How to Clean Window Sills

The dirt can spoil the sunniest views on window tracks. Either window is closed or open, and the window sills naturally become a catchall for insects, dust, mildew, corpses, and even Mold.

It is a tiresome job to wash the windows. However, it is worse to leave dirt on the windows.

It is great to look from streak-free and clear windows. Proper maintenance and cleaning of window tracks and sills are required everywhere, either in-home, office, or any other location.

Regular cleaning of windows is very important moreover, window sills can be challenging to clean with typical tools. But don’t worry, follow the proper guidelines to clean the Mold and other dirt particles from the window sills.

So, the best way should be followed to get the job done.

This article will focus on the best and proper way of cleaning window sills and tracks.

How to Clean Window Sills – Steps to Follow

The main steps of cleaning window sills involved are:

  1. Dry dirt removal.
  2. Use of vacuum for removal of large dirt particles.
  3. Preparation of cleaning solution.
  4. Wiping
  5. Drying
  6. Brushing
  7. Final touches

Step 1

Open your window as wide as possible. This can be done either with or without a window screen, but we suggest removing the screen and putting it aside.

Step 2

Take a regular size vacuum with a narrow nozzle attachment and remove the dead insects from the window tracks and loose debris.

It is optional to have a brush attachment; however, not recommended as it will loosen caked-on dirt effectively, and the brush will get dirty.

Step 3

Sprinkle baking soda generously into the tracks of the window. Try avoiding lumps creation or piles of the powder.

Step 4

Take a spray bottle and mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. In window tracks, spritz generously till the uniform saturation of baking soda. The powder will fizz and foam because of the reaction between vinegar and baking soda.
Allow the solution to sit for 5-10 minutes.

Step 5

The more vinegar-water mix sprayed on the vertical window tracks along the window sides as the baking soda fizzes.

Wear rubber gloves, and from the top of the vertical track down to the bottom, scrub by using an old toothbrush.

Make sure to clean the window track corners.

Step 6

Now focus on the bottom of your open window. From one end to the other end of the track, brush and scrub the grooves and corners properly to clean window tracks.

Step 7

At the top of the vertical track, press a piece of paper towel. All the junk wiped down toward the bottom of the track in a continuous and steady motion. Repeat the process with a fresh piece of paper towel, cleaning from one end toward the center.
Spray with more vinegar solution if the track still appears dirty and wipe again.

Step 8

The butter knife’s blade is wrapped in a dry, clean rag and works into all nooks and corners of the window tracks. As the rag starts gathering dirt, adjust it to the exposure of a clean piece.

Step 9

Finally, a light spray of vinegar solution is done if required, and wipe it with a clean rag.
Clean up all your equipment enjoy clean window tracks.

The Best Way for Tackling Mold on Windows

Are you tired of mold growth on your window sills? It is a time-consuming process to tackle mold growth, and you need to be attentive as Mold is living and always looking for such places to grow.

You are not sure about what product needs to be used and how to effectively clean it?

The molds release spores in the air as it spreads and difficult to remove them.

Why did Mold grow on windows?

The difference in inside and outside temperatures causes condensation and develops Mold around the window.
Windows are an ideal place for molds as it loves warm damp weather.

Main problem

Our own self generates the problem as we have to seal up our homes for the reduction of potential energy loss.

Any moisture is looking for an escape way, and the problem is we don’t ventilate our homes.
Window condensation is formed when the air laden with water hits the window, and this is the most favorable environment for mold growth.

Ways of tackling Mold on window sills

  • Proper airflow will help with this problem.
  • Some sort of ventilation is provided to the place with this problem.
  • Opening windows if there are no built-in vents on your windows.
  • A dehumidifier is a good option
  • The fan can reduce the growth as it causes airflow.

Things to be avoided

• Let the airflow avoid sealing up your home.
• Mold growth should be prevented.

Tips to Remove Mold

Some items will remove the Mold altogether and are budget-friendly. You want complete eradication of Mold along with the roots. The products are

  • Bleach
  • White vinegar
  • Borax
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ammonia
  • Baking soda
  • Hot soapy water
  • Tea tree oil

Maintain your window sill

After cleaning window sills, you need to take extra care to prevent the same grime and grit from building again. It is important to dust the sills on a daily basis if you want to maintain a clean look.

Ensure that the windows are free of dust which will minimize any growth on sills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is it important to clean window sills?

Keeping window sills clean is essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic living space, as dirt and debris accumulate in the sills over time, harboring germs, allergens, and pests.

Q. What materials do I need to clean window sills?

If you want to clean window sills, you will need a vacuum cleaner, a soft-bristled brush, a microfiber cloth, and a bucket filled with warm water and mild soap or detergent.

Q. How do I remove dirt and debris from window sills?

If your window sills are dirty, you can use a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

Q. What kills black mold on window sills?

Make a solution of three parts warm water and one part bleach. Take a nylon brush and clean the window sill. Often the brush is dipped in a mixture of bleach. Clean the excess water and scrapped Mold with a clean rag.

Q. How often should you clean your window sill?

Wipe the frame and window sill gently. Apply a little bit of pressure with your fingertips for heavier smudges. A dry microfiber cloth is used to wipe your window sills for maintenance dust weekly or every two weeks.

Q. How do you clean the wooden window sill?

A mild detergent, soft cloth, warm water is all you need to clean. Rather than soaking, keep the cloth damp for the prevention of soapy, dirty water from running down the frames and into window tracks and sills. Often rinse and wring the cloth and water should be replaced after getting dirty.

Q. How do I remove stubborn stains from window sills?

Mix a small amount of mild soap or detergent with warm water in a bucket, and use a sponge to apply the solution to the stained areas. Using a soft-bristled brush or sponge, scrub the stains after letting the solution sit for a few minutes. Dry with a microfiber cloth after rinsing with clean water.


This article is about proper maintenance and how to clean window sills and window tracks that are required everywhere, either in-home, office, or any other location. It is great to look from streak-free and clear windows. Regular cleaning of windows is very important.

Moreover, window sills can be difficult to clean with typical tools. By following the proper cleaning and maintenance methods, we can clean the corners and crevices of window sills and tracks.

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