Energy deregulated states have the most competitive electricity market in the country. Thus, allowing its consumers to save a hefty amount of money on their monthly utility bills. This advantage is made possible by the electric deregulation laws passed over a decade ago.

But you might still be worried about the long process of switching from one energy provider to another. As long as you know the essential steps, shopping for the best electric rate in your area will be a walk in the park. Enjoy lower rates and no interruption by switching now. Follow us to know more.

How To Switch Energy Providers?

When you have finalized your decision on changing your energy provider, all you need to do is call your local electricity provider or sign up through their website. Prior research is advisable so that you can weigh in your options.

Switching from one energy provider to another will only require your postal code. Thus, if you live in a state such as Penn State, there are company websites that may also require your recent electricity bill; this is only optional. The above-mentioned will help the market determine the best offers that suit your energy needs. Below are attainable steps you can follow to shop for better electricity rates:

  • Enter Your Postal Code

Look at the upper right side of the website and enter your postal code in the box. This step is necessary to narrow all the electricity rates down to what suits your usage. Postal codes also determine the place or area you live in.

  • Choose Your Energy Provider

After typing your postal code into the box, you will be given a list of all the electricity companies available in your area. Before choosing a company, it is best to do thorough research first. By doing so, you will know what is best for your electricity consumption and financial status.

  • Select The Best Deal

When you have found a trusted electric company to partner with, it is time to select an energy plan. The company will then provide you a list of their monthly plans and details of your purchase, such as additional fees and price structure. Finish your switch by signing up and confirming your contract with the electricity company.

What Happens After You Cancel Your Agreement With Your Previous Energy Provider?

It is best to review your contract’s disclosure statement with your previous energy provider before switching to a new one. This step is necessary for you not to pay any miscellaneous fees such as penalties or cancellation fees. Better yet, call your current electricity provider if you are uncertain to avoid confusion. Read the following for the FAQs:

  • Can I Change Energy Providers Multiple Times?

There are no existing regulations that limit your decision to change energy providers several times. Just remember to switch before your deal with a previous company ends so you don’t have to pay any exit fees.

  • Will There Be An Interruption To My Current Energy Supply?

Rest assured that there will be no interruption to your energy supply when you switch to a different energy provider. Only the company and electricity rates will change. You can still freely use your electricity while the switch is on-going.

  • Can I Cancel My Switch?

Indeed, you can cancel your switch to a new energy provider. You are provided with a 14-day cooling-off period before the agreement is legitimized. If you decide not to push through within the cooling period, you only need to call your new energy provider and request a cancellation. You don’t have to think about any interruption in your energy usage.

  • Will My New Energy Provider Contact Me?

Your new energy provider will send you a welcoming statement days after you made your switch. Included in the mail are the details of your agreement and the features of your monthly plan. Some electricity companies request your starting meter read to forward it to your previous electricity company. Better prepare it beforehand.

  • How Long Will The Switching Take?

The entire switching energy providers process will take no more than three weeks, while the energy comparison will only take several minutes of your time. If you are worried about any interruption on your end, you don’t have to think about it. Like what is stated in the sections above, the process of switching energy providers won’t interrupt your energy use. 

  • Will I Be Charged Twice?

All energy providers have a switchover date agreement with each other. So, as a consumer, you don’t have to worry about getting charged twice your current bill. What you need to do next is to request the removal of your billing account from your previous energy provider, and you are good to go.


There is no need for you to sweat through; laid in front of you are the many options that make your energy use cheaper and more worthwhile. Switch to the best energy provider now and live the best life you’ve been dreaming of. 

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