How to Get Cat Urine Out of Carpet

how to get cat urine out of carpet

When your cat starts to urinate outside the litter box, the overall smell can be very much difficult to get rid of and seems nearly impossible as time passes. It really doesn’t matter that your cat pees on furniture, carpet, bed linens, or any other clothes. It is very crucial to neutralize the odor to prevent your cat from becoming a repeat offender. If the odor persists, the cats will assign this place as a permanent spot. Also, it is important to determine the cause of such behavior in your cat. It may link to some kind of health issue or any other stress.

In this article, we will tell you how to clean cat urine from carpet, furniture, or any other place.

How to Get Cat Urine Out of Carpet – Effective Ways to Use

Here are some effective ways to clean cat urine from carpet.

1. Use paper towels or other rugs to blot the spot

You will want to absorb as much pee as possible from the carpet. You should have an extracting wet vac on hand, and feel free to use it in the cold setting. Do not scrub the carpet, as it will just make the pee angrier and more resilient for further rubbing. It is not advisable to use a steam cleaner since the heat from it can set an odor. You will surely don’t want that.

2. Clean the spot with an enzymatic cleaner

This cleaner uses special enzymes that will break down the tough stains and be found in common general stores and retailers. You can also prepare your own cleaner at home by combining the vinegar and water in equal amounts. As the vinegar is acidic, it will kill the bacteria in cat pee, reducing its odor. After that, let the solution sit on your carpet for 3 to 5 minutes, or you should follow the instructions written on the product. It is very essential because cats have a habit of peeing in the same place. So, neutralizing that cat pee in the carpet to make them forget about that place.

3. Pull back the carpet

If the room is fully carpeted, it should be pulled back to reveal the area full of urine-soaked areas. You have to make sure that all the areas should be fully cleaned. If you’re going to replace the carpet, remove it completely from the room to give it more space to work.

4. Cleaning with home remedies

Another good option to get rid of cat pee from carpets is to use some natural remedies. For fresh urine stains on the floor, hydrogen peroxide can help to remove the odor. You can pour it over the wood and let the stain soak in for a few hours before absorbing it with a towel.

Also, a combination of baking soda and dishwashing soap can help to absorb some of the cat’s urine. It will spread the mixture over the affected area and can leave it until it is completely dried. You can clean up the baking soda mix and then inspect the area completely.

Plain white vinegar can also soak the wood and help remove the cat’s urine odor. You can thin the vinegar with warm water and can spray it over the stain. Let it air dry for a while, and then check for any remaining odor on the floor.

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How to Clean Cat Urine from the Wooden Floor?

Urine in a wooden plywood

Along with the question of how to get cat urine out of carpet, you may also want to know the ways to remove the cat pee from the wooden floor. When your cat accidentally pees on the carpet, it will soak directly into the carpet and filters down the wooden floor. There all the urine will get saturated, and the odor-causing components will remain in that area. It includes uric acid, which contains crystals that are the main reason for the bad odor when you try to eliminate it. If the floor is wet or humid, then this smell will be much as the crystal will be moist.

Taking out these crystals from the wooden floor will be much more difficult. It will be very fortunate to get the odor out of the floor, but the stain is very hard to deal with. You may require the particular portion to be replaced.

If the urine has seeped into the wooden floor

If you have a permeable wooden surface, cat urine may be penetrated into the wood. In this type of situation, a sanding floor will be the only best option left for you. It is especially important for you to net your cat to be closer to you when you are doing this. Certainly, you don’t want to pee your cat on bare and unfinished wood because open pores will make the cat’s urine absorb deeply.

Sealing the floor

Another option for preventing your cat’s urine from damaging the floor is to look for some products which block the odor and stains. KILZ and Zinsser BIN are the two famous brands that can work very well. You will have the subfloor completely dry prior to using any kind of paint or sealer on it. Once you have painted or sealed it, you will have to leave the carpet pulled back immediately to let it dry. In wet areas, the fans can be of very good help to dry the wood dry faster.

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Why does Cat’s urine stink so badly with time?

Cat’s urine which is in the litter box, is unnoticeable, but when they start urinating outside the litter box, the problem starts. After some time, the bacteria present in urine decompose and gives off an ammonia-like smell, which is a characteristic of old and smelly urine. After that, the urine emits mercaptans, which are compounds that add to their stinky smell.

Older cats gave lost the efficiency of their kidneys, and as a result, they will have the worst urine smell. Also, adding to the smell is the powerful hormone that cats must eliminate when they pee. Unless male cats are neutered, they just want their testosterone-spiked urine signals with other males to stay away and let the females know that they are around.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why cat urine outside their litter box?

There are multiple reasons why cats start peeing outside the litter box. Some owners think that cats do it in the way of getting even for something, also trying to tell you something. Cats lack the sense of sophisticated cognitive abilities that are needed to concoct that type of revenge strategy.

Q: Why is cat urine so difficult to remove from carpets?

Cat urine contains a high concentration of urea and ammonia, which leaves a strong odor and stain on carpets. It can be difficult to remove the odor and stain if they are not cleaned properly since they can penetrate deep into the fibers and padding.

Q: Can I use regular household cleaners to clean cat urine?

No, regular household cleaners may not remove cat urine stains and odors. It’s advisable to use a commercial enzyme cleaner specifically designed for pet urine stains.

Q: How can I prevent my cat from urinating on the carpet again?

If you want your cat to avoid peeing on the carpet in the future, provide them with a private and quiet litter box. Most cats do not like the texture of aluminum foil or double-sided tape when placed on the area where they have urinated.

Q: Will professional carpet cleaning remove cat urine stains and odors?

Professional carpet cleaning can remove cat urine stains and odors, but it’s important to hire a company that specializes in pet stain removal. For thorough cleaning and deodorization, they may use specialized cleaning agents and equipment.


In conclusion, removing cat urine from a carpet can be a challenging task. However, it’s important to clean it up as soon as possible to prevent odor and stain from setting in. Following the steps mentioned above can help to effectively eliminate the stain and odor. Additionally, taking steps to prevent your cat from urinating on the carpet again, such as providing a clean litter box and using deterrents, can help to prevent future accidents. If all else fails, professional carpet cleaning can also remove cat urine stains and odors.

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