Why you Should Consider Canvas Prints for Wall Décor

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The décor of our home or workspace is a reflection of our personality. Even if you choose some striking paint colors for the walls, they look dull if not decorated well. 

Designers often suggest canvas prints for revitalizing the walls. Though getting pictures on a canvas is a great idea, some people consider it heavy on the pocket. But canvas prints are not at all expensive. In fact, they are cheaper than most other photo printing options. 

Some may consider them bulky, difficult to handle, and not durable. Thankfully, all these are misconceptions about canvas prints. These prints are easy on the pocket, come in various sizes, and can enhance the room’s aesthetics.  

Still not convinced? Read the below reasons to use these art pieces for your wall décor: 

Canvas Prints are always Trending 

Whether we look at the modern-day home décor or take inspiration from the vintage style, canvas prints are always there. It means that this evergreen home styling option will never go outdated. Thus, investing in some fantastic canvas prints is not the wrong choice. 

Besides home, you can see these décor prints in offices, restaurants, meeting halls, etc. You just need to change the theme of the prints, and they are good to go for wall décor. 

In restaurants, you can see prints related to food and drink. Likewise, the use of nature-inspired prints is common in spas and salons. 

Canvas Prints can become a Style Statement of the Room 

Creating a focal point in the room is essential to catch the visitor’s attention. Fortunately, canvas prints are a perfect choice for it. You can hang a big portrait or select a split canvas to make the room stand out. 

Portraits can be of any size, depending upon the size of the wall. But big portraits above the firepit or drawer Chester look stylish. Likewise, split canvas comes in multiple panels and is arranged sequentially to reveal the entire picture. You can order a split canvas with more panels if the wall is big enough. Usually, 5-6 panels are enough to reveal an artistic touch. 

Canvas Prints are Durable 

Compared with other forms of wall décor like dry flower hanging and artificial plants, canvas prints are more durable. They are made from high-quality material, and the premium quality of ink keeps the colors vibrant for a long time. The presence of canvas prints in museums and historic art galleries is proof of their durability. 

Furthermore, you can make these prints more durable by keeping them away from high humid environments and sunlight. Cleaning and maintenance of this décor item are also simple. You can use a cotton cloth to wipe off dust or clean it with a damp towel. 

It means you can get your favorite pictures on canvas and save them for years. 

Canvas prints help add Theme and Color to your Room 

A beautiful landscape, waterfall, or pictures of the sea creatures are enough to create a natural feel in the room. Family portraits, a wall gallery of childhood pictures, and wedding shots are perfect for recalling loving memories. 

That is how canvas prints help in creating a theme for your room. It can be a cartoon-inspired theme for a kid’s room or a nature-loving theme for your living space. 

Not just this, you can use these masterpieces to add contrasting colors to the room. For instance, if the drawing room’s furniture is beige, adding a contrasting maroon color will give it a contemporary feel. Besides this, you can add a few cushions in maroon color to match the theme of your room. The room will have two colors, beige will be the primary color, and maroon is the one that adds a spark to it. 

Canvas Prints are Eco Friendly 

Fortunately, people are now taking steps for sustainability. Using canvas prints is one of these as it is an environment-friendly option in décor. 

Gone are the days when people used solvent inks for canvas prints. These inks are made from volatile components that adversely impact health and the environment. Today, latex inks, an eco-friendly alternative, are used in the industry. Since the ink is hypoallergenic, you can easily hang canvas prints even in a newborn’s room. 

Additionally, many companies are now providing these prints in corrugated cardboard boxes. The material is durable and recyclable. Besides this, the compact packing also reduces the cost of the product, and consumers need to pay less in shipping charges. 

Canvas Prints have an Emotional Influence 

Art leaves a positive impact on our mental health. And canvas prints are an excellent form of displaying art. When you focus on minute details, look at nature, and view multiple colors, you feel relaxed and refreshed. 

Patients with stress, anxiety, and depression also get a sigh of relief after looking at some beautiful paintings. Not just this, you can print words of wisdom, quotes, and other inspirational messages on canvases.

For instance, words like try, try and try until you achieve give a sense of motivation and confidence. Hospitals with senior citizen departments and psychiatric care often use canvas prints with impressive paintings or quotes. 

Canvas Prints provide Style Versatility 

Another great thing about canvas prints is their versatility. You can purchase them in any size or shape. Apart from it, you can get the pictures customized. Changing colors or adding some text to the picture is also possible. 

It means hanging such prints everywhere is possible, regardless of the room size. However, choosing the right size is mandatory to make the most of these décor pieces. You can create a picture gallery with multiple small canvas prints. Or, use a big print to make the wall stand out. 

Their frames are also available in every shape: circles, ovals, squares, and whatnot. Thus, redefining every space is possible with the help of canvases. 

Final Words 

With so many wall-decorating options, canvas prints are one of the best choices. They can create a sophisticated feel in the room and are perfect for displaying a specific theme. Additionally, their maintenance is easy, and their durability is commendable. 

Most importantly, you don’t need to spend hefty bucks. They are not at all expensive. Plus, these décor pieces are eco-friendly and play a significant role in rejoicing your mood.

These reasons are enough to admit the significance of canvas prints in wall decoration. Do not waste more time. Start selecting some fantastic prints and enhance the visual appearance of your living space. 

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