8 Ways to Take Your Bathroom from Drab to Fab (Without Remodeling)

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Are you considering updating your bathroom but aren’t prepared for the hassle or expense of a complete remodel? Worry not. It’s often simpler to update or perfect an existing look with a few minor changes than to start from scratch and try to imagine a cohesive scheme. 

There are several innovative ways that you can use to update this crucial space without having to replace all the big fixtures. The following are 9 easy and inexpensive ideas that you can use to make your bathroom feel more luxurious in an instant. 

8 Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

1. Switch Out the Hardware

You can get new hardware to affordably update the bathroom if replacing the vanity and cabinets is not a possibility. Changing the hardware is a finishing touch that may enhance the area, much like adorning an outfit.

When shopping for bathroom accessories online stores offer, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. Whatever design you pick, make sure to measure the current handles and knobs before choosing new ones.

Look for models that are the same length as the ones you already have to avoid drilling new holes and plugging in the old ones. Unscrew a couple of knobs to see if the area below is discolored. If so, search the market for replacements that are comparable.

2. Invest in a Bath Caddy

If you’re a person who enjoys a long, hot soak in the tub, then a bath caddy is a must-have for you. Not only can a caddy help keep everything close at hand, like your book, glass of wine, and essential oils for improved relaxation, but it can also add interest and some natural texture to your bath space. 

Nowadays, you can find bath caddies in various designs for all budgets. Many have storage spaces for your essentials, including holders for books, smartphones, tablets, and bath oils, in addition to slots for soaps and shower gels. The majority will fit a typical bath, but some extendable options are available.

3. Upgrade the Lighting

The aesthetics and functionality of any space can both be significantly impacted by changing the lighting. In rooms that lack windows, which bathrooms often are, getting the lighting right is even more important. 

It’s common to see people install recessed lighting that looks clunky and dated. Additionally, there is no way to dim the light with this type of lighting. You can change how you feel about your bathroom by upgrading to better-quality dressed lights that not only look better, but also enable superior angle adjustment and beam spread. 

Ambient, customized lighting that shines where you want it instantly makes the space feel opulent and useful. When it comes to the type of bulbs, LED lighting is the best choice because it uses less energy and is also brighter. 

4. Modernise the Mirror

It might be time to get a new mirror if your current one is starting to look a little worn or has water damage (blackening along the bottom of the mirror). Numerous sizes and shapes can significantly change how your bathroom looks. Keep in mind that mirrors give the impression of more room even in the smallest spaces.

5. Install a New Showerhead

Upgrading your showerhead can improve the feel of your bathroom. With a new showerhead, you may be able to experience better pressure, different spray settings, and even massage options. You could also opt for a showerhead in a unique design to make a statement.

6. Declutter With Storage

Consider spending money on some fashionable storage options for the bathroom to prevent it from becoming cluttered. Getting rid of unnecessary items can help make organizing a lot easier. Baskets and boxes are excellent for concealing but keeping close at hand toilet paper, cosmetics, and other items. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, they can quickly transform any space.

You can also add storage by using the vertical space available. Without taking up any floor space, DIY wooden shelves offer a convenient and practical way to store your towels, toiletries and plants. Just make sure to seal or paint your wooden shelves to prevent moisture damage. 

7. Apply Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a convenient option to enhance the look of your walls. But your bathroom must have a fan and good airflow. If so, choose a removable wallpaper that is “moisture-resistant” and apply it to an accent wall (or all the walls). If the lower portions of the walls are tiled, even better – you’ll only need half the amount of the wallpaper to complete this project.

8. Include Greenery

There is nothing that can liven up a drab space like plants. In addition to adding lovely splashes of colour, they also improve the air quality and cheer downcast spirits.

For your information, plants that flourish in a typical bathroom environment enjoy warmth and humidity. Have a green thumb? Try the mother-in-law’s tongue, aspidistra, and spider plant—they’re all low-maintenance beauties.

Add Some Fresh Decorations

The appearance of your bathroom can be significantly enhanced by adding new accents and accessories. You can keep this simple by just adding some colourful, contrasting towels or you could purchase some cool accessories, like a shower curtain or bathmat with patterns. Alternatively, you could purchase a new matching set in a contemporary or traditional design to replace your existing soap dispenser, toothbrush cupholder and toilet roll holder. Brass accessories with chrome finishes are durable options. 

When shopping for bathroom accessories online in Australia, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. Take into account the size, colours and patterns of your design and then make an effort to select items that enhance the overall design theme!

Never purchase something that you won’t use or need. Certain accessories look nice but have no function. Each item you add to your bathroom should have a purpose in mind. They should also be easy to clean items. So, check to see if the daily-used accessories, such as towel hooks or bars, are adding to the difficulty of your chores. Choose a material or finish that is simple to clean, like brushed bronze, chrome, satin, or brushed nickel.

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