Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air In My House?

why is my air conditioner not blowing cold air

Air conditioning is a vital component of any household during the summer since it prevents many inconveniences such as health issues or your family’s discomfort. This is why the absence of cold air should be concerning. 

If your air conditioner is not blowing cold air in your home, the first step is to check the thermostat. A malfunctioning AC thermostat frequently causes an uncooperative central air conditioning system. The first step is to double-check that the thermostat has not been altered by someone else in the household. Check to see whether it’s on auto or cool. 

Occasionally, a thermostat will be adjusted to heat rather than cool, resulting in the issue. It’s possible that your thermostat isn’t turning on because it’s set to a higher temperature. It’s also possible that it’s not cooling since it’s set to ‘Auto’ rather than ‘On.’ 

However, if the thermostat shows no signs of malfunctioning, the best action is to check your AC unit and reach for a professional to help you fix the situation. You can learn more about how a professional operates if you click this. They can inform you of the following reasons your AC is not blowing cold air in your home anymore. 

Why is my AC not Blowing Cold Air – Reasons to Know

1. The AC Filter is Dirty or Clogged 

Sometimes, a dirty or clogged AC filter can stop the cold air from flowing. In this situation, you can solve the problem yourself by just replacing the air filter. You may accomplish this by purchasing a new filter at your local grocery or home improvement store. Before you go out and get a new filter:

  1. Make sure you measure your old one to see what size it is. You may also check to see whether the measurements of your present air filter are posted on the side.
  2. With your phone, take a picture of it.
  3. When you’ve selected the right filter for your ac vent, remove the old one with your hands and replace it with the new one for improved airflow.

2. The AC is Low on Refrigerant

A refrigerant leak is a typical cause of a shortage of cold air. Slow leaks can cause refrigerant levels to decline over time, necessitating a line inspection and system recharge to start the system blowing cold air again. It’s also possible that the unit is low on refrigerant and needs to be recharged.

The most probable cause of this is a refrigerant leak. A leak not only prevents the air conditioner from chilling effectively, but it can also cause additional problems in the house. When the temperature in your home isn’t cold enough, humidity levels might rise, making it feel hotter than it is.

If you suspect a refrigerant leak, call a professional as soon as possible. It might be challenging to identify and repair these leaks adequately unless they are substantial.

3. The AC’s Coil and Condenser are Dirty

A condenser is the portion of your air conditioner that is located outside. When dirt and debris enter the system, it slows down the operation. To suck in and chill the air, your air conditioner will have to work considerably more complicatedly. It’s incredibly similar to your difficulty if your filter becomes blocked.

Fortunately, cleaning your outdoor condenser unit is something you can accomplish on your own, but be cautious not to bend or break anything. You can wash away the filth using soap and water, plus careful cleaning motions. 

You might also use a hose with a low-pressure setting. Even while the filters listed above keep the coils clean and work at top performance, they will eventually wear out. Mildew and even mold might grow on your indoor evaporator coil due to the persistent wetness, which may lead to serious health issues. Coils can also freeze if the refrigerant in the system is running low.

4. The AC Ducts are Leaking  

You might lose over a third of your AC system’s effectiveness if you have air leaks in your ducts. You’re also wasting a lot of the air that your AC system is cooling. The AC system has to work more to chill the house, and you’re getting less cold air via the vents than you would if the ducts were sealed.

If you have leaks in your ducts, they may be filthy on the inside as well. Dust and other particles are blown into your house by the AC system due to duct junk obstructing the air passage. This may not affect how cool you feel as it does on your indoor air quality, but you’ll notice if your allergies suddenly worsen.

If there is a leak in the ductwork, the cold air is filtered out into the walls before reaching the vents. It also suggests that your heat is being affected in the cold. The best thing to do is call in a professional to diagnose your AC problem and fix it right away. The longer you wait, the chances are high that the damage will spread, and the fixing costs will rise.

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