The house is the safest place for you and your family on earth. Garages are made to protect your vehicles, but if its door opener does not work properly, it will probably be frustrating for you. The primary purpose of a door opener is to make your life easier, not hard. However, you press the button to open the gate, but nothing happens.

If you are facing these problems, there might have a possibility that something is wrong with the remote of your door opener.

4 Reasons for Garage Door Opener Work Sometimes or Not Working

1. Puny or dead batteries:

Weak or dead batteries can be a reason that homeowners usually face while opening their doors. Door openers are a complex system; it has a transmitter that sends the signal to your door for opening and closing. For proper work, this system needs batteries.

As the owner of the house uses the door opener hundreds of times a year, it can be possible that the batteries of your remote die. Other systems in the door opener can last for a long time, but batteries in your garage door should be replaced after some time.

The remote of your door helps you in opening and close the door without leaving the car, but it can only be possible if the batteries are working properly. Some signs show you it is time to change the batteries.

The door is stuck:

If the door of your opener is stuck, it may be a sign for you to change the batteries. At the same time, other systems are working in proper order.

Remote works occasionally:

If the remote of the door works sometimes, it might signal to you that it is time to have a look at your remote’s batteries. Weak batteries can give low signals to the door, and it cannot open automatically.

Other remote and wall mounts:

If you have other remotes for your doors, do check them. After that check, the wall mounts to see if everything is in perfect order. It clearly shows that the batteries are dead.

2. Remote need reprogramming in door opener:

If your garage door opener remote needs to be reprogrammed, you need to check the batteries in the remote and if you feel they are low, replace them. If the batteries are fresh and the remote still is not working, you may need to reprogram the remote.

How to program the remote of your door opener:

You can reprogram your remote in some simple steps.

  • Hold and press the program button until the LED light gets on. It depends on which model you are using; possibly, you have to press the button again, so you get the exact menu option to reprogram the remote. If LEDs are on, it could be a sign that your opener is ready to reprogram.
  • Press and free the remote button a couple of times.
  • Use the button to unlock and lock the door.

3. Wiring dysfunction in your door opener remote:

After checking your remote, we still face the issue of opening and closing the door, and it is possible that there is some wiring dysfunction. This can also cause you a problem, and it’s time to fix them.

Sometimes the receiver of the garage door opener is not working properly as you want it to. You can solve this issue by:

  • Unplug the door opener, then disconnect the wires.
  • Reconnect your machine to power
  • Clear all memory, then reprogram all remote settings
  • Again, unplug the wires and reconnect the control wiring with motor
  • After that, use the remote and test whether the door is working or not.

4. Electrical issues in door opener:

Another reason your door opener is not working in good order can be a result of electric issues. Electrical problems can be caused by the power of the door mechanism. Some reasons affect your system.

Circuit board fails:

If the door of your garage malfunctioned after an electrical storm, it is quite a possible problem with the circuit board. A short circuit in the circuit board also damages the system of your door opener. If you face this problem immediately, contact your door repair services to solve the issue.

Faulty capacitor:

A fault in the motor capacitor can cause a problem in your door opener that needs to be fixed. If you smell something burning in your motor, it can be a sign of a faulty capacitor. If this happens, replace your motor to restore your door opener.


It can be frustrating when your garage door opener fails to work after you have attempted to use it. Most commonly, you may experience the door being stuck in the “open” position, or it will not close when you press the “close” button. Check the door is properly aligned and that the batteries are in working order. This will push the door to not shut or open smoothly.

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