Why does my Toilet Gurgle

why does my toilet gurgle and how to fix toilet bubble issue

Trust us when we say that a gurgling toilet is not something that you should take lightly. Why? It indicates a serious problem that requires a quick fix. Therefore, instead of ignoring the problem, work on the fix.

Why Does My Toilet Bubble?

You might be wondering why the title talks about gurgle while we are going to discuss bubble. Please do not get confused, as they mean the same thing. In other words, questions like “why does my toilet bubble?” or “why does my toilet gurgle when I shower?” indicate the same problem.

Unlike other problems, a gurgling toilet is due to one thing – negative air pressure. When a toilet bubbles, it means that suction is building up in the drainpipe. If you leave it unattended, it will stink up your washroom. How? In a perfect drainpipe, airflow is unrestricted. Everything moves along the pipe without any problems. In the case of suction, things are not going smoothly, meaning that your waste might be stuck somewhere. Hence, the smell.

That’s not even the start of your problems. The waste will come back in the toilet bowl, tub, and even the sink in certain situations. So, it will be best if you do not neglect the gurgling sound and work on the solution right away. Depending on the severity, you can fix it with the help of DIY solutions. In some cases, you will have to avail the services of a plumber.

What Causes the Suction?

Negative air pressure is because of a clog. The clog can be in the drain pipe or the pipe that allows sewer gases to escape. Instead of talking about the causes, let us shift our focus to the solutions.

Solutions to Why does my Toilet Gurgle When I Flush the Toilet?

You might be thinking about how we went from the toilet to the bathtub. Well, the reason for mentioning the bathtub is that all bathroom equipment is interconnected. If you flush the toilet, the bathtub may gurgle. Irrespective of which part gurgles, the underlying problem is the same. Therefore, focus on the solutions.

Solution 1

First, seal off all the drains in the toilet. By all, we mean all – shower, tub, sink, and everything else. You may use duct tape to seal them. Once done, take a plunger and start plunging the toilet. It can help clear the blockage. 15 to 20 tries ought to fix the problem. If the toilet does not gurgle, the problem is fixed. If it does, move to the next step.

Solution 2

Buy or rent a sewer snake. You should opt for a motorized one as it gets the best results. What is a sewer snake? It is a machine that you use for clearing up clogged drains. It has a long cable and cutting blades at the end. In other words, the sewer snake cuts through the clog.

Solution 3

As we said earlier, there might be a clog in the vent stack (the pipe through which sewer gases escape). To fix it, you will need to get up to the roof and conduct a manual inspection. If there is a clog, you will need to clear it up. Honestly, we advise against doing so as you might injure yourself while getting to the roof.

Solution 4

If nothing works, call a professional plumber. You will have to pay them obviously, but at
least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the problem is resolved. Before
finalising a plumbing service, check their reviews and negotiate the rates.


A gurgling toilet is often an indication of underlying plumbing issues that require attention. No matter what the problem is, whether it’s a partial blockage, ventilation issues, a clogged vent pipe, a sewer line issue, or improper plumbing design, addressing these issues is crucial. If your toilet consistently gurgles or you experience other plumbing issues, consult a professional plumber. Plumbers are recommended to diagnose and resolve the root cause of bubbling toilets. By taking prompt action, you can ensure efficient and smooth water flow. You can also prevent plumbing problems, and maintain a properly functioning toilet in your home.

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