Understanding Timber Wall Paneling and Its Benefits

timber wall paneling - benefits of timber wall panel

A timber wall panel can transform your home inside out by changing the looks of the walls. Wall panels give your rooms more depth, and they blend into traditional and contemporary styles easily. In addition, they are one of the best ways to cover up uneven surfaces on walls that require filling. But what type of wood should you use for wall paneling? Here are the most popular types of timber wall panels on the market right now.

1. Tile boards

Tile boards look like ceramic tiles once installed. One of the reasons why tile boards are popular in timber wall paneling is they are moisture-resistant, thus you can clean them easily. They also have grout lines that can keep dirt and dust away from accumulating on the joints.

2. Design-based panels

Design-based panels are useful in lining up walls. Synthetic and wood processes are two of the most common types of panels used in this category. A few other panels that may find their way into this category include prefabrications that you can select to suit different walls. For example, you can use prefabricated wood panels on kitchens, bathrooms, or dining rooms.

3. Utility panels

Utility panels are made to suit specific designs and trends that make your rooms look beautiful. Some of the most common utility panels for wall paneling have multiple perforations that allow you to hang different things on them. You can get these panels in different designs and color schemes. Additionally, you can install them on a specific area of the wall you want to decorate.

4. Structural panels

In addition to using timber wall paneling for rooms, you can use a few on the exterior of your house also. They fortify the house from strong winds and extreme weather conditions.

5. Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels can make rooms sound-proof. These timber panels are common in recording studios and rooms where musicians practice to prevent noise from going outside.

Benefits of timber wall paneling

1. Improved insulation

Timber wall paneling acts as a natural insulator for your house as wood prevents heat from leaking out and stops cold air from coming in. It can keep your house cold during summers and warm during winters. Therefore, you may save significantly on your energy bills as you may not need to use your AC or the heater throughout the day. This makes it worthwhile to invest in timber wall paneling.

2. Makes room sound-proof

Wood panels are excellent at insulating sounds, thus making them suitable for people who want privacy and peace in their rooms. Musicians often have a sound-proof room with timber wall paneling on all sides so that the sound doesn’t go out.

3. Enhanced durability

Timber wall panels are among the most durable panels available right now, especially when you consider their craftsmanship and material. For example, cedar panels can last as many as 30 years, while spruce and pine last for up to 7 and 12 years, respectively. However, in addition to the type of timber, you also need to pay attention to the service provider as the installation process also determines the longevity of the panels. Treated wood is also a favorite these days because of its affordability and easy maintenance.

4. Incredible looks

Sometimes, homeowners use timber wall paneling for decorative purposes, such as white wood wall panels, wall cladding panels, or other panels that can enhance the beauty of your rooms. Wooden panels look neat, elegant, and classy and can transform a room’s look if you focus on installing the panels in the right places. Most importantly, these panels go well with a range of furniture and upholstery, thus making even a dull room look beautiful.

5. Easy to install

It’s easy to install timber wall panels if you have the right tools, but if you don’t, make sure you hire professionals. You can instruct the installation team to set up the panels in such a way so that they change the room’s look.

Although timber wall paneling may seem expensive initially, the elegance it brings to your rooms is worth every penny you spend. Moreover, you will end up saving a lot more in the long run on your electricity bills, as these panels improve your home’s insulation.

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