What Color Cabinets with Black Granite Countertops?

what color cabinets with black granite countertops
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Black Granite Countertop is something we’ve all seen, the dazzling black granite countertops in the clean, modern kitchen. The internet, publications, and television shows all give a plethora of visuals to pique our interest. Even yet, when it comes to choosing what color cabinets go with black granite countertops, the options might be bewildering. But don’t be concerned. We’ve compiled a list of the most common color schemes for black granite countertops so you can view all of your options in one spot.

Black countertops give any kitchen a rich, natural, high-end look. These stones aren’t completely black, they include hints of grey and even green. Among the other colors, black still reigns supreme. This black granite might be quite effective when used for kitchen renovation projects, which is one of the primary things that attract people. Their hue is also rather consistent, ranging from a medium grey to a somewhat dark grey. For many years, dark, black granites have been a popular choice among homeowners and builders. Despite the fact that black granites have lost their strength with time, they remain popular.

There are many various alternatives when it comes to picking a color for your kitchen cabinets to match with black granite worktops. It all depends on your personal preference and overall design style. However, the following are the most prevalent options:

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8 Color Cabinets Go Best with Black Granite Countertops

1. White

The most common color combination is white and black, which never goes out of style, regardless of your design style. For a great example of minimalism, the white enamel cabinets effectively accent the black granite. The cabinet’s clean lines and nickel trim keep things looking slick. On an expansive island, combine black granite with classic white cabinetry to create a striking focal point in a large kitchen.

2. Gray

To add dimension to a black and white kitchen, use grey cabinetry. To keep the kitchen open and airy, use simple grey bottom cabinets for your black counters and match them with white glass-front upper cabinets. The aesthetic is timeless but contemporary, and it works with a wide range of interior design styles.

3. Brown

The brown color scheme, along with the black granite countertops, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The cabinetry in this transitional kitchen is in a rich, chocolate brown color. The area is given a natural sense with a big stone fireplace and patterned black granite.

4. Blue

When you can get blue undertones to go with your black granite, why settle for neutral kitchen cabinets? Although the combination of blue and black may not be to everyone’s taste, it may be fashionable when used wisely. With black counters and dark walls, this brilliant blue kitchen appears opulent. Thanks to the stunning hue of blue next to sophisticated black surfaces, this kitchen design is far from dark and depressing.

5. Cream

Cream-colored cabinets are a wonderful middle ground between white and brown, adding warmth to the light-dark contrast. It works well in modern farmhouses and rustic Italian kitchens. Muted brick walls, dark wood molding, antique white cabinets, and black worktops conjure up memories of simmering sauces and hand-cut pasta cooked with love by grandmothers.

Install antique cream cabinets with black counters, then tie everything together with a cream and brown backsplash. The end product is warm and inviting, perfect for unwinding with a cup of coffee. Cream wood cabinets create dimension in the black granite countertops kitchen and look great against the black countertops.

6. Black

The white pattern in the black granite is picked up by the white floor tiles and wall color, creating a contrast with the flat black cabinets. The granite pattern is significant since simple black would have made the counters blend in with the countertops, making them visibly vanish.

For a striking contrast to whatever bright hue you pick, pair gleaming black cabinets with black granite countertops. The walls could be painted in a bright color to give them a retro-futuristic feel.

7. Wood Tones

Black granite looks great with any hue of stained hardwood cabinets. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. This conventional kitchen’s color scheme is popular in upmarket kitchens around the country. The investment in excellent wooden cabinets and a premium stainless range is the key to making this appear rich and opulent instead of ho-hum. A stunning and sophisticated stainless steel convection stove, instantly enhances whatever area it is put in.

A stunning mid-century modern design kitchen is made possible with black granite worktops that slide over to the floor. This kitchen is basic but warm, with wood-paneled hidden cabinets and trendy chairs.

8. Sage Green

Although this hue isn’t on our traditional go-to colors list but it works well with the black countertops when used wisely. The lower cabinets if painted a lovely sage green give a very modern light and breezy vibe. This theme is ideal for a country or cottage kitchen.

Are black kitchen countertops in style?

Due to the strong contrast aesthetic they create, black countertops are a popular choice. High-contrast kitchens are still popular, but softer, more subdued neutral hues are gaining attraction in the design world.

Black contrasts well with practically any hue and complements most decor styles. They’re a great fit for both modern farmhouse and industrial décor, which are two of the hottest trends right now.

Do black countertops stain?

Black granite countertops are the most stain-resistant countertops, which, like other black surfaces, need a little additional care to maintain looking clean. Black Quartz can be stained or water-etched. Some cleaning agents, such as bleach or hard water will stain your black quartz.


We hope you’ve got clear what color cabinets with black granite countertops. As you can see, the possibilities for mixing black granite countertops with cabinets are only limited by your creativity. This style of countertop is fashionable and sophisticated, and it’s ideal for someone who enjoys changing things up on a regular basis, regardless of what color their cabinets are painted.

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