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living room furniture trends

It is in our nature to mould our surroundings to suit our own unique tastes and needs. Our homes are a great example of this, as they typically reflect our personalities.

Whether through the furniture we select or the colour scheme we use, our homes can truly show who we are. But while it’s important for our living spaces to appeal to our character, keeping up with design trends can be a great way to develop new ideas and challenge your creative abilities.

Every year, furniture trends for living rooms emerge, bringing exciting new looks and concepts. Whether you’re looking to improve the look of your living room or are considering a total makeover, here are some modern furniture pieces and trends interior designers are using for 2023. 

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8 Living Room Furniture Trends

1. Soft and Curved Pieces

Minimalist design, straight lines, and regimented rows can seem a little cold and stark in today’s world, where the emphasis is on the home as a warm and welcoming family space used for socialising and relaxing. 

Curves, whether fully voluptuous or subtly rounded, can soften the overall look of a room and lift a layout, giving your living room decor a bold design focus or a subtle shaping touch. According to interior decor experts, soft and curved living room pieces, especially sofas and armchairs, are a great way to add softness to living spaces. Prioritise options featuring light colours such as white or cream and textured fabrics. 

2. Furnishings in Brown Tones

In addition to curved pieces with mid-century influences, the era’s brown tones have also made a significant comeback in 2023. According to interior designers, this natural colour—particularly its darker variations—creates a feeling of earthy stability. 

Currently, having a classic Chesterfield or a modern modular sofa in rich mocha is very much in vogue. These objects anchor a space with depth and presence and have a very neutral, relaxing effect. Another beautiful alternative for your living area may be a brown sofa with curved lines.

3. Comfortable Seating

Comfortable furniture played a crucial role in home design in 2022 and will continue to be a factor in 2023. Comfort has changed from being a secondary consideration to being a primary one when buying home furniture as a result of our lifestyle change to working from home or on a hybrid schedule. 

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Homeowners are currently looking for furnishings that they can sink into from day to night while still maintaining, of course, a chic aesthetic. 

4. Bright, Patterned Pieces

This year, people are feeling more confident about making bold movies. There are also many individuals looking to go for more unconventional pieces.

As interior designers state, many of their clients are receptive to constructing impactful interiors and are not afraid of colour. For them, playing around with colour, patterns, and unique, attention-grabbing pieces that become the focal point of a room will be in this year.

So, if you’ve been eyeing a bright, unique piece for a while, 2023 might be the year to make the purchase!

5. Glass Tables

Glass elements offer the space a sense of sophistication and class. Glass is also a versatile material that complements a variety of finishes. This year, this material will be a common find on everything from huge coffee tables to modest accent tables.

A wonderful idea to test out this trend in your living area is to add a tiny side table. For a quirky touch, think of coloured glass or a piece with a metallic flair.

6. Sustainable Choices

As more and more people become concerned about the environment, considering how they shop and consume in all areas, including food, fashion and travel, the need for durable and sustainable furniture has also increased. 

In 2023, we’ll be seeing more interior designers as well as homeowners looking to make more environmentally conscious choices for their spaces. This means they will change mass-produced furnishings for designs that are handmade made using mindful practices, and that can last the test of time. 

7. Silver, Chrome and Steel Touches 

Industrial decor style has long emphasised metallic accents, and incorporating them into the home is a timeless interior design trend. But instead of the popular brass, bronze, and rose gold metallic finishes, interior decors are now using more chrome and silver in their interior projects. 

Thanks to the many classics with chrome detailing and bases we’re seeing on the market lately, 2023 will mark the beginning of a huge resurgence of silver, chrome, and steel furniture pieces in the home. 

8. Vintage and Pre-Owned Pieces

Vintage and pre-owned furniture is enjoying a welcome resurgence, which is not surprising given that many of us want to live more sustainably.

People are increasingly preferring used goods to brand-new ones, and this trend will last through 2023. As living expenses rise, consumers realise they can find items of lower cost, higher quality, and distinctive designs for a much smaller amount of money—all without sacrificing the environment. 

Interior designers support this trend and say that antique sourcing, reclaiming, restoring, and upcycling will reemerge in 2023.” They also highlight that their favourite interiors to work on are those that weren’t necessarily designed from the ground up or on a huge budget, but that had all these factors in mind. For them, it’s a lot more satisfying, individualised, and equally effective to think about what you already have and see it reworked in a different way.

What Is the Colour Trend in 2023?

Dove grey, violet, and emerald green are the top furniture colour trends for 2023. 

Dove grey is a colour that has recently seen a lot of use in interior design. Elements in this shade can give the impression of space while also making the room feel very cosy. 

Another classy and refined colour is purple, which is actually connected to both creativity and romanticism. Purple furniture pieces can be more versatile than you expect, being able to adapt to both traditional and modern styles. 

The colour emerald green conveys elegance. Furniture in this colour where once only found in elegant interiors but it’s now be found in any room in interior design. 

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