Wooden floors are trending now a day in homes, offices, and restaurants. It gives an executive vibe to the room. Usually, wooden floors are liked by homeowners because of the natural, warm look that is given to any type of room.

Unsealed wood does not have a protective layer on top of it, this results in accommodating dust, dirt, all sorts of outdoor debris, and grim as well and maintenance of unsealed floors is a big challenge.

Dirty wooden floors give an unpleasant feeling, however, they can also affect the wood and it is expensive to repair, refinish and the worst is to replace it.

As compared to unsealed, sealed hardwood floors are cleaned easily with water whereas, unsealed floors can be affected by water that gets inside the beams.

If you have hardwood floor, it is important to know if the surface of the ground is sealed or unsealed. This will help to make the right decision in selecting the best cleaning method along with proper maintenance and care of wood floors.

You need to double-check if the floor is sealed or not, in order to clean the unfinished wood area or treat a stained area. In this article, we will focus on how to clean unsealed hardwood floors. 

What is the main characteristic of wood?

The main character of the wood is its texture, but these are delicate and should be taken care of. However, it’s a choice of many because of its easy fixing and refinishing characteristic.

You must know the precautionary measures otherwise, you might damage the hardwood floor permanently.

  • Never use mop and water on unsealed wooden floors.
  • Always read the label carefully while finishing hardwood floors.
  • Don’t use a harsh bristled brush to scrub your wooden floor.
  • Always use a door mat to prevent dust and particles to enter your room.

Safely Cleaning on Hardwood – how to clean unsealed wood floors?

Typically many cleaning products suggested for sealed wood flooring can affect unsealed wood floors. It is important to maintain and keep the routine simple and gentle to avoid ruining the surface of the floor.

Don’t use water

Far from sealed wooden floors, you should avoid using water to clean unsealed wooden floors. The unsealed wood without a protective coating of polyurethane, urethanes, or other coatings without a protective layer absorbs any liquid readily which results in swelling of the wood.

If you use water to clean unsealed wood, as a result, you will end up with cracked or warped flooring. You should avoid using all-purpose cleaners or using liquid floors on your unsealed floor.

Vacuum or Sweep Regularly

To maintain the cleanliness of the unsealed floor, it is significant to vacuum or sweep on regular basis. Besides, as unsealed wood flooring doesn’t have a protective layer, you have to be careful about the equipment and tools that you use for cleaning purposes.

Choose a broom designed for indoor sweeping, if you prefer sweeping in order to avoid unsightly marks or scratches on the surface of the wood. Opt for a canister model having an attachment meant for bare floors to make the wood stay away from damage when selecting a vacuum for unsealed floors.

Vacuum or sweep as often as necessary to remove debris and dust from the floor. Weekly vacuuming or sweeping might be enough depending on where the unsealed floor is located.

Treat with Oil

Even if you vacuum or sweep your unsealed flood regularly, the leftovers might gather on the surface of an unsealed floor. Treating the floor with natural oils like jojoba or linseed on a monthly basis can help in removing residues and keeping the floor tidy.

A soft rag is used to apply oil to the floor and let it settle down for some time. The dry and clean mop is used to buff the oil and remove residue and dirt.


Among cleanings, you can improve the appearance of the unsealed wood floor by waxing it. It is important, however, to use the right type of wax or you may finish up affecting your floor. A thin layer of wax is applied with a clean rag and let dry for almost half an hour.

You can buff it with a clean cloth once the wax is dry. Unluckily, the process can be time-taking depending on the size of the area that covers your floor.

Tips for caring for and maintaining unsealed unfinished wood floors

  • Take care of the floor with the help of runners and rugs in areas with a rush.
  • At the entrance, placemats to keep away shoes with soil.
  • Mop immediately any water spills or liquids to keep away any stains- mostly with a microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid using unsealed unfinished wood flooring and a steam cleaner.
  • Regularly sweep to remove dirt that can sand and scratch the wood.


Unsealed wooden floors are highly risky and you need proper knowledge regarding how to clean unsealed wood floors. Luckily you have many options to choose from. Your unsealed hard floor will have a longer life and looks incredible, depending on the amount of care and try to keep water away.

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