The internal components of a split system air conditioner get dirt and dust build-up with time. Whether it is in operation or not, this is inevitable.

Due to this, it should be cleaned and serviced as per the manufacturer’s instructions. With the vast amount of different aircon companies, it is paramount to follow the given guidelines for your product.

When it is properly maintained, you will experience the ideal temperatures throughout the year. If you skip maintenance then you could be faced with the problem of no cold air when you need it most.

How should these air conditioners be maintained? Several things should be done. 

Condensate the Drains

Excess moisture could result from clogged drains. It might seem like a small thing, but it can be costly. 

The walls may be discolored, and there will be humidity issues indoors. These are avoidable with proper maintenance of the drains. 

As the homeowner, first, learn how to unclog the drain channel. It can be a simple DIY. 

Passing a stiff wire through the drain channels accurately will help.

Air Conditioner Coils Should Be Cleaned

An air conditioner consists of condenser and evaporator coils. With time, debris, dirt, and dust start to build up, and it inhibits operations. 

The ability of the evaporator coil to absorb heat is reduced by dirt. The scenario leads to airflow issues. It is one reason, it should be checked and cleaned regularly. 

The condenser component collects dirt and dust as well. It happens if the environment is dusty. If there are falling leaves nearby, this is bound to happen. 

At times there is nothing a homeowner can do about the environment. The best solution would be to keep the area around the coils clean and service the unit regularly. 

Take Care of the Pipes

Pipes are essential as they transport air into your home. If there is leakage, this will be a problem, and there will not be free-flowing air. 

They should be well taken care of by removing dust and dirt. If they are broken, they should be fixed to prevent leaks. 

Inspect and Clean the Fins

In between the fins, there could be debris and dirt build-up. They could also be bent, and this affects airflow. 

Dirty fins will inhibit free-flowing air, and for this, they should be on the maintenance list. Although it is wise to hire a professional to do the work, you can be cleaning the fins from time to time. 

Get a fin comb or fin cleaning spray to get them back in shape. These can be found in most home improvement stores.

It is also crucial to avoid using a pressure washer to get rid of the dirt. 

Clean and Replace Filters

Air filters are some of the essential components of an air conditioner. They have a significant role in their efficiency and energy consumption. 

If the filters are dirty or clogged, airflow is obstructed and could damage the evaporator coil. The coil will not absorb heat as required. It is not a risk you are willing to take as it can be expensive.

They should be replaced when broken and cleaned when in good working condition. 

Inspect the Thermostat

Regulating ambient temperature becomes a challenge if the thermostat is not working properly. This is, especially if it is broken.

When you cannot achieve the required temperature levels, the indoors will not be comfortable.

As part of regular maintenance, the thermostat should be inspected, and if it is broken, it should be replaced immediately. It will prevent damage to the split system air conditioner. 

Keep the Outside Clean

Keeping the outside of the split system air conditioner clean should be part of the maintenance. Dust, dirt, and debris accumulate on the outside, and it eventually finds its way inside. 

Cleanliness should not be neglected, as it helps in the operation of the components. The good thing is that this kind of cleaning does not require an expert. With a dry and damp cloth, it will be easy to dust it off.

Reasons to Hire a Professional for AC Maintenance

At times, simply checking for dust on your AC unit is not enough. You need a more thorough inspection. This is when a certified and experienced technician will be required to provide professional maintenance.

When the indoor temperature seems not to be right despite how many times you try to set it, they will help. If air is not flowing freely, they should fix it. 

Professionals will check if there is sufficient refrigerant if there are leaks and the thermostat accuracy. They tighten connections, check for wear and tear, measure airflow, and inspect the electric terminals. 

They have a checklist of what needs to be done, and they explain this. Keep in mind that the required services will determine the overall cost. The more there are, the higher the costs. 

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Why do the regular maintenance if the split system air conditioner is in good working condition? Regular attention is inevitable if the system is to operate optimally. 

Air must flow freely, and this is not possible if some components have broken or are dirty. When it is in good working condition, you save on energy consumption, enjoy indoor comfort, and no damage will result from poor maintenance. 

It is advisable not to react only when reactive maintenance is needed. It is more expensive, and with preventive maintenance, most of these expensive repairs can be avoided.

Final Thoughts

At least once a year, a split system air conditioner should be serviced. It does not only keep it clean, but it operates optimally. 

Have a checklist with you and talk to a professional about the services they offer. Ensure it includes cleaning the filters, indoor fan, and the outdoor compressor coil.

Also, leaks and electrical connections should be checked, and the drain flushed. Before the expert finishes, they should do a full function test to ensure it is operating as it should. 

All this should be done by an accredited expert, with years of experience. With proper maintenance, indoor temperature will not be a problem. 

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