Why is My Peace Lily Drooping?

why is my peace lily drooping

Spathiphyllum is a common household plant. The reason is that it is easy to grow. You might be wondering that you Googled ‘why is my peace lily drooping’ and the article mentions ‘Spathiphyllum’. There is nothing to worry about as it is the scientific name for peace lily and other plants in this family. We can conclude that your peace lily is drooping, and you are searching for ways to address this problem. Well, you are at the right place. This blog post will let you know everything there is to know about this problem and the solutions. We recommend that you read with full attention so that you do not miss out on any vital information. Without further ado, let us start.

About Peace Lilies

Have you ever found yourself walking in a tropical forest? If yes, then we can safely say that you saw peace lilies in their natural environment. These are tropical, evergreen plants that you will see on the forest floor. They receive dappled sunlight and consistent sunlight, which allows them to thrive. Another term for dappled sunlight is indirect sunlight, or one which is filtered through various objects. You would know that peace lilies cannot survive in direct sunlight. They produce white or a little off-white flower which can brighten up any room. Although they cannot grow quite tall in the wild, the same does not apply to household peace lilies. They only grow up to 16-inches.

Are They Poisonous?

Yes. It is why you must keep the peace lilies out of reach of children and pets. If digested in considerable amounts, they can cause problems, especially respiratory. The reason is that they contain calcium oxalate. Another common plant that has them is daffodils. Therefore, one should take the necessary precautions to avoid any mishap.

Now, let us address the common questions associated with a peace lily.

Why is my Peace Lily Drooping even after Watering?

Most people do not realise that they need to be careful when watering a peace lily. If you overwater it, it will start drooping. The reason is that the plant is not getting enough air. Why? The water blocks all the air holes in the soil, resulting in drooping. Once a peace lily starts drooping, it can be challenging to reverse the process. When watering the plant, you need to ensure that you only water enough to moisturise the soil. If there is standing water, it is a sign of overwatering.

If it starts drooping, you need to remove the lily from the pot and drain out all the water. Once done, you can repot it. However, before doing so, you must check for root rot. If you see any roots rotting, you will need to trim them. Otherwise, no matter what you do, the peace lily will droop and eventually wither. We are confident that this answers, ‘why is my peace lily drooping even after watering?’.

Why is my Peace Lily Drooping after Repotting?

It is the second most common question. People complain that even after repotting the plant, it still keeps drooping. There are several reasons for it. Once you repot a plant, it can start to wither quickly because of a shock. Other reasons include overwatering or lack of water. So, how to address this problem?

What you need to do is check the soil. If it is dry, water it. All you need to do is keep the soil moist and prevent overwatering. Ensure that the soil does not remain dry for long periods. If you fail to do so, all your effort will go to waste. Lastly, you can feed your peace lily Vitamin B1. It will help address the repot shock and make sure that the plant thrives.

We recommend that you only repot the peace lily as a last resort. The reason is that even after doing all these things, the plant might die. It is such a vibrant plant that it is likely to make the whole atmosphere dull if it dies. If repotting is necessary, we recommend that you avail the services of a house plant expert. They can guide you through the process and ensure a successful repot.

Why is my Peace Lily Drooping and Turning Yellow?

If you have houseplants, you would be all too familiar with the yellowing problem. Each household plant turns yellow for a varied reason. In other words, we cannot conclude that each plant turns yellow for ‘so and so’ reason. Peace lilies turn yellow for two reasons:

  • Too Much Sunlight
  • Too Little Sunlight

Peace lilies need moderate, indirect sunlight. So, if they are placed directly in the sunlight or a dark corner, the peace lily will start drooping and turning yellow. Brown spots and streaks also indicate too much sunlight. The best thing to do is keep the plant a little further away from the window. Our experience shows that over, and underwatering can also cause peace lilies to turn yellow.

In order to address the overwatering problem, the pot must have a drainage hole at the bottom. The lack of water problem can be addressed by ensuring that the soil is moist. You can stick your finger into the soil to ascertain the moisture level. If the soil feels too dry, then add water. If not, then there is no need to do anything.

Wrap Up

It concludes today’s blog post. We are confident that you can take better care of your peace lily after going through this article. If you have questions or suggestions regarding the above content, let us know. We will get back to you right away. We suggest that you use quality soil as it will provide the plant with a good foundation to thrive. Most people use mineral water to water their plants. However, we are against this practice. The reason is that mineral water contains a lot of minerals which can build up in the soil over time. It can cause problems in the plant. So, the best option is to avoid it and use tap water instead. Thank You.

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