When painting a piece of furniture, no color is more attractive than black paint. This elegant color makes the old wooden furniture look expensive and new.

If we consider practicality, black paint has more resistance against scratches than other colors. The only point to consider is to find the best paint and how to apply it correctly. In other situations, your furniture will look dull and bland.

It is better to apply a new coat of paint on a piece of old furniture to give it a new look. You want something modern, sleek, and compliments your decor rather than painting your dining room China cabinet or bedroom cabinet bright pink.

Black is the perfect color to paint furniture and it combines well with your home décor and helps to hide any imperfections or blemishes well into the furniture.

Now the question is which black paint is the best one for furniture? The best black paint just requires two layers, with deep finishing, goes on smoothly, and is resistant to scratches. There is also a need to consider finishing that is according to your home, glossy, matte, or satin.

In this article, we will focus on the best black paint for furniture. We have reviewed some of the best paints to help you choose according to your needs and requirements.

Quick Overview of Best Black Paint for Wood Furniture

1. Fusion Mineral Paint- Best mineral paint for wood furniture

2. Shabby Chic Chalked Furniture Paint- Best Matte, No Primer paint

3. Country Chic Chalk Style Paint- Family-friendly black paint

4. Rust-Oleum Latex Paint- Best Latex Black Paint

5. General Finishes Milk Paint- Best Black paint for spraying

How to Prepare your Furniture?

First, you need to prepare your furniture before you start working with the primer and paints. This is one of the important steps that cannot be ignored or missed.

1. Take out all the doors, drawers, and hardware

Breaking down the furniture into its main components makes the work easy. Make sure to remove all doors and take out all drawers. After doing this, remove any hinges, knobs, or handles.

2. Furniture cleaning

After removal, clean all the furniture. Use a wet washcloth or rag to wipe down and let the air dry. You can speed up the drying process, if you are short of time, you can use a dry cloth over the bases.

3. Application of wood filler

Use wood filler to fill scratches, holes, dents, or any imperfections after cleaning the surface. Ensure to do this before sanding.

4. Sanding

After proper cleaning and drying, all you need now is to sand it down. Avoid rough sanding for paint as the paint hides whatever is below.

Using 150-220 grit paper, sand the surface till it gets smooth. You may require 80-120 grit sandpaper if there is some varnish on a furniture piece. Black paint will hide most scratches and dents, but you can also fix them before painting if you like.

Move on to the sanding stage, after allowing the wood filler to dry and cure according to the directions mentioned.

5. Clean the surface again

Once again, clean the whole project. First, use a shop vac and after that damp cloth will be used over it making sure that there would be no small dust particles on the wood. The black paint will cover any kind of blemishes or marks and even dust.

How to Paint Furniture Black?

Now it’s time to start painting the furniture after proper cleaning and sanding furniture. It’s the most enjoyable part, so let’s start.

1. Primer Application

You can apply a coat of primer on your furniture if you want to. This is optional as the black paint will hide and cover everything underneath, but a layer of primer is liked by some as it helps to seal the paint.

There are some options of tinted primer available in the market that have a darker tone and work best for black paint. You can brush, roll or spray the primer.

2. Using a paint roller

If you are using a paint roller, you like to have a handy brush that will easily get into small spaces. The other option is to start with the large areas first the wider sides of your furniture.
It is best to start with larger areas and then head towards the smaller ones, like the corners.

3. Using a round paintbrush

To minimize the streaks of paint in your end product, we suggest using a round paintbrush with soft bristles of premium quality. The obvious streaks and lines in the paint are visible with the use of a paintbrush with synthetic and stiff bristles.

4. Use a handy spray

If you have a handy sprayer, you can spray on your paint. Surely, this is a quick process, but there is a need for more preparation work as the paint will spray within a huge area.

Allow the paint to dry and set, after applying the first layer. As you want to sand between the layers, it is very important to ensure that the paint is fully dry. Avoid using rough sandpaper- the sandpaper with 300 grits will work best.

The sanding process among the coats makes sure that the application is smooth, helps to remove any sort of hair or bubbles on the first layer, and produces a smooth end product.

5. Cleaning

Clean your furniture after the process of sanding to remove the dust and apply another layer and let it completely dry.

If the paint is good and solid black, then the paint needs almost two coats. Some people go for three layers which gives a great outcome. If you like to apply a third coat, remember to sand after the application of the second layer before applying the third layer.

Finishing your Furniture

Sealer or topcoat

It’s time to apply a topcoat or sealer after the paint has dried completely. Among so many options, we suggest the top finish of an oil-based sealer or a lacquer spray.

Make sure to read the instructions carefully before applying the topcoat, keeping a check on the flammability and potential toxicity of the top layer. To avoid any sort of dangerous incidents, make sure safety gear and proper ventilation are being applied.

Tip for applying the sealer

When applying your sealer, a great trick is to pour down some amount of clear sealer on your paper plate and mix it with black paint. This process helps in tinting the top coat resulting in a more solid, smooth, and glossy touch.

Let the topcoat or sealer match your piece of furniture and make sure to change all hinges, knobs, etc.

Now your old furniture will give you a new and trendy look.

What are the Pros and Cons of Black Furniture?

If you are thinking to paint your furniture black is the right choice, we are here to help you out.
Black color
can be a distinct and sharp contrast to an airy and bright room. For some people, it acts as a goal and for others, it looks messy.

The best thing about this black paint is that it helps to hide all the marks and imperfections present in the furniture.

Black paint is perfect to hide and give a completely new look if your furniture has scuffs, scratches, or dents.

Similarly, like black clothes, black furniture also appears obvious when there is some sort of dirt on it. It requires more cleaning as any sort of dirt, dust and stains are visible on black furniture.

This is the main disadvantage for people, who don’t have time to clean on weekly basis, however, can be manageable for people who don’t have pets and clean the surface regularly.

Distressing Black Painted Furniture

A glossy, smooth, and dark paint can make your furniture look modern, elegant, and sleek. But if the theme of your home is more rustic? Don’t think much, still, you can paint the old table black and give it a new look. Some of the tips for distressing black-painted furniture are:

  • Start cleaning and sanding the furniture
  • Apply the layer of primer (optional)
  • Apply 2-3 coats of paint

Before sealing, grit the layer with 18-220 grit sandpaper. Sand along the corners and the edges, where you want distressing. This helps remove of paint and show the wooden surface below.

Be careful the sanding black paint gives a chalky appearance, taking the paint’s dark sheen away. All you can do is wet the sandpaper to make this appear less noticeable.

Luckily, the sealer or top coat will assist in hiding such issues. After you have removed the paint in the distressed areas, apply the top coat according to the above-mentioned instructions.

Black Paint for Wooden Furniture

Now you are well aware of painting your furniture project. But now, it is time to select the best black paint.

People might have a misconception that all black paints are similar, however, there are many options available in the market to consider like coal-black, chalk-based vs. water-based vs. latex paint. How can you select from such a wide range?

The best black paint possesses a deep and refined finish and requires only two layers and is easy to apply to a surface.

5 Best Black Paint for Furniture

We have reviewed the options for the best black paint for wood furniture. Here you will find water-based, chalk-based, and latex paint to give a sleek, elegant, and modern look to the furniture.
Go through the article, to choose the best paint according to your preference.

1. Fusion Mineral Paint- Best mineral paint for wood furniture

You can’t go wrong with this paint if you want a dark tone or shade. This product fulfills all the requirements. There is no need to apply any kind of topcoat or primer, making it a faster and easier option to use.

It is easily applied, 100% acrylic, making it more incredible. One of the best features is the paint is self-leveling.

But it doesn’t mean, you removed the use of brush strokes. All you need is a wet brush to give a smooth final touch and sanding is required between the layers.

This specific paint is free of lead, non-toxic, and gives out very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

It is also kid-friendly as it doesn’t have a strong smell. Only two protective layers are required to spread it properly.

Pros and Cons

Good coverageA not budget-friendly option
No sealer or primer requiredBefore application, it needs a lot of research
Low release of VOC

2. Shabby Chic Chalked Furniture Paint- Best Matte, No Primer paint

This is the paint loved by art lovers or fans of erratic ideas. This specified option is not like other paints as all other options make a piece of furniture look new while this paint makes the product appear outdated or rustic intentionally.

This makes it popular among those who desire distressing furniture. The water-based paint is suitable for both indoors and outdoors with the best coverage.

Shabby Chic Chalked Furniture is environment-friendly, non-toxic, has low odor, and releases ultra-low VOCs.

The paint also lacks cancer-causing phthalates, solvents, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.

One of the features, buyers should monitor is that the paint similar to a rustic façade like chalk paint, though it is not to chalk paint rather chalk-based paint.

You can use this paint on stone, plastic, metal, and all other surfaces. There is no need for primer as it is 2-in-1 paint and requires 2 layers to give a pleasant outcome.

Pros and Cons

Easy to applyGives low coverage in terms of price
No need for a primer

3. Country Chic Chalk Style Paint- Family-friendly black paint

Another mineral paint that unexpectedly gives the best results. The brand has done a great job of combining all the best qualities like it gives a sharp and rustic appearance and is all in one option.

The manufacturers are producing extraordinary products for the past 80 years. The licorice black paint has a top coat and primer, best for outdoor and indoor paints on metal, wood, laminate, and even glass.

This paint is kid-friendly and has been approved toy-safe by the standards of European Toy Safety standards.

No toxic and harsh chemicals have been used and the smell is hard to notice.

Pros and Cons

Safe to use on kid’s toyNot budget-friendly
Built-in topcoat and primer
No toxic chemicals
Can be used on different surfaces and materials

4. Rust-Oleum Latex Paint- Best Latex Black Paint

This paint needs no introduction when it comes to household finishes and paints. The paint is the most popular one as the manufacturer is the oldest one known globally.

This water-based acrylic formula is for beginners and is a versatile option in the case of surfaces ranging from wood to unglazed ceramic, both indoors and outdoors.

Before applying paint, there is no need for a primer or a top coat. The surface will be dry after 30 minutes of touch.

You can wind up your work quickly, providing the right conditions as compared to other paints.

Pros and Cons

Easy applicationNo spray or roller can be used
Proper and decent coverage
No primer is needed

5. General Finishes Milk Paint- Best Black paint for spraying

Water-based milk paint is among the best black paint for furniture in our list and the company is one of the award-winning companies.

The paint is of durable quality with the best top layers. The paint seals on its own and there is no need for water or oil spills, and it also covers mild dents.

The product is of premium quality, despite being budget-friendly, and is best for indoors and outdoor.

You can use this paint on raw wood as most black paints are used for upcycling and refinishing furniture.

The paint has different options for an application like spray, roller, or brush. It has low odor, self-leveling, and zero VOCs.

Pros and Cons

No topcoat neededApplication of three coats might be needed
Can be used on raw wood
Less preparation is required

Buying Guide- How to choose the best black paint for furniture

The following points must be considered before buying the best black paint for wooden furniture to give it a new and decent look.

1. Finish

The first and most important thing to consider is the final look of your wooden furniture. The final appearance or look is dependent on the customer’s demand and choice.

2. Adhesion properties

Because of the lack of adhesion, it is tricky to paint furniture as compared to the walls. There is no need to apply primer before painting in case of paints with greater adhesion.

Fortunately, all the paints on our list require no primer or topcoat. But you can still use them to minimize the number of layers.

3. Price

It is the main point to consider before buying black paint and making a decision according to your budget range.

4. Toxicity

The paints have toxic chemicals that are carcinogenic and cause respiratory problems, skin and eye irritations, and dizziness. So always go for paints that are non-toxic and environmentally safe.

5. Methods of application

There are many methods used to apply paints and using a brush is the best one and works even with simple designs. To save time, the spray is used to paint the furniture.


No color is more attractive than black paint when painting a piece of furniture. This elegant color makes the old wooden furniture look expensive and new. Black is the perfect color to paint furniture and it combines well with your home décor and helps to hide any imperfections or blemishes well into the furniture. We have reviewed the best black paints for furniture, so choose the product according to your requirement and preference.

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