When it comes to vacuuming and floor cleaning products, Bissell and Hoover are the two most famous and known names. Indeed, the comparison between the Bissell and Hoover vacuum is among the most famous articles.

Finding the best wet dry vacuum can be difficult as there are many options available in the market. In this article, we are comparing the two topmost vacuums.

When you are searching for a good hardwood floor washer, Hoover and Bissell Crosswave are pretty good options.

As these two cleaners are the best substitute for one another, we baffle about which one to purchase. Well, the decision can be made by looking at the features.

It is often difficult to find a good balance between one that contains all the qualities and is according to your budget when you’re shopping for a floor cleaner.

In this article, we will focus on the comparison between hoover floormate vs Bissell crosswave to help you select the one which suits your budget and home.


Except for all other comparisons, both vacuum cleaners have a brush. This provides more scrubbing and cleaning power, which is best for both mopping and vacuuming.
The brushes, however, are different and provide different purposes.

Bissell Crosswave brush has flexible Dual-action Multi-Surface brush. This is similar to a normal vacuum brush roll, however, a little thicker and best for mopping floors.

It not only does that but has the ability to get into rug fibers and carpet to remove and discard dust and particles. This helps Bissell to clean both hard floors and rugs.

Hoover Floormate contains SpinScrub Brushes. This vacuum has four rows of spinning brushes which are great for mopping difficult messes and stains. It greatly works on floors until they are completely clean. As these brushes are not for carpets and rugs, this does an incredible job with hard floors.

That’s really hard to decide which one is better?

From a versatility point of view, then Bissell is much better as it can be used both on rugs and hard floors. Hoover is better if you prefer superior scrubbing.

Bissell Crosswave Vs Hoover Floormate

Features of Hoover Floormate

This upright cleaner is designed for use on hard floor surfaces. It can be used to dry vacuum for removal of crumbs, dust, and other debris, and then it can be changed to wet cleaning and mopping the floor.

  • The cleaner has a technology of dual tanks which maintains the separation of clean and dirty water and makes sure only solution and clean water are used for floor cleaning.
  • Both the tanks (clean and dirty water) can store 48 ounces of fluid which is more than other same cleaners.
  • Use of multiple brushing technology which spins both clockwise and anti-clockwise for maximum efficiency and coverage.
  • The release of more detergent is due to ‘Clean Boost’ control which helps to clean spots that are stubborn or to clean dirt that is ground more into the floor.
  • Contains both the wash and dry modes with brushes moving during washing, and the brushes then stop to suck up extra water and minimize the time of floor drying.
  • It is best suited for tiles, grouted, vinyl, and sealed wood.
  • The Hoover Floormate is easy to maintain and clean. The tanks, brushes, and nozzles can be removed to wash them.
  • It has a handle that can be folded to easily store them and requires less storage space as compared to other cleaners.

Pros and Cons

Multiple surfacesTricky to fill the tank
Floor drying in one goThe cord is too short
To release additional detergent, it has booster controlNot good for rugs and carpets 
Easy to clean and dry brushesNon-removable filter
The capacities of both tanks are bigger
Easy storage with folding handle

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Features of Bissell Crossware

It is an all-in-one floor cleaner that is best suited for many surfaces. It can work for both wet and dry cleaners. One of the best things about this cleaner is that there is no need to separate floor and vacuum cleaner for hard floors because this cleaner can perform both.

It is not the best upright vacuum cleaners as it is not as good on hard floors, however, works best for rug cleaning and is a worthy substitute.

  • Though it is meant for hard floors, the Crosswave can be used to clean rugs.
  • Nylon and microfiber are used to make mop and brush rolls which lets the cleaner pick dirt up from many surface types.
  • The Crosswave suits on the following surfaces like linoleum sealed or pressed wood, carpets, laminates, rugs, and linoleum.
  • The cleaner contains two tanks, one has liquids and the second one contains dirty water which has been used already. This maintains and keeps the separation and makes sure only clean water combines with the cleaning solution.
  • The control of Crosswave is at your tips. From handle control, you can do adjustments for different surfaces, choose levels of spray, and control the release of cleaning solution.
  • It is simple to clean with Crosswave as both the brush and cleaning brush window can be removed. This helps to replace and clean the brush if needed.
  • If debris and drips are still on the brush after use, they can be collected in the Crosswave’s storage tray, which holds the brush after use, making it easy to store in its own storage tray.

Pros and Cons

Wet or dry cleaningHard to manage on thick carpets
The brush can be cleaned easilyNo proper cleaning at edges
Double tank to keep the dirty and clean liquid separateThe short length of the cord
Storage tray which is convenientEdges cleaning is not proper
Control on fingertips

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Where does the Bissell Crosswave win?

The cleaner is versatile and can be used to clean multiple floor surfaces as compared to the other ones, including thin carpets and rugs. However, the FloorMate can only be used on hard surfaces.

It is more maneuverable as compared to FloorMate and can reach under many surfaces. It also has a longer cord and the filter is also removable which might be significant if you have pets as their hair is very problematic.

Where does the Hoover Floormate win?

FloorMate is a big plus and has a function wet/dry cleaning function and offers the job of drying and cleaning hard floor surfaces easier and quicker as compared to Crosswave.
The large tank can hold more cleaning solution and water so there is less requirement to refill it.

The folding handle is easy to store and requires less storage space as compared to Crossware, and there is a requirement of a spot for its holder.


We hope you are now aware of Bissell crosswave vs hoover floormate difference. Both the cleaners are excellent floor cleaners, however, for cleaning hard floors there is Hoover FloorMate. In its cleaning functions, it is a big appeal which includes the brushes for wet/dry function and to dry floors quickly. Larger tanks mean fewer refills.

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