Why is Stanley Furniture so Expensive?

Why is Stanley Furniture so Expensive

What makes a house unique? Well, apart from the architectural design, it is the furniture that truly makes a home unique. Now, before elaborating on the topic, let us briefly talk about Stanley Furniture’s history. The brand was founded in 1924 in the USA, meaning that it is almost 97 years old. Stanley quickly made a name for itself due to its unique designs and superior quality. Over the years, the company faced financial constraints and was unable to turn a profit. It even went public to raise funds, but it did little to mitigate the company’s problems. Today, it is owned by a Vietnamese industry group.

Now, let’s get back to our topic.

Why is Stanley Furniture so Expensive?

There are several reasons why people find Stanley more expensive when compared to other brands. These reasons are discussed below:

1. Place of Production

Despite being a considerable contributor to the US economy, the manufacturing sector has not grown in proportion to other economic sectors. The high cost of manufacturing in the US makes the final goods expensive. It is why many companies prefer setting up their manufacturing units in countries like China, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. As Stanley makes its products in the US, its products’ cost is higher compared to companies that have set up manufacturing units outside the US. It remains to be seen whether the new owners keep production in the US or shift it abroad.

2. Quality

Another reason for Stanley being expensive is that they adhere to strict quality standards. As they refuse to compromise on quality, their product is rich in quality. The downside to using top materials in the manufacturing process is that their furniture is expensive. After all, Stanley must earn a profit. Therefore, after taking into the costs of production, they price the product higher to make a profit.

3. Target Market

A third reason for Stanley being expensive is its target market. If you look at their furniture, you will realize that their products are not catered to the low-income groups. Instead, they are targeting the middle- and upper-income groups. Hence, you might find their products priced higher than other furniture brands.

4. Designers

Stanley uses renowned designers for designing their furniture. As designers are not cheap, Stanley adds their fees into the cost of the final product. Therefore, when buying Stanley, know that you are buying furniture that is designed by some of the best furniture designers.

Wrap Up

You might think that Stanley Furniture is expensive compared to brands that you might find in Walmart or another retailer. However, what you need to realize is that Stanley offers better quality and durability. If you buy a $600 piece of furniture from Stanley and a $450 one from Walmart, Stanley will last longer. Apart from the durability, we can guarantee that it will make your place look more vibrant.

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  1. Very informational article. I bought a console at a yard sale for $25 a few years ago. As I was just cleaning it, I saw it was stamped Stanley on the i side. It is definitely well-made. After reading your article, I definitely feel great about that find!


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