If your home has carpeting all around, which gets lots of foot traffic and spots, a carpet cleaner is a worthy investment. If you have a carpet cleaner’s storage, it is advisable to buy a carpet cleaner than calling a professional cleaning team.

In 2023 you have portable machines to get rid of stains from the carpet and get a well-maintained look of your carpet after a long period.

A good carpet cleaner evaluates the machines for efficiently cleaning pre-soiled carpet panels and how much wetness should be left behind. How much time it will take for drying the carpet, and how easily can be assembled, operate, and stored?

Here we are going to discuss portable carpet cleaner machine reviews to tell you how carpet cleaners can make your life comfortable, and which one is the best for your need.

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11 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners – Our Top Picks

1. Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

Handheld Bissell carpet cleaner will be your carpet new friend. This is a full-size portable carpet cleaner machine that deeply cleans and works very well on sloppy areas, fabric on furniture, and tackling pet hair on the carpet.

One of the most crucial features of this innovative and interesting product is its embattled spray nozzle, which is helpful for the removal of stains.

It operates with a pedal press and does not need to bend down, stop, or use separate products. This 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool works with dry suction to pull out all pet hair and keep moisture mode on to dirty stains on fabrics, rugs, and mattresses.

If we talk about the old carpet machines, they were heavy, but this carpet cleaner has a compact size and got some positive reviews from the GH cleaning labs for its brush, which can be used to remove for cleaning.


  • Includes an attachment for tough stains
  • Express mode has carpets dry in less than an hour
  • It includes a brush roll cover, which be used for easy cleaning.


  • No on-board storage for tools

2. Hoover Smart Wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

The Hoover Smart Wash carpet cleaner is a very efficient and comfortable full-sized carpet cleaning machine. This cost-effective option offers very appropriate features to complete the cleaning job without any extra effort.

To use this, you have to push the cleaner forward, and then it will wash the carpet with a prefixed combo of water and cleaning powder.

After that, pull the machine back, and it will remove the wet texture to dry the carpet. Doing this process will automatically start dispensing the correct solution and water, which will reduce your effort.

If you are worried that your carpet is too wet, then you should select dry only mode and give it a few more operational passes. It works efficiently as it comes with a water hose and tools.


  • The pre-mixed solution is made for full-proof cleaning
  • One-step removable nozzle to clean brushes


  • Can be very difficult to carry

3. Bissell Spot Bot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

The Bissell spot bot hands-free spot and stain cleaner comes with a deep reach technology 33N8. It is the model you want if you need serious deep cleaning power or if you have pets.
This machine is a bit pricey but includes some extra features. It also includes a Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection, which is used to keep rooms smelling fresh.

This unit also includes two preset cleaning cycles, which will make your work very easy. This product comes with two formulas, Pet Stain and odor and Pet Oxy Boost.

You can get several bundles, which include carpet cleaning, a dog bathing tool, an oxygen boost, and pet stain removal.

This product is extremely appreciable by pet owners because of their needs.


  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Have an option of purchasing some extra bundles


  • The cord will become shorter at 15 feet.

4. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

The Rug Portable Spot Cleaner shows that Bissell isn’t the main horse in this race. Not at all like the different models we’ve examined, this one cleans the stains as well as cushions the spot so it would appear that the remainder of the covering is.

We can say the equivalent for the retractable handle to move it around is much the same as a bag with wheels.

The outward plan prevails, as does the cleaning power behind it. The brush wavers, yet the state of the handle makes it intense to utilize. It accompanies two cleaning recipes alongside the choice of extra packages for pet stains and upholstery.


  • Portability will make it more useful and easier to use
  • The cleaning action is very powerful, and it will restore its look of it after washing.


  • A bit heavier than at just over 20 pounds
  • Noisy

5. Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaner

Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaner and The Hoover Spotless Portable are the least expensive products we have reviewed.

It stands out for the self-cleaning hose, which will make your job easier and helps to keep bacteria and odor in control within the limit.

The attachments are made with some antimicrobial materials, which are considered excellent accompaniments to the new technology.

This Hoover Spotless Portable carpet cleaner product is lightweight and weighs only 9 pounds, and it can be very easy to take from room to room.

You can also buy it from the optional Clean Plus or Pet Plus formulas though they are very spendy at around $20 each for a 32-ounce bottle.


  • The tank stays securely in place with no risk of leaking.
  • The price accompanies the powerful suction that this cleaner includes
  • An excellent choice for the money


  • Doesn’t include lots of products and is the only sample size
  • The handle is a bit difficult to use because of the design.

6. Bissell Spot bot 33N8

In case you need an automatic portable carpet cleaner that can also deep clean your carpet and removes all the pet stains efficiently, you should use the Bissell spot bot 33N8.

It will win your heart with its stylish design and compact appearance. Many portable carpet cleaner reviews were about its lightweight and sturdiness, making it easy to move.

It also has a wireless operation, which only needs a single click of a button. You just need to press, and that’s it.

Equipped with advanced technology, which helps to clean carpet fibers and scrubs them to raise and pull out dirt and dust.

This machine can even eliminate stubborn stains with the help of its scrubbing and cleaning process.

The cleaning process becomes very effective for the users when they can choose two preset cleaning cycles. This results in an automatic-spraying, moisture-based suctioning, and fine scrubbing helps to remove all tough pet stains.

The Bissell Spot Bot carpet cleaner is quite handy. By connecting the hose(water place) with the scrubbing tool, you will be able to clean the stairs.


  • Have two preset actions allow hands-free cleaning
  • It comes with two types of pet stains cleaning formulas
  • It helps to stop the development of bacteria and other infectious things inside the water tank
  • Easy to fill the hose, maintenance is comfortable


  • Have a short power cable
  • Not suitable for pet stains

7. Hoover FH11300PC Spot Bot Cleaner

Hoover FH11300PC is one of the lightweight carpet cleaners on the market right now. It has designed to clean carpets and upholstery, and this spot cleaner will perfectly get rid of spills and other daily messes.

It becomes so easy to carry out because of the portable design, as it does not add any weight to hands.

The lightweight and sleek design will make it one of the best portable carpet cleaners of all time. Hoover FH11300Pc is equipped with unique self-clean technology, and the hose gets flushed after every use, which will prevent the growth of bacteria in it.

This machine is also very suitable for pet owners. If you are the owner of a pet, you will be happy to know that it can quickly tackle pet accidents and tough stains right at the moment when it happens.

Additionally, it can spray, scrub, and remove all other kinds of spills and stains from carpets and rugs. Besides this, it delivers an impressive performance in cleaning. It makes the ambiance safe and makes it to be miles away from bacteria. The exclusive Hoover detergent additionally plays a vital role in making the carpet clean and appearance-wise better.


  • Lightweight and sleek in design
  • Easy to fill, empty, and carry
  • Exclusive Hoover detergent prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Excellent choice of money


  • A bit noisy and can irritate the consumer.

8. Bissell 1400B Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 1400B is a compact and deep cleaning machine that will offer your carpets a great cleanup. It is very efficient for spills and stains, dries the stain within minutes, and will clean any area in minutes.

This product is lightweight and compact and does its job within minutes. It works efficiently on accidental spills and beverage spills. You can put this compact cleaner on furniture, clean cars, and extract dirt from the tightest spots.

The Bissell 1400B is a very eco-friendly design and is constructed with a 50% recycled plastic design. Includes a 48-oz water tank and has a reach of 19 feet.

Besides this, its 15-foot-long power cord saves you from constantly plugging it in different locations. The hose is extendable and can offer great suction power to remove the toughest stain out.


  • It is a lightweight and slim design
  • Comes with a 48-oz tank capacity
  • Made from 50% recycled plastic
  • 1- year warranty


  • The water tank can leak when overfilled

9. Bissell Spot Clean Pro Heat Portable Spot Clean

The Bissell Spot Clean Pro Heat Portable Spot Clean, 5207F, specializes in deep cleaning, including tough stains and set stains. This product is lightweight, only 9 pounds. Includes a 15-foot hose. This product includes both deep stain and tough stain tools. It comes with two of the signature formulas, Oxy Boost and Spot and Stain.

Bissell Spot clean has a built-in heater, which comes with proprietary heatwave technology, which keeps the temperature constant. You can also avail of an optional bundle, which we will discuss with other models, including its renewal of your carpet boost.


• Comes with a warranty of 2-year
• Does an excellent job in deep cleaning
• The larger handle makes it more comfortable and easier to hold


• A bit noisy

10. Bissell 3264 Spot Cleaner

The Bissell Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner has a strong presence as a mid-value range cover cleaner. It is lightweight, around 13.2 pounds making it simple to take around the home when tidying up a spill.

The engine of the unit accompanies a force rating of 5.7 amps. This Bissell versatile rug cleaner accompanies a huge limit tank that holds ¾ of a gallon (96 ounces). Thankfully the maker additionally gives an 8 oz jug of their cleaning recipe.

Since it is a versatile model, you should simply put the unit’s connections and fill the tank.
To clean your steps, you can utilize the convenient 6-inch Stair Tool. If you have a dried stain, you can utilize the Tough Stain Tool.

The machine tidies up stains well, even from the white shaggy rugs, yet doesn’t generally do the best occupation on upholstery. The force rope is 22 feet, and you get an enormous hose for expanded cleaning.


  • This model is specially made for maneuvering all around the house.
  • A tough stain tool will provide excellent support in removing all old stains and pet stains.
  • The special edition of a handheld tool is easy to operate.


  • The additional hose storage is a bit tricky to master. If it is not handled, it can be kinky and can cause breakage
  • The maintenance can take more time because of the tightly packed frame of the model

11. Bissell 1716B Spot Lifter Power Brush

Handheld Bissell 1716B Spot lifter has a Power brush. No irritating hose issues with this one since it doesn’t have a hose! Rather than it, this cleaning machine has turning brushes at the lower part of its front end. The engine gives two amps worth of intensity. The unit accompanies an 18-foot power string for constant cleaning.

This machine is the most lightweight model on our rundown, with around 4 lbs. Being so little makes it simple to use around the house. Since the unit itself is minimized, the tanks should have been a little too, going to the 12-ounce earth tank limit. The cleaning way is the standard three crawls for Bissel versatile floor covering cleaners. The maker covers the machine with a 1-year restricted guarantee.

The Spot lifter satisfied its name while testing it on delicate and customary rugs. The exhibition was additionally acceptable with specific wrecks that had set in a bit. Individuals who own pets would discover this cleaning instrument helpful. You can likewise utilize it on little stains on your upholstery or in your vehicle. Because of this model’s minimized size, its motivation is to generally deal with little stains or spills – it’s not ready to clean huge territories.


  • The portable cleaner is mainly designed for the stains
  • No hose body will make it super easy to carry the cleaner.
  • Ideal for pet stains, no matter if it is new or old


  • Not a standard cleaner and does not prevent it from rugs and carpets
  • Includes a smaller capacity water tank
most power portable carpet cleaner machine
  • Save

Buying Guide

Several factors are there to think about when choosing the right products for you. The whole process starts with the type of carpeting you have in your home. It is a smart idea to check with the recommendations of the manufacturers. You can also consult the company’s website, where you will find information on how to clean it.

With knowing this, you can move on to selecting the best portable carpet cleaner. The following factors are considered before you make any decision.

Tank Capacity

As the main feature of carpet cleaner is portable, so the tank capacity is limited. You cannot clean the entire room with one fill. Many models are available in a range of amounts from 30 to 64 ounces. That’s enough room to clean up the small areas. But before buying it, you should think of how you will use it and how big it should be, so that’s the most practical choice.


This is the most important issue, especially when it comes to handling models. You will be shocked at how heavy some products will be even after several minutes of cleaning. You must verify whether the product is filled with water or not. A gallon of water weighs only 8 pounds, which will add 8 pounds of weight to the product’s weight, which will be considerably heavy.

Cord Length

The cord length is the main factor to consider, which will affect the usefulness and practicality. You will find it useful to measure from each outlet of the room to determine how long it will avoid unpleasant surprises. Most of the models run from 15 to 22 feet, which is suitable for many rooms. You will come across many of the devices that sound good in principle but are not practical. You don’t want to spill something on the carpet, because it will make the stain permanent if the carpet isn’t charged.

Power and Suction

Power and suction are important highlights to investigate because it is a proportion of their effectiveness. In this event, you might have shag coverage. All you need is a model that would help you do deep cleaning and cleaning to get down to all filaments. Collected dirt can separate after some time, which can cause perpetual harm.


Some of the extra facilities with the carpet cleaner will turn into the best portable carpet cleaner, especially if you need specific needs. Check the types of surfaces that the product can handle. It is advised to get one that you can use on upholstery too. That’s why we recommend looking for the ones that come with this.

Crevice Tools and Brushes

The inclusion of crevice tools and other brushes will be a must, which will make your purchase more worthwhile if you can use them in your car. Some products also offer cleaning solutions that are welcome.

Other things include options such as automatic shut-off when the tank has reached capacity and a built-in water heater. These features will make your job simpler and more efficient. In this feature, you will see a lot of markets in the way of features and optional bundles.


It is recommended to make sure how you should use this product. You will often see it as an image of someone using it in the description. Always pay attention to see if these operations seem awkward or more work than what you would like. These little things fall into the deal-breaker category.


A carpet cleaner’s normal expense can run anyplace from under $100 to a huge number of dollars for a business-grade model. Similarly, as with any huge buy, it bodes well to set a financial plan. Notwithstanding, remember two things when concocting a figure. To begin with, quality is an advantageous venture with regard to the consideration of your home.

Second, while it is anything but a great deal of cash, you actually need to place it into something that will last. Audit the highlights and specs cautiously. Likewise, see whether there is a maker guarantee alongside its terms and conditions. It’ll spare you a ton of issues over the long haul on the off chance that you know in advance what they are.

Why should you Consider the Best Portable Carpet Cleaner?

We need a portable carpet cleaner specifically for the areas in corners and narrow spaces instead of large wide spaces. This is a better efficient option to clean spots and stains within no time. Due to the fast cleaning mechanism, it’s also called a portable spot cleaner.

Many companies use a portable commercial carpet cleaner to remove tough spots and stains. This is an affordable option with a surface.

Its scrubbing tool rubs the stain and makes the surface clean and microbial growth free.

Compact Size and Lightweight

People think large, heavy machines can perform better deep cleaning. It’s a wrong perception small carpet cleaning machines can carry and move easily.

According to research, approximately every portable cleaning machine weighs less than 15 pounds, and its size is not more than a normal-size toaster.

Easy to Operate

A compact carpet cleaner is not difficult to use without following any tutorial or manual. It presents where we need to fill out water, where we need to add soap, and how we treat the solution tank.

The most important thing is the place where all dust can be collected to have a removable lid. This is the most powerful portable carpet extractor that never leaks water from any hole. It has secure water and solution.

A handle is placed to carry the machine easily. You can say every part of the machine is properly attached and help to make the performance better in cleaning.

How to use a Portable Carpet Cleaner?

1. Vacuum the Whole Area

You have to vacuum the whole area properly to pick up any loose dirt before starting the process of deep cleaning your carpets. Move the furniture out when you are cleaning the entire floor.

2. Use aluminum foil or Wax Paper

Always use aluminum foil or wax paper under the legs of heavy furniture. It will prevent the wood finishes from staining the carpet, which is dry.

3. Begin the Cleaning Process from the Farthest Point

Try to start cleaning from the farthest point from the doorway and start moving the backway so that you can easily step out when cleaning is done.

4. Never Close the Room with a Newly Cleaned Carpet

The process of drying will be slowed down when you close the room with the wet and newly cleaned carpet which can promote mold growth. Other than that, you can keep the air coming by opening the doors and windows.

5. Last Vacuum to Pick the Dry Soil

Once the carpet is dry, vacuum it one more time to pick up the remaining dirt.


If you have no experience using a portable carpet cleaner, then it’s a high probability that you must have some queries related to the machine. We have collected common issues, along with the basic information that you need to learn for a better purchase.

Why should you need to buy a portable carpet cleaner?

A precise answer will be the necessity of time and the convenience these machines provide. The perfect time to remove any stain from a carpet is when it is newly spotted. The chances of that stain not getting permanent will be high. That’s the reason why these products are important, and their value of these products increases.

Is an Upright model better than a portable one?

Above mentioned products have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are efficient in action at scrubbing and removing stains. Moreover, it depends on your priorities when choosing any of them. The portable cleaner does not have a long range. You can only use it on the floor. One advantage that they have is accessibility.

What is the best method of using a carpet cleaner?

Whenever you are working with an electric machine in a moist environment, safety is the main factor.

We advise you to plug in the unit in the ground. Avoid any further people coming in areas that you have cleaned until it’s completely dried. The process of drying can be increased by placing an air source like a fan near the stains.

Does carpet cleaners’ Concerns About Bacteria Growth in the Tanks?

Yes, they are always prone to bacterial growth in the tanks. That’s why it is recommended to always empty and wash the water place after you have completed the process. Use a slight bleach solution for deep protection from bacteria. All the tanks need to dry after you are done. These two processes will develop an environment for all these pollutants to grow.

Are the Cleaning Formulas Safe to Use?

Continuously follow the headings on the mark exactly. We suggest using ventilators in the room where you’re working by switching on the exhaust fan or opening a window to avoid any risk. Items with possibly destructive impacts will demonstrate this data with extra recommendations for utilizing them accurately.

Check the maker’s guarantee on your consumed unit. Some are restricted with explicit situations that you should hold fast to try, not to void it.

Will Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine Damage Anything?

The portable cleaner unit is used as a commercial unit. However, if you still want to take the essential protections before using it. Always test it in an inconspicuous place before you want to use it for stain removal. Make sure and test every new formula you want to use. These portable products are generally easy to use. A point may happen with older carpets that are not as colorful as modern ones.

Can I use a carpet cleaning machine on my furniture?

Yes and no. That’s one of the benefits of purchasing one. We would suggest the same testing for the new formulas as in the previous one. The only exception to use is the delicate fabrics. Most carpet cleaners work vigorously to remove stains.

It is a very particular concern that you cannot vary the speed at which it operates. Remember, these all are for high-traffic areas that can handle this type of treatment.

Can I Use it for Routine Cleaning?

Yes, you can use it for routine cleaning. Just remember to have a look at the tank capacity than a full-size model. For smaller rooms, it is not an issue. An upright carpet cleaner model is a more suitable choice for larger spaces to just save you from back issues. It is a better cleaning process as compared to the normal carpet cleaner. There are some important features which make this machine more worthwhile.


The best portable carpet cleaner machine helps remove even the smallest spot of oil, ketchup, paint color, or protein. It performs a deep cleaning mechanism and raises dried stains from every type of surface.

If you want to get an affordable carpet cleaner, focus on quality and power, and features.

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