How to Clean Couch Cushions that cannot be removed?

how to clean couch cushions that cannot be removed

If you are here, then we know what brought you here. You spilt something on your sofa or cushions, and now you are worried sick about them. If it was a typical cushion, all you had to do was remove the cover and give it a thorough wash. Unfortunately, you cannot do it if the cushions are unremovable. Hence, you Googled ‘how to clean couch cushions that cannot be removed’. First, do not panic because this blog post will guide you through the cleaning process. We will start with the easiest method before moving onto the challenging ones. We have practised each technique ourselves. In other words, we know that each of them works.

How to Clean Non Removable Couch Cushions

We are not going to lie to you as we believe in honesty. If you think that the answer to how to clean non-removable sofa covers is an easy one, you are mistaken. Removing stains from non-removable couch cushions can be frustrating and energy draining. Even after spending hours, the stain might still be visible. Nevertheless, you should give it your best effort.

Method 1

Take the sofa outside in the sun. Please ensure that there is no rain forecast for that day, and the skies are clear. You will need to spray the affected area with a top-quality enzyme cleaner. Do you not know what is an enzyme cleaner? It is something that you can find at any shop. It contains good bacteria that includes enzymes and breaks down molecules. What molecules? The ones you may find in organic material like food. But enough about enzyme cleaners. We are not here to give you a science lecture.

After spraying the affected area with the enzyme cleaner, use a clean brush to scrub it. Please be as gentle as possible to avoid further damage. Now, use a water hose to water down the cushion. Please do not set it to full pressure, as gentleness is the key to how to clean cushions with non-removable covers. Use the enzyme cleaner again. Repeat the next two steps. After you do it at least two times, let the sofa stay in the sun for a while. You can use an air compressor to remove excess water. It is okay if you do not have one as it is not necessary. The direct sunlight is more than enough to dry the sofa.

Method 2

Not all sofa cushions are compatible with water. In other words, Method 1 is not the correct answer for how to clean non removable sofa covers for some. In that case, you need to try this method. It requires you to buy a shampoo cleaner. It is the same machine that cleaners use to clean a carpet. However, you do not need to buy the same one as you only need to clean the cushions. So, go for the smaller ones. They cost less than $100. If you cannot afford it, you can rent it.

These machines do not require specialised knowledge and are easy to operate. While each model works differently, the idea is the same. Most of them will have a handheld sprayer that will spray the cleaning fluid. The machine will have a brush that you can use to scrub the area. In most shampoo cleaners, the brush is attached. All you need to do is press a button, and it will start working. After scrubbing the stain, use the vacuum cleaner to dry the cushions. 9 times out of 10, it is the answer to how to clean couch cushions that cannot be removed.

Method 3

If you cannot use water or a shampoo cleaner, opt for steam. There are various steam cleaners available in the market that you can use to give your cushions a thorough cleaning. For the best results, you may need to use a cleaning agent. Otherwise, steam cleaning might not get rid of the deep stain.

Method 4

If you have tried the previous methods, it is time to give the professionals a call. Search for sofa cleaners on Google. You will get a list of business names that offer sofa cleaning services in your area. Read their reviews and try to negotiate the price as it will help you bag a good deal. These professionals have the right tools and methods to remove even the most stubborn stains. While it will cost you, at least your sofa will look clean.

Wrap Up

Sofa stains are something that you should try always to avoid. We recommend covering the sofa with a cover when not in use. It will protect it from dust and spills. If you do get a sofa stain, follow our tips. Only call the professionals when none of them work. If you have any questions regarding our methods or have anything to add, let us know in the comments section. Thank You.

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