Different types of Wood for Furniture

types of wood for furniture

It is very important to understand that many different types of wood for furniture available in the market and their uses will define whether you should choose it or not for your next house project. In case you are building something from wood, or just picking up the wood for your furniture, this article will surely assist you in making a choice.

As you already know, there are different types of trees available, and hence, there will be different types of wood used for building.

Three Main Types of Wood

Before getting into all the details of types of woods used for furniture, first, we should consider the three main types of varieties of wood, so it is crucial to know about the three main types which are

  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Engineered wood

Each one of the types of wood mentioned above has its own uses and features.


Softwood is basically the wood and lumber which are obtained from conifer trees. Their scientific name is Gymnosperms; they are needle-shaped and have cones. Their popular types are pine, cedar, fir, and redwood used in the working of wood and construction of furniture. These types of woods are used in framing new construction, and as well as building style infrastructures of different household items.


Hardwood is considered any type of wood that is not obtained from conifer trees that don’t have need and cones. Their scientific name is angiosperms, and are most commonly known as deciduous trees. Hardwood comes from trees that produce leaves and seeds. Common examples of hardwood are oak trees, maple, cherry, and walnut. It is wrong to always consider them hard than softwood, but in most cases, it is. The most common examples are palm and bamboo, which are scientifically known as monocotyledons. Bamboo and palm can also be considered as sometimes engineering wood.

Engineered wood

Another main type of wood is engineered wood, which in nature does not exist naturally but can be prepared artificially by using some engineering techniques as the name is present. These types of wood are basically made to achieve certain qualities and features. It is also known as composite wood, mostly made from waste and sawmills.

It is often treated with the use of chemicals and heat processes to achieve a certain type of wood, which will be according to user demand and is not possible to obtain from nature. The most common examples of engineered wood include plywood, oriented strand board, and composite board. The veneer can also be classified as engineered wood because it is supposed to be changed according to specialized techniques.

After discussing all three types of wood, we can conclude which type is more suitable and can be used for your home furniture. Here are different types of wood for furniture either you want to know the types of wood for cabinets, tables, and chairs.

Types of Wood for Furniture

Just come to the main point, which is the attractiveness of your kitchen or bath. Also, it should be functional and durable. The best cabinets for the kitchen are made with top-quality material. Cabinets are usually built with a mixture of hardwood and plywood and both materials in deciding what will be best for your kitchen.

different types of wood for furniture
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1. Veneer

 Plywood is engineered glue made from a hardwood veneer usually less than 1/16 inch. It is sometimes referred to as a one-piece face, which to prevent splicing is cut into a single piece. Almost 85% of the kitchen cabinets are made with low-grade plywood and a combination of the veneer.

2. Oak and maple

Face frames and cabinets often consist of solid hardwood types, usually maple, beech, and oak. Maple is one of the hardest species of wood commonly used for cabinets making, and usually, it is more expensive than softwood. Other things that include domestic hardwood are its rich and warm colors and subtle grain design, which usually comes in terms of luxury and expensive wood.

3. Walnut

Another common hardwood which is usually straight grain red mahogany and dark and red walnut. Walnut gives a very warm texture, and it is very similar in texture and hardness to mahogany. Any type of wood can be stained to make and match the existing color in home. Walnut is clearly known for its colors, and the cabinets made from walnut are better.

4. Ash

Ash is obtained from ash trees, which are available in most parts of the world. This wood has an excellent property of sticking, not considering screw holding and nail holding properties. It also comes in different colors like light and creamy brown, also has an excellent brown streak.

Its one drawback is its unpleasant smell, but still, many carpenters love to work with it because of its extreme properties like flexibility, and toughness. Ash can cover any type of finish you wish to apply to it. Ash can be used for many different purposes, such as flooring, furniture, boxes, and wood for tables.

5. Cherry

Cherry is a popular choice for furniture manufacturers because of its smooth grain and flexibility, which is ideal for complicated furniture designs. It can be used to make cabinets, flooring, furniture and musical instruments, and other wooden materials. Cherry exhibits a natural rich light pinkish color when it is freshly cut. After that, it turns over to a medium reddish-brown over time. Obviously, as the name suggests, it is obtained from cherry trees. Mostly, light to natural finishes is the best one for cherry wood.

6. Larch

 Larch is basically found in the region of the cooler northern hemisphere. The color ranges from yellow to medium brown heartwood, and after all, it turns into almost white sapwood. The weight of larch wood is comparatively medium, and it has very good strength. It can be used for making fence pots, veneer, flooring, and much other furniture.

 Larch is moderately and very poor resistant to fungus attacks, but can deal because of the presence of natural resins.

7. Hemlock Wood

 Hemlock basically ranges from reddish-brown to a less light color in the sapwood. It is very soft and light because it contains grains that usually run straight in uneven texture. Hemlock can be used for making different types of furniture like table, wooden decoration pieces, cabinets, pallets, and plywood.

The finest finish that you can apply to hemlock wood is clear finishes. Many of the western hemlock tree species are basically from North America, in the coastal rain forest. Mainly, it can be suitably used for different furniture products.

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