Also, this can be used on multiple surfaces like marble, granite, or porcelain so it is a one-in-all bathroom cleaner.

Talking about the cleaning efficiency of this cleaner so to amaze you bio-clean has an industrial cleaning strength and no matter how hard or old the stains or residues are it will wipe them out. Not only does it cleans your glass doors but also leaves a protective layer on the surface to prevent the buildup from coming back.

No need for scrubbing due to its abrasive nature, just apply a light coat and leave for some time and clean with a microfiber cloth and you will love the clear, stunning glass door.


  • Remove hard water stains
  • Multi-surface applicable
  • Chemical-free formula
  • Industrial cleaning strength
  • No scrubbing required


  • Abrasive nature may cause scratches
  • A bit pricey option

2. Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner

Key features

  • Spray and rinse formula
  • Targets soap scum and mildew
  • Works on other surfaces
  • Soothing vanilla fragrance

This is a super convenient and easy-to-use spray cleaner that you can use weekly to keep your shower glass door clean and shiny. Great to remove soap scum or molds buildup on the glass and also on walls, floors, or bathtubs. It works great on both glass and fiberglass.

The cleaner is free from all kinds of harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia and emits no irritating fumes that can cause allergic reactions. It works overnight and you just have to spray it and leave it for 10- 12 hours and let it do the charm.

The vanilla scent is an added feature of this cleaner that makes cleaning and application enjoyable. It will also provide a protective layer so that there is less or no dirt or mildew build-up in your shower area and glass door. Also, it won’t need any scrubbing so enjoy a free weekend without having to spend hours cleaning your shower door.


  • Easy to apply and use
  • Remove tough soap scum and mildew buildup
  • No scrubbing
  • Sweet vanilla odor
  • Works great on fiberglass
  • Cost friendly


  • Will not remove hard water stains or mineral deposits

3. REPEL Glass & Surface Cleaner

Key features

  • Works on glass, acrylic, and fiberglass
  • Quick spray and wipe the formula
  • Easily remove soap scum and mineral buildups

Ammonia–free spray cleaner is great for quickly dissolving those hard soap scum and grime residues on your shower glass doors, bathroom mirrors, or fixtures. It can quickly dissolve stubborn hard water stains and fingerprints or streaks due to shampoos, soaps, or other beauty products.

Designed with barrier technology this cleaner leaves a protective layer behind that will protect your glass doors and mirrors from any dirt or mineral build-up. With the active ingredients in the formula, this can fight any mold or limescale buildups in no time and you won’t require any extra scrubbing or abrasive cleaners along with it. You can also clean the tiles and bathroom walls with this cleaner and it gives promising results on the fiber or acrylic glasses.


  • Fast-acting formula to remove stains and soap scums
  • Protective repellant coat
  • Easy to use and rinse
  • Can clean hard water stains without scrubbing


  • Multiple applications are required for complete cleaning

4. Bring It On Cleaner

Key features

  • Environment-friendly non-toxic formula
  • Professional grade bleach for a deep clean
  • The fresh fragrance of mint

If tough hard water stains or thick grime layers or rust is what you are dealing with then you surely need a heavy-duty cleaner to cut through these thick grease and grime layers and remove rust and mold from the shower glass, floor, and around the drain.

Bring it on the cleaner is composed of oxygen bleach that fights these obstinate stains, mineral deposits, and soap scums with its abrasive properties. Although it’s bleach and completely non-toxic, and safe to use causing no harm to you, your kids, or pets. With a gentle scrub, you can remove all the grime buildup with this liquid cleaner and it will leave a fresh mint smell in your bathroom that you will like.


  • Eco-friendly and safe formula
  • Effective heavy-duty cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Works for multiple surfaces


  • May require scrubbing for buildups

5. Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover

Key features

  • Non-abrasive cleaner with no chemicals
  • Quick-acting on stains
  • Easy to apply
  • Certified and awarded cleaner

Rejuvenate scrub-free cleaner is a great easy-to-use and quick cleaning product that dissolves the hard soap scum or grime buildup within minutes of spraying and you wipe it off and have a sparkling shower door glass.

It works great on many surfaces like glass, mirrors, porcelain, or plastic and is an in-one multipurpose cleaner for your bathroom. Rejuvenate cleaner contains no abrasive or toxic ingredients and is perfectly safe to use in your home with kids.

With many certifications and awards, this cleaner is no doubt one of the best cleaners for glass shower doors and gives streak-free glass with not much effort. Be it the tough residue of months or regular cleaning it is suitable for both. Plus there is no fragrance in it so great for people who are allergic to scents and strong odors.


  • Ultra-fast cleaning
  • Targets soap scum and grime
  • Scrub-free formula for delicate surfaces
  • Multi-surface applicable
  • Eco-friendly ingredients
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Don’t work on hard water stains

6. Kaboom Foam-Tastic

Key features

  • Scrub-free cleaning
  • Targets hard water stains and soap scum
  • Color changing foam
  • Works on glass, ceramic, and chrome
  • Appealing citrus scent

For soap residue and hard water stains together you can get this two-in-one cleaning foam that targets that stubborn grime and removes it as if it was never there. This foam shower door cleaner comes in an aerosol can and you just need to shake it and spray it on the surface.

With brilliant color-changing technology, the foam will turn blue when it’s time to wipe and rinse. Also, you can use this to clean your shower area tiles, ceramic, or even the curtain.

The foam is effective enough to fight even the toughest grime and icky layer of grease and you require no scrubbing at all. This makes it super fit for all delicate surfaces or glass doors with a repellant layer on.


  • Works great on removing hard water stains
  • Easy indication by foam for wiping
  • No scrubbing is required.
  • Safe for delicate surfaces
  • Multi-purpose cleaner


  • Don’t remove mildew or molds

Best pick

All of the above products are some of the best glass shower door cleaners in the market and offer great results while being safe for your health and environment. You can buy the one that fits your needs and glass material.

Considering the overall features and cleaning effectiveness we would recommend Bio-Clean hard water stain remover for its remarkable cleaning properties or industrial strength and its environmentally safe organic ingredients. Which makes it super-efficient and safe to use.

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Buyers Guide – How to buy the best cleaner for glass shower doors

To buy the best cleaner for glass shower doors you must look out for certain factors before. Here is a short guide for you, so that you have a better idea of what to buy and whatnot.

While choosing the cleaner for the shower door consider the following aspects:

Door material

To get the best choice, the most important factor is the type of glass door you have in your bathroom. There are three kinds of glass doors in general fiberglass, Plexiglas, or simple glass. Along with that also see whether the glass has a protective coating on it or not.

Use a cleaner that is suitable for the glass surface and is not abrasive in the case of the protective coat as it may get off due to it. if you choose a cleaner that is not for your glass type then the glass may not clean properly or get a cloudy film and the coating may get scratched.


For best results, you must figure out what kind of stains you are dealing with, and buy a cleaner that targets them. If you have a hard water supply in your area then you must buy a shower door cleaner that fights limescale, calcium, or hard water stains. For general soap scums or grime, a normal cleaner would do and for mildew or molds, you must buy an anti-fungal one.


Now while investing your money in an expensive cleaner do a quick research about its reviews and how effective it is at cleaning certain stains or how much and how long it is to be applied and the scrubber’s intensity. The quicker and more effective formula will require less scrubbing and will make your glass shine in no time.

Form of cleaner

There are gel, foam, or liquid spray cleaners in general in the market. While a glass door is a vertical surface, you may feel that foam or liquid cleaners don’t stay long enough, on it to cut through grime or molds effectively. So heavy-duty cleaning gel or thick cleaners will be great while general cleaning sprays, foams, or cleaning wipes are efficient enough.


This one is quite an important and neglected factor in buying a shower door cleaner. Some scents are good but people are allergic to them or can’t bear them. As you have to shower in that space something causing you discomfort will be useless. So choose a cleaner with a mild, soothing fragrance that is not too overwhelming and won’t affect kids or adults.

Ease of use

Cleaners for shower doors need easy to use. Too many layers of application or scrubbing may not be feasible for all users. This also depends on the time of contact, application, and cleaning. So get a cleaner that is easy to apply for you like wipes, for the tougher residues you have, and less strenuous scrubbing for you and gives the results more quickly.

For users who prefer quick application foam and spray cleaners are best to just apply and wipe it with a microfiber cloth while for tough buildups gel cleaners are feasible as they give results in one or two applications.


Another essential factor to consider is the active ingredients in your cleaner. Many cleaners contain ammonia, bleach, or alcohol that delivers promising results but they may not be great for your health. Fumes and the chemical in the cleaner may cause irritation and allergic reactions and must be avoided to use especially in the shower area where kids take baths.

Always opt for organic plant-based cleaners that are eco-friendly and free from all kinds of toxic chemicals. Even if there is some left on the door your skin doesn’t get burnt or irritated from it while cleaning.


Last but not least is your budget. Don’t go for expensive cleaners just because of their name. You can find the same quality and features in the low-priced version. Always find an all-in-one purpose or multiple-use cleaner that is effective and cost-friendly. Also, considering your type on a low surface and stains choose the relevant cleaners that offer good value for money and quicker cleaning with less application on the door.


Which cleaners are good for regular cleaning?

Generally, a spray cleaner that is easy to apply and wipe quickly, and is vinegar and water-based will work fine for regular cleaning of shower doors. Foam or spray cleaners are easy to use, also you can use shower cleaner wipes for super-quick cleaning.

What is the best way to clean glass shower doors with hard water stains?

Use an abrasive hard water stain glass cleaner and use a gentle scrub to rub all the hard water stains from your glass door. Hard water stains are tough to remove so cleaning liquid or foam has to be applied for some time to cut all the grime and remove streaks from the glass surface. The bio-Clean hard water stain remover is a good cleaner targeted at hard water stains.

Do these cleaners have expiry dates?

Yes, like all chemical product cleaners to have an expiry date. Although they are still good to use after the due date the effectiveness in cleaning will be less and you may need to apply more liquid and more effort to clean the stains.

How to effectively clean soap scum from glass shower doors?

To clean soap scum from your glass shower door, the first thing is to wipe it regularly, plus then use a very effective spray and dissolve the scum real quick and apply a protective layer to prevent it later.

How to keep the tough buildup from getting on glass doors?

A good way is to spray vinegar and water solution daily on your glass doors and wipe with a microfiber cloth so that it won’t let any molds or grime build up on your glass shower doors.


Summing it all up, you are now well aware of what kind of shower cleaner you must buy and what to consider while comparing the same price range products.

Cleaning your shower door regularly and occasionally deep cleaning is not only beneficial for the aesthetic of your bathroom but also for your well-being. Look out for the best shower cleaners reviewed above and buy the one that best suits you.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the review of the best cleaner for glass shower doors and find this article helpful.

Stay tuned for more amazing reviews like this!

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