How to Get Burnt Popcorn Smell Out of a Microwave

how to get burnt popcorn smell out of a microwave

Popcorn made in microwaves is very delicious and convenient. But in case, the popcorn gets burned, its smell is very strong and can remain in your oven for a quite long period of time. It will be very frustrating because of the yellow butter stains which will ruin the look of your oven especially if it is newly purchased, and you want to keep it clean and odor-free for a longer time. Every single time, you use the microwave, the smell will be strong enough, and it cannot let you breathe. But fortunately, there are a few things and tips that you can do to get rid of the smell. Some of the tricks are discussed below which will be helpful in removing the smell of burnt popcorn.

How to Get Rid of Burnt Popcorn Smell in Microwave

how to get popcorn smell out of microwave
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1. Using lemon and water

To deal with the unpleasant smell of burnt popcorn in the microwave, your first step should be to use steamed lemon water. It has been proven as a natural alternative for harsh cleanings with the benefit of a great smell.

The steps that you should do is to fill a small bowl with water, the bowl should be microwave friendly and then put a half-squeezed lemon juice in the bowl full of water. After that, drop both lemon halves in and microwave them for 3 minutes. Always keep an eye on a lemon to make sure it does not burn. The citrus-scented steam will work very efficiently and remove every odor and it will also make the surface easier to clean. After you are done with everything, leave the door of oven closed in order to make sure that steam settles in. After that, open the door of the oven again, and clean it with a damp cloth to wipe the inside of the oven. Your microwave will now smell fresh and citrusy.

2. Using Vinegar

In case, the lemon doesn’t work, another technique that will prove helpful is using vinegar. Fill a bowl with equal amounts of water and vinegar. Heat the bowl filled with vinegar and water for three minutes. After that leave, the door shut for a few minutes, and then take out the bowl and then rub the interior of the oven with a clean towel or any cloth. Vinegar is a very powerful cleaning agent, and the steam will eliminate the smell of burnt popcorn. The smell of vinegar will disseminate in a couple of days.

In case, if the steam treatment doesn’t work, you may want to be using another technique. Use a half teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda on a wet sponge. Heat the sponge for about half a minute and then scrub the interior with the sponge. If you use a scrub brusher, it will be more beneficial, as it is a more aggressive tool than a sponge. It is able to get into the nooks and crannies that a sponge is not capable of. Before using the scrub brush, dip it into the vinegar-water mixture and then scrub the inside of a microwave.

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3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very powerful deodorizer and has the ability to carefully remove all the popcorn smell. You should mix a big spoon of baking soda into a bowl of water. The mixture should be thick but also liquid. Put it in the microwave and heat it for almost 5 minutes and after that let it sit in the oven for about an hour. You can also try leaving a box of baking soda in your oven. But you don’t need to turn it on, any stray odor will be absorbed by the powder.

4. Masking the smell

If all the above steps don’t work, you can use another procedure for masking the smell. In case, the smell doesn’t completely vanish, you can use a spoon of vanilla extract in a cup and then place it in the oven. Leave it at 300 degrees for an hour. The vanilla smell will be very pleasant and will cover the smell of burnt popcorn.

You can also cook some other strong smell food in your oven to mask the smell of popcorn. This will cancel out all the unpleasant smells. Any food like pizza, pasta, and lasagna which contains a high amount of cheese will be a good option as it will compensate for the smell of burnt popcorn. You can also make cinnamon rolls, bacon, soups, and sweet pastries.

It is normal that the smell gets stuck in the vents of oven. There is no possible way of cleaning them but using dry taping sheets which can absorb the unpleasant smell. You can remove the sheets when you are using the oven and then attach them again.

5. Burning Candles

It is also a very good option for neutralizing the smell of burnt popcorn. You can buy the scented candles which you like the most and then leave them in oven burning when you are working in the kitchen.

6. Coffee

Coffee will be a very great option for getting rid of all the unpleasant and unwanted smells from the oven. Put some fresh coffee in a bowl and then mix it with the help of a cup of water. You can also microwave it for a few minutes and then let the bowl sit in the oven for some time. After that, clean your microwave oven, and hopefully the smell of burnt popcorn will be replaced by the aroma of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does popcorn smell linger in the microwave?

Popcorn smell lingers in the microwave because the popcorn releases oil and steam that can stick to the interior of the microwave. Over time, this can create an unpleasant odor.

How do I prevent popcorn smell from lingering in the microwave?

To prevent popcorn smell from lingering in the microwave, you can try adding a few drops of vanilla extract to the bag before microwaving the popcorn. This can help to neutralize the odor.

Can I use bleach to clean my microwave to get rid of popcorn smell?

It is not recommended to use bleach to clean your microwave, as it can be harsh and may damage the microwave. Additionally, the strong scent of bleach can mix with the popcorn smell and create an even more unpleasant odor.

How long does it take to get rid of popcorn smell from the microwave?

The length of time it takes to get rid of popcorn smell from the microwave depends on the method you use. Some methods may only take a few minutes, while others may require several hours. Be sure to follow the instructions for your chosen method carefully to achieve the best results.

How often should I clean my microwave to prevent popcorn smell?

It is recommended to clean your microwave at least once a week to prevent odors from building up. If you use your microwave frequently, you may need to clean it more often.


In conclusion, getting rid of popcorn smell from your microwave is a common household task that can be accomplished using a variety of methods. By checking all the above-mentioned methods, I am sure you will get the answer to your question, how to get burnt popcorn smell out of a microwave. It is important to clean your microwave regularly to prevent odors from building up. Additionally, taking preventative measures such as covering your popcorn and using a lower power setting can help to minimize the amount of steam produced and prevent odors from lingering. By following these tips, you can keep your microwave clean and odor-free.

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