The bathroom floor deserves the most attention. It makes sense to choose a non-slip bathroom tile. There is a common issue that moisture and water are present in the bathroom.

The floor of the bathroom gets slippery, as the bathrooms in our home are constantly spilling water. From a safety point of view, it is highly recommended to select slip-tolerant tiles as this minimizes the risk of slipping and falling.

To specify the frictional resistance, most of the reputed tile manufacturing brands offer a slip rating. This is measured by the term coefficient of friction which is the tile value, the tile with a COF of more than 0.6 is safe for the wet areas of our home and bathrooms.

This is the most important point to consider as according to statistics revealed how often bathroom falls end up in death. The floor of the bathroom including the standing and shower areas must have non-slip materials, considering your choice of style and design.
In this article, we will go for non slip tiles to make you use your bathroom without any danger of slipping down.

Let’s start.

The Safest Non Slip Bathroom Flooring Options

Selecting a non-slip bathroom floor makes sense. With the presence of moisture and water, falls are common. Safety should be one of the important points to consider when choosing a bathroom flooring material. Safety is also an important point to consider for other standing areas of the bathroom like the shower areas.

Certainly, safety is not the only point. You also have to consider your budget and style preference.

Fortunately, there are many options to consider for bathroom flooring. Let’s look deeply at some of the best options for anti-slip tiles for the bathroom.

Safe Flooring for Who?

It is important to have the best and right type of tile according to your situation. People should be more careful regarding the importance of slip resistance.

Like an old person has more chances to slip on a wet floor. To minimize the risks, pay attention to the non-slip options. The non slip tiles are beneficial for disabled and elderly persons as well as for children. All members of the family get to benefit from them.

Best Tile for Shower Floor Non Slip – The Safest Options

1. Pebble Bathroom Shower Floor Tile

Pebble shower floor tiles are right up there, as far as the shower floor tile idea is concerned. The tile provides you with a nice-beach-type feeling and provides awesome foot traction.

You have to be very careful with their installation. For instance, install them first before putting the rest of your bathroom tiles.


Aesthetically quite a tropical appearanceEspecially in between pebbles, troublesome maintenance
Something thematic can be made out of themThe problem of discoloration because of pigmented grout
On this rough surface, cleaning your feet has never been easyBad appearance because of improper installation
Thanks to the roughness, size and compact nature of pebbles slip resistance can be ensured.

2. Ceramic tiles

Textured or matte-finish ceramic tile with a COF value of 0.6 can provide slip resistance and a good grip on the floor of the bathroom. Overall it is one of the best options to use as a bathroom tile.


Tiles are easy to clean and maintainThe tiles are fragile, making them prone to chipping and cracking. 
Versatile with respect to size, texture, size, and finish
High affordable and cost-effective option for bathroom flooring

3. Mosaic Tiles for Shower Floor

When it comes to bathroom showers, mosaic tile is another viable option. Similar to pebble tiles, their shape has a compact size and an irregular shape.

The design is similar to shattered glass which has a resemblance to the glass mosaic windows on churches. They can get quite slippery, just make sure to put a slip-resistant sealant.


Installation is easyAppear fractured and not suitable for everyone
Low maintenance dirt-resistant and cleaningIf used without sealant, the tile is slippery
Durable and longevity because of their irregular designIt requires adding slip-resistant sealant to make them usable in the shower area
It has chemical resistance

4. Grey Penny Round Tile Shower Floor

If you don’t like the irregular, uneven or fractured appearance of the mosaic or pebble shower floor tile, perhaps the grey penny’s uniform aesthetics is more your speed. It also gives a texture of traction under the foot. The design of the tile is similar to a turtle’s shell.


For accents, it is a perfect choice. For some, it is a bit boring aesthetically. 
The bathroom appears to feel lighter yet larger.As compared to the main tile, it has more of an accent stripe. 
Due to some installations having minimal grout to clean it is the best tile for shower floor clean up. 

5. 2×2 Subway Tile Shower Floor

It is a tile type that is similar to the ones used on a subway. The tiles can even get one-inch variants and the tiles are less than two inches in size. The tiles are known by their smallness to provide the same friction that can be enjoyed by the underground travelers waiting for the train.


The people get attracted by the simplicity. To keep these small tiles from deterioration, regular religious cleaning is necessary. 
Not much maintenance and cleaning is required
Easy to install and fetch

6. White Porcelain Shower Floor Tile

It is a type of ceramic tile made from fine, dense clay and baked at a higher temperature for perfection. The most appealing thing about such tile is that it is resistant to stains. Additionally, it is the perfect non-slip floor tiles for showers.


Absorbs little or no moisture.Pricy 
Stain-resistant. It doesn’t stain easily. When wet, it is a bit more slippery similar to mosaic tiles. 
As compared to granite, it is harder.Tile is notoriously difficult to clean because of the grout. 
Easy to clean

The Bottom Line

When you are planning to purchase tiles for bathrooms, you must consider a few things before making a decision. Get the idea of the above-mentioned best tile for shower floor non slip options. Getting luxurious and elegant tiles along with providing slip-resistant is the main aim for us. As the bathroom is the place used by every member of the family, so selection should be made accordingly.

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