Do Granite Countertops Need to be Sealed?

do granite countertops need to be sealed

A granite countertop is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and easy to clean. As the material is porous with the ability to absorb water, it is susceptible to tingle after depletion. You must seal the stone surface in order to prevent permanent damage in your kitchen or bathroom.

Sealing the surface of granite when not in use, the protective and sealed layer can give them a glossy look.

It is a permanent investment to have granite countertops that require little sustainment to retain their beautification. The granite resealing schedule is dependent on many factors.

Application of sealing agent at the correct time will make sure that granite remains protected and stain-free which would spoil the surface. The maintenance of granite has become less demanding in recent years with the advancements in natural stone sealers.

In this blog, we will discuss do granite countertops need to be sealed and how often do you need to seal granite countertops?

How do Granite Countertops work?

Sealing Granite Countertops

In spite of the fact, most granite countertops don’t require sealing, it helps the stone hold spills and dirt, which can be the reason for staining and spilling.

Naturally, granite can resist moisture but, it is porous as well. The adhesives hinder liquid seepage into the granite. The liquid beads are on the surface of a properly sealed countertop.
The colored liquids like red wine and grape juice, fat, and cooking oil, cause discoloration of the countertop.

You should seal most granite countertops generally. Make sure that different granite pieces have different porosities. Some areas of the countertops require to be sealed more often as compared to others.

Determining the resealing time

To get an idea about resealing a countertop, pour some water on the surface of the counter. It is great news if the water beads up. It is time to reseal if the water soaks inside the granite.

The process of resealing is straightforward. Buy a premium-quality cleaner, a sealer that is made to resist oil-based stains and water, and clean rags.

Follow the instructions, ensuring that granite is dry prior to sealing. Some adhesives, like those with a solvent base, are best for many years.

Do you have to seal all granite tops?

No, all granite tops don’t require a sealant. Granite sometimes comes in sealed form from the manufacturer. Granite, igneous rock has various natural stone materials that can be prone to scratches and stains.

Seal these surfaces to provide permanent protection and make sure to have a lasting look that everyone wants to see.

As water is a clear solvent, it doesn’t stain the top. However, other liquids may leave stains.

Keep the following tips in mind to find out whether it needs sealing or not.

– Confirmation about the granite countertops

If you moved to a new house recently, think about calling your local home improvement store or sealing real agent to get an idea about the stone type.

– Look at the Granite countertop type

If you recently renovated your home, you should know what kind of granite is in your bathroom or kitchen. You may have to inspect the stone to know about the different features. The following points must be considered in order to seal the granite surface.

  • Color
  • Porosity

– Consult the manufacturer about special treatments.

The granite is in sealed form, on the first installation. During the production process, some manufacturers put a lifetime sealant to increase durability.
Lifetime seal doesn’t need reapplication of sealant over time.

How to seal granite countertops

If the result of the water test reveals you need to seal the countertop, follow the following steps to enhance its lifespan and durability.

  • Gather your materials
  • Clean the top
  • Read the instructions on the sealant label
  • Test the area.
  • Seal
  • Wait for the sealant to cure.
  • Maintenance

What are the best granite sealers?

You may consult the manufacturer for suggestions regarding the sealants to use on granite countertops. All sealers are not created equally. That is the reason the only cleaning and sealing product we suggest is from Granite Gold.

This sealant doesn’t need heavy coatings that leave residue or haze. The sealer provides protection from stain absorption to maintain the beauty of countertops for a long time.

The best sealers are easy to use and require little maintenance.

  • Non-toxic safe formulas that are good for the surfaces of food preparation.
  • Multi-step applications, no mixing or special tool needed.
  • Storage is easy, application with a standard spray bottle.

The Bottom Line

After determining the porosity of your countertops with the help of a water test, now is the time for the application of a sealant.

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