You’ve probably heard that light has an impact on our mood and energy, but did you know that light bulbs also have the same effect? Bulbs that emit blue light can help you focus, stay awake, and be more alert. Others that do not contain blue light waves can help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready for a restful night’s sleep. This idea can aid in the design of lighting in our space because each room is unique.

If we talk specifically about the living room, for example, it is a favorite area to seat visitors, entertain, or simply kick back and relax. It’s important to have light sources in the living room that can be adjusted to whatever the occasion is, whether you’re watching a movie or chatting with friends.

Choosing the right light source that matches your preference and overall personal vibe can be a very tricky deal. The best light for the living room varies depending on who you are and what activities you do.

If you want to create a calm and comfortable home environment, soft white light is the way to go. These bulbs will produce warmer light with yellow tones. If you are someone who prefers a more bright and active environment then daylight bulbs will work well for your personality.

If you are still not sure about the exact difference between daylight and soft white and what you should choose for your living room. This article is for you, so let’s dive into it.

Difference between soft white and daylight

Soft White Light

Soft white light bulbs are considered to be somewhere 2700K – 300K. It will be soft and cozy and has yellow tones so overall gives a warm vibe. Soft white light bulb is good for spaces like the living room or dining room where you want the light to be low and relaxing. This type of light is not extra bright but also not super cool or super warm. It stands somewhere in the middle of brightness and temperature. Soft white light is always a good option and usually doesn’t consume much energy.

Some Recommended Soft White Bulbs for Living Room

Benefits of Soft White Light in living Room

  • Creates a Warm Vibe
    The most important reason why people like soft light is that it creates a relaxing atmosphere
  • It helps you relax better
    The majority of people use their living rooms in the evening, so soft light is ideal for relaxing.
  • Does not put any stain on eyes
    This is also one of the most important reasons why people like soft light: it relieves eye strain if you spend most of your time in the living room watching television. This is the ideal type of light source for you.

A Daylight Bulb

It’s a type of bulb that tries to replicate the natural light emitted by the sun during the day. It’s ideal for a room where natural light is required and not available. For example, in a basement. They provide bright light, but not one that is unreasonably bright. A daylight bulb is perhaps the most pleasant form of light if you just have one option. Because natural light provides the greatest light while being comfortable. However, because it is brighter and cooler, it can require more watts. That said, not only does it depend on the type of light, but it also depends on the type of bulb.

Some Recommended Daylight Bulbs for Living Room

Benefits of Daylight in living Room

  • More Energized Mood
    These bulbs will be brighter than any other type of light as they are over 4600K which results in a much more energized mood.
  • Light for daily tasks
    These bulbs brighten the environment, making it much easier to perform daily various tasks.
  • Mimic like true sunlight
    Daylight bulbs simulate natural sunlight, so if you enjoy spending time outside, this will be a perfect deal for you.
  • Improves productivity
    Daylight Bulbs can improve your mental health and productivity, which is important to consider if you spend most of your time working in your living room.

Daylight vs soft white for living room

Both daylight and soft white light are useful for various reasons. Daylight bulbs have a color temperature of 46000K to 65000K, which means they are brighter and appear whiter. Soft white bulbs, on the other hand, are warmer and lean toward yellow tones.

Both lights will work in the living room. However, most people prefer soft white light for their living rooms because it gives a very welcoming and cozy vibe. If you use the living room mostly in the evening then soft light might be the best option. But. If you have a dark-colored interior of your living room then daylight may be more favorable or if you use your living room mostly in day time or for productive work, using daylight will create a better lighting environment.

Few more important lighting tips for efficient living areas.

  • Use ceiling lighting to provide brilliant illumination across the space
  • Use backlighting that creates an atmosphere, such as floor lamps, pendant lights, wall lights, or LED strips
  • Use downlighters/LED spots as it provides decorative accent lighting to light up specific areas
  • Work lights for focusing brightness, such as when reading or completing puzzles on the couch

Our take!

So you got the difference between soft white and daylight and which is better to choose. Depending on your mood and personal preferences, either type of lighting will work in a living room. In areas such as the bedroom, living room, and dens, use soft light. For office space and the workroom, go for daylight. If you find that light affects your mood, it is recommended that you modify the lighting in your living space properly by using various types of sources. This will help you enhance productivity when needed while also winding down in the evening so you can rest.

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