Are you tired of washing the dishes yourself and want to get a dishwasher and relieve yourself from all the worries and arduous work? Then there are several factors you need to consider before buying a dishwasher. One of those factors is front control vs top control. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages. You should be aware of all of them since you are going to spend a fortune. You should buy the most suitable dishwasher according to your needs. We will help you to choose between a dishwasher top control vs front control in this article.

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Dishwasher

1. Save Time

The number one reason to buy a dishwasher is it saves time. Usually, it takes around 60 minutes to clean up after all three or four meals. With a dishwasher, the same thing may hardly take 10 minutes. You can use the rest of the 50 minutes to relax, pursue a hobby, or do just about anything else.

2. No Arguments

One of the most common reasons for arguments between spouses or among other family members is cleaning up after a meal. If the wife asks the husband to do it, he may say that he had a tiring day at work. If the wife has to do it, she may say that she does everything around the house and work too. So, someone else should do the dishes. You can save yourself the headache by investing in a dishwasher.

3. It Will Save Water

You might think that washing by hand saves water, but it is not the case. With the rising cost of living and increasing bills, save yourself money by investing in a dishwasher. You might not know it but a dishwasher helps conserve water. With reduced bills, you can get some much-needed respite.

4. Protect Your Skin

When washing dishes and other crockery by hand, it is easy to develop skin conditions. The primary reason is that soap and other detergents are not always kind to your skin. They can cause conditions like dermatitis and other allergies.

5. Get Rid of Germs

If you truly want to get rid of germs, the water needs to be at least 60° C. When you are washing the dishes manually, the water is usually around 28° C. In short, there is a considerable difference between the two temperatures. A dishwasher helps save water and cleans germs effortlessly.

There are countless other reasons to invest in a dishwasher. So, do not wait any longer, and start saving up for one right now.

Front Control Vs Top Control Dishwasher

Let’s first discuss the Pros and Cons of Top Control dishwasher.

Pros of Top Control Dishwasher

The biggest advantage of a top control is that buttons are not located in an obvious position and are away from the reach of children. We all know how much trouble kids can make as they like to touch everything which they shouldn’t and eventually ruin things. The buttons are located on the top of the dishwasher, so it is away from the reach of small children and remains hidden once the door of the dishwasher is closed. Moreover, the top control comes with an external handle that can be utilized as a rack for dish towels. The top control looks trendier and more sleeky in your kitchen.

Cons of Top Control Dishwasher

The top control dishwasher has the start and the cycle button located on the top of the door. You need to push them before closing it, and then the machine starts for which you are required to wait. There is no center and front display which tells how much time is left or in which phase the dishwasher currently is. So, you need to open the door to find out which interrupts the cycle and causes stoppage.

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Here are the Pros and Cons of Front Control Dishwasher.

Pros of Front Control Dishwasher

The front control dishwasher contains the control panel in visible sight. You can easily find out when the cycle is about to end and don’t need to open the door and interrupt the cycle just to check time as in the case of top control. The basic kind of front control dishwashers are cost-efficient and can be bought for hundreds of dollars only. In terms of looks, it gives a classic sense of feeling as it contains knobs instead of digital buttons which can be tough to understand for individuals who don’t have adequate knowledge of modern technology.

Cons of Front Control Dishwasher

The cons of front control are that as the buttons are located in plain sight, they can be accidentally pushed by somebody and it may turn it off or start something else without you knowing. Moreover, small kids may also press buttons while you are not supervising them which may lead to the knob being broken and the dishwasher becoming inoperable. Another disadvantage is that the size of buttons is relatively small, and it might be difficult to read especially for senior citizens since there is no sufficient space on the top. So, the buttons are designed smaller to make space.

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Other Factors to Consider

Even within the top and front control dishwashers, there are other things to consider. One is the noise level. Dishwashers can be noisy. So, before buying one, try to get a test run to assess if the noise is bearable. The second factor is speed. How much time will the dishwasher take to clean the dishes? Try to get as much information as possible before finalizing a purchase.


It is entirely up to you which dishwasher you want to buy. You should consider all your requirements and personal preferences before you make any final decision. However, if you seek a modern design and require an outside handle for hanging dish towels, then you should definitely opt for top control. Conversely, if you are one of those individuals who like the old ways and are not too much impressed by digital buttons, then front control should be your option which is simple and easy to use also. After reading the article, you should be able to make a decision. Regardless of which dishwasher you opt to buy, exercise patience. It is better to wait for a sale as it can help you save money.

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