“Here is a full guide to getting rid of the burning smell and keeping your clothes smelling clean and fresh.”

How Does our laundry dryer operate?

A laundry dryer is a household appliance that takes the moisture out of clothes, towels, and other fabrics after they have been washed in a washing machine. Dryers move air through the clothes and remove moisture using heat and a spinning drum. Electricity, natural gas, or propane can be used to make the heat. Some dryers also have moisture sensors that stop the cycle when the clothes are dry, while others have timed cycles that run for a set amount of time. But why does my dryer smell burnt? Let’s talk about it!

Laundry day is such an important part of our daily routine, but what happens when you start a load of laundry and come back to a burning smell from your dryer? So we hurry to the laundry room, thinking, Why Does My Dryer Smell like burning?

It’s a common problem that many homeowners, including you and me, have, and it can be scary sometimes because it smells bad, could hurt your clothes and dryer, and make you think of all the unexpected. Many things could be causing the burning smell, so it’s important to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. In this article, we’ll discuss why my dryer smells like burning. Discover what’s wrong, fix the existing problem, and keep your clothes smelling fresh.

5 Reasons and Fixes for Dryer Smell Burning

1. Lint buildup inside the dryer’s exhaust system

A buildup of lint in the dryer’s exhaust system is one of the most common reasons behind the query Why does my dryer smell like it’s burning? Lint comprises tiny fibers that come off ourwashed clothes when we dry them. These fine fibers can build up inside the exhaust ducts, vent, lint trap, and many other parts of our dryer machines. If this buildup isn’t cleaned regularly, it can stop air from moving through the dryer and cause it to overheat, which smells like burning. It is one of the most common causes that can make you shout,”Why do my clothes smell burnt after drying? “To fix this, you should regularly clean the lint trap, exhaust ducts, and vent every so often to ensure air can flow properly.

To figure out what’s wrong, you can look for lint in the lint trap and the vents. If the lint trap is full or the vents are clogged, a buildup of lint is likely to blame for the burning smell. To clean the lint trap, take it out of the dryer and use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to clean it. To clean the dryer’s exhaust ducts, first, disconnect the ducts from the dryer and remove any lint buildup with a brush or vacuum cleaner. It’s also important to check the vent that goes outside to make sure it is not clogged with lint or other debris.

2. A Broken Dryer Heating System

A broken heating element is another thing that could make your dryer smell like it’s on fire. The heat that dries your clothes comes from the dryer machine heating appliance. If it’s not working right, it can get too hot and give off a burning smell. If you think the problem is in the heater part of your dryer, you should call a professional to check, fix, or replace this malfunctioning piece.

You can start by looking for damage or wear on the heating element to determine what’s wrong. If you can see that the heating element is broken or worn, that’s probably the reason for the burning smell, and Why do my clothes smell burnt after drying? You can also ask your technician to ensure the dryer is working by checking the thermostat. If the thermostat is broken, the heating element could get too hot and give off a burning smell.

3. Malfunctioning Dryer Belt

The burning smell could also be coming from your dryer belt. If the belt is loose or broken, the dryer drum won’t turn right, leading to friction and built-up heat. This can make the machine smells like it is on fire and could hurt the drum and belt altogether. Check the belt and ensure it’s tight and in good shape to fix this problem. If the belt is broken, a professional should change it.

So, one of the important steps, when you try to determine what’s wrong with your dryer is to start looking for wear or damage on the dryer belt. If the belt is worn or damaged, the burning smell is probably coming from it. You can also make sure the belt is tight and in the right place. If the belt is too loose or not in the right place, it can make the drum spin unevenly, which can cause friction and a burning smell.

4. Faulty Dryer Bearings and Rollers

A problem with the dryer’s bearings or rollers is a less likely cause of a burning smell coming from your dryer, but it is still possible. The bearings help the dryer drum turn, and if they get worn or broken, they can cause friction and heat production, which can make you ask Why does my dryer smell burnt?. If you think the problem might be with the bearings, you should call a professional or dryer technician to check, fix, or replace them.

To figure out what’s wrong, you can check to see if the dryer drum is making strange noises or shaking. The bearings are likely worn or broken if you hear a loud or grinding sound coming from the dryer. You can also look at the drum for signs of damage or uneven wear, which would show that the problem is with the bearings.

5. Too Dirty or Greasy Laundry

Lastly, too dirty or greasy clothes can cause the dryer to overheat and give off a burning smell. If your clothes smell like they’ve been burned after drying, check the inside of the dryer for any grease or oil that may have been left behind. Before putting your clothes in the dryer, you should also ensure they are clean.


A burning smell from your dryer could be caused by a buildup of lint, a broken heating element, a problem with the dryer belt, worn or broken bearings, or dirty or greasy clothes. Cleaning the lint trap and exhaust ducts as part of regular maintenance can help stop these problems. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, you should call a professional to check and fix your dryer. Take care of burning smells immediately to keep your dryer running well and your clothes smelling nice.

Enjoy a quiet and easy laundry day that smells nice!

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