4 Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Season to Improve Your Home’s Heating System

home improvement heating system

While we don’t give much (or any) thought to our heating systems during summer, we certainly should! Summer is the perfect time to improve your heating system to prepare your house for next winter. 

There are four primary advantages to replacing or upgrading your heating system during the summer months. Think about your comfort and your bank balance, and read on to learn all about them.

Reason #1: You’ll save a lot of money

Your home’s heating system is a big investment, so why not save some money on it if it’s possible? If your system doesn’t perform or even make it all the way through winter, an immediate service will be charged at emergency repair rates, which are much higher than off-peak rates for scheduled maintenance or installations.

Also, new heating units can be cheaper or on sale in the summer because they are not in high demand. You may be able to benefit from a rebate or discounts for purchasing a new heating system in summer as manufacturers look to move inventory.

Reason #2: It’s more convenient

Finding installation or repair technicians for a heating system in the winter months can be tricky, as it’s their busiest time of year. There will be scheduling challenges, and it can be a struggle to find heating contractors who can provide a solution straight away, possibly leaving you out in the cold (literally).

Have your issues solved at a time when contractors can be more flexible to work into your schedule. This includes other services that may be required to help with your installation, like an air conditioning service or a related contractor.

Reason #3: You won’t have to sacrifice your comfort

This one is pretty simple, but if you don’t need heating, you’re not waiting for it either! There is nothing worse than being left out in the cold when it’s cold out. Having a new or upgraded heating system installed in summer means there will be no disruptions to your heat when the temperatures start to drop. Think of this like your spring cleaning, which we also recommend organising ahead of time with the right cleaning service in Santa Barbara.

Reason #4: Taking your time to consider options

Taking the time to plan for upgrades or a whole new heating system means you can discuss your options with your installer. By removing any kind of urgent rush, you’ll ensure that you find the exact system for your home’s needs. You may want to change fuel sources or alter the layout of your registers to get the most out of a new system. 

With more time, you’ll enjoy a wider selection of manufacturers and equipment, including waiting for a special order or other customization that may not be possible when you need an immediate furnace or boiler replacement in the winter. When you are desperate, you may have to purchase whichever equipment is in stock, spending money on a system that is less than ideal.

Be prepared and avoid the cold

So there you have it, four good reasons why summer is the perfect time to pay attention to your home’s heating system. For a range of other great home improvement ideas, check out our latest blogs and make sure that your home is the most comfortable place in the world.

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