Best Degreaser for Kitchen Cabinets

best degreaser for kitchen cabinets

A kitchen is a place that is used every day and multiple times a day however, a greasy and dirty kitchen can be a nightmare for people and nobody wants to work in such a messy place.
The kitchen cabinets are among the most used and handled items in a house. Regular and constant use results in grime and crud, and mostly the stovetop gets greasy.

With the passage of time, the kitchen cabinet gets dirty as they slowly get coated with dirt and cooking grease causing them difficult to clean.

Without using the right products, you are unable to clean the grease no matter how much you clean and scrub grime and dirt. You can spend money on antibacterial sprays and scrub brushes but only the best degreasers for kitchen cabinets can magically remove the build-up grease from doors and shelves.

In this article, we will discuss the best degreasers for kitchen cabinets to get a clean kitchen.

Best Degreaser for Kitchen Cabinets

We have reviewed the best cabinet degreasers available in the market to clean and wipe untidy and greasy cabinets.

1. Weiman Furniture Polish & Wood Cleaner Spray

This restoration spray works best to remove soil, dirt, and other accumulated residues. The specific spray has an almond fragrance that gives you a feeling of sugar cookies.

It reconditions, cleans, and makes the cabinets healthy. The brand avoids using silicon or wax in its formula, so you will never observe any accumulation of patina or residue.

You can also use this Weiman spray-on tables, chairs, trim, and other wooden furniture but it is not advisable to use it on floors.

2. Cold Pressed Orange Oil Concentrate

If you want a natural and powerful solvent with an amazing smell that reduces its effect on the environment, this best and most astonishing concentrate will surely surprise you.

This works great not only to remove oil and dirt but also used on granite, porcelain, rubber, and even brick and concrete.

It will also help to remove scum, soap, crayons, and even ink.

3. Rejuvenate Cabinet and Furniture Restorer

The cabinet degreaser not only just cleans but also protects your cabinets and also acts as a filler for cracks and grooves.

This is the best and different cleaning product that helps in the restoration of your cabinets to give a shiny look and can also be used on laminate and Formica.

As the product has a polymer formula, you will see that using this specific product minimizes the look and feel of visible scratches and grooves present on your cabinets.

This cream applicator only requires daubing it on the suggested applicator with wiping and cleaning the surface of the cabinets.

If you choose to use this specific product on furniture and other tables, make sure you don’t have a veneer.

4. Stanly Home Products Cabinet Shine Protector

This is one of the best degreasers for kitchen cabinets that not just removes grime and grease but also removes dust and makes the wood appear new.

This amazing product is free of wax, without any silicates, so there is no residue or buildup.
A damp and clean cloth with a few minutes time is more than enough to use this product.

5. Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream

This degreaser is super basic and used for removing oils and stains easily enhancing the overall appearance of a cabinet. This simple formula treats your cabinets to make sure the wood does not crack or dry.

6. MiracleWipes for Wood Surfaces

If looking for an easy and quick wipe-down, nothing sounds so easy as a wood cleaning wipe manufactured to clean grime and oils.

The wipes are easy to use and can be taken out from a plastic tube, like Clorox Wipe, and works best with maple, hickory, walnut, cherry, and more.

As the specific product is phosphate-free, which is harmful to wood and other organic surfaces, you can assure they will not finish your cabinets or paints.

7. Skurd Kutter KK05

You must buy this degreaser if you want to scrub some greasy and oily cabinets. It is among the best degreasers available in the market with the best results to clean hard and tough stains on many different surfaces.

One of the best things about this specific degreaser is it works like magic without any waste of time.

It helps to clean oil, grease, glue, paint stains, and many other stains, and even the sap of trees which is very difficult to clean.

The degreaser is a solution of emulsifiers, detergents, and some biodegradable surfactants without any bleach, petroleum, or bleach.

The product is skin-friendly and it won’t affect the surface as there is no harmful substance present.

8. Simple Green 13012CT Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser

This is an industrial product, however, can be used in the kitchen as well. This concentrated solution can be dissolved in water and this is the reason, it has a longer life.

It helps to clean the oily or greasy surface as quickly as possible and the product is safe to use in the food areas.

Some other methods you can use:

9. Soap and Water

Warm, soapy water is the best to clean most of the greasy areas. First use a damp sponge with warm water to make the grease soft then use a clean sponge soaked in soap and water, a small scrub brush, or a toothbrush. A dish towel is used to dry leftover residues.

This is best to use on painted wooden cabinets.

10. Baking Soda

Use a scrubbing brush and baking soda for stubborn and older stains. Add a little amount of baking soda after wetting the brush with warm water.

Use a damp and warm cloth for the removal of residues. Baking is not abrasive and won’t affect your wooden cabinets.

What makes a degreaser so effective?

A degreaser is a different formula comprising oils and proteins combined together to clean the stuck grime and mess. Choosing the best formula according to your choice is the key to cleanliness.

Like, a natural degreaser will surely be safe for your cabinets and skin without cleaning agents that break down the stains and germs present under the grease.

Moreover, a standard degreaser helps to clean bacteria and grease, however, you need to crosscheck the safety of the degreaser for your cabinet.

There is also a need to consider cleaning preferences and daily routine and lifestyle. We all want to clean and treat our kitchen cabinets with the best silky cream-based degreaser, and if not available then go for degreasing wipes or sprays for a quick cleanup of any stain.

This is the most effective, fast, and best way to clean your kitchen cabinets on a regular basis.

How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Degreaser?

It is always worth considering substitutes and one must have a clear idea to choose the perfect solution.

Every kitchen is different and the choice of everyone may also vary. Below are some of the things that must be considered when choosing the best kitchen degreaser.

  • Do you want to remove grease or want to clean and protect your cabinets?
  • Do you want the product to be certified food safe and also good for kids or pets?
  • Sensitive to mist spray products or aerosol?
  • Either it is caused by irritation in the lungs or airways of individuals?
  • The chosen solution wipes away all the material.
  • How much work do you need to do? Is there something that minimizes stress on the wrists and arms?
degreaser for kitchen cabinets
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Use of a Degreaser to Clean Kitchen Cabinets?

You need to follow the recommendations and suggestions mentioned. Every cream or spray has a few different steps to follow, and make sure you read those instructions thoroughly before purchasing and choosing the product.

In short, these kitchen cabinet degreasers have a one-step application and one-step removal. It is difficult to buy a degreaser that needs washing.

If vinegar is used, there is a need to know the steps for dilution and then wash after applying for the removal of caustic vinegar.

Mostly cleaning products need one single application, either rubbing or spraying onto the surface.

Simple clean or wipe away the cleaning degreasers after that.

How to Prepare Kitchen Cabinets Before Painting?

It is very important to prepare kitchen cabinets before painting. Cleaning is the necessary part and if you don’t bother to clean your cabinets, the dirt will accumulate in the wood and will be problematic.

Before going towards painting, there are many ways to clean the kitchen cabinets. You can either buy TSP, a heavy-duty degrease or many other things.

Make sure to empty the cabinets and clean the greasy surface properly. Allow the degreaser to dry and clean the cabinet using a cloth and vacuum. Now it is ready for future situations like painting and sanding.

Why Cleaning is important?

The kitchen is the most used and busiest place as it is used for all cooking purposes, which is an important part of one’s life. So with time, the kitchen gets greasy, oily, and dirty.

And with the passage of time, the layer of grease and oil gets more difficult to clean. So, make sure to clean it on a regular basis, especially if you want to paint.

On the other hand, the dust and dirt will be accumulated permanently under the paint and don’t give satisfying and desired results.

So, this is the reason to clean it regularly and should not be avoided or skipped.

Why you should get a degreaser for kitchen cabinets?

There are many reasons to choose these degreasers for kitchen cabinets. The main point is the paint will not stick on the greasy surface.

The degreasers act like magic and take less effort. All you need is a sponge or brush. You will get the best results out of it by taking extra careful as some of the solutions are strong to affect your skin.

Another point of attraction is that these specific solutions are very strong and cause skin issues.

These degreasers are versatile and can clean a huge variety of surfaces.

The good:

  • Versatile
  • Highly effective
  • Fast process
  • Easy to use

The bad:

  • Causes burn


Can I use bleach to degrease kitchen cabinets?

While bleach is a strong disinfectant, it is not recommended as a degreaser for kitchen cabinets. It can damage the finish and potentially discolor the wood. Stick to safer alternatives like dish soap or vinegar.

How often should I degrease my kitchen cabinets?

The frequency of degreasing depends on your cooking habits and buildup level. Cleaning and degreasing kitchen cabinets every 3-6 months is generally recommended.

How do I properly degrease my kitchen cabinets?

Start by removing surface dirt and grime with a damp cloth. Once the degreaser has been applied, scrub in circular motions using a sponge or microfiber cloth to remove the grease. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.

Are there any natural alternatives for degreasing kitchen cabinets?

Yes, several natural options work well, such as a mixture of vinegar and water, baking soda paste, or lemon juice. There are a variety of effective, eco-friendly, and safe alternatives to traditional cabinet cleaners.

Can I use a degreaser on painted kitchen cabinets?

It depends on the type of paint and finish. Always test the degreaser on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire cabinet. It is generally safe to wash painted surfaces with mild dish soap or vinegar solutions.


For degreaser for cleaning kitchen cabinets, heavy-duty degreasers are used anytime you need them. Now you have a clear idea that the best degreaser for kitchen cabinets with accumulated dirt and grease. These degreasers are incredible and work like magic to clean the most used place of your home. It is better to choose the best degreaser according to your needs and requirements.

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