Why do the Lights in My House Flicker

why do the lights in my house flicker

The first question when you see lights flickering at home is, “why do my lights flicker in my house?” Do not worry; we will not say your house might be haunted. There are other reasons behind it; you must not ignore them as they can lead to severe consequences. Usually, it might be just a loose or broken bulb.

However, some serious reasons include electrical problems, which you must focus on resolving promptly. The reason is that such issues can lead to a fire by a short circuit. Do not try to fix the problem yourself, as you might get electrocuted or cause other damage. We recommend always calling an expert and letting them deal with such stuff since they know what to do.

Today, we will discuss the most common reasons behind flickering lights and how to fix them. Please only risk your life if you have adequate knowledge or acquire your knowledge from YouTube videos. While you may get lucky and fix the issue, electricity-related work should be left to an expert.

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Why do lights flicker in my house?

1. Type of Light Bulb

The most common answer to “why do my lights flicker in my house” is the type of light bulb. Did you recently change your light bulb and then start experiencing flickering? If yes, the light bulb is incompatible with your dimmer. Fluorescent and LED light bulbs tend to flicker when you use them with conventional light switches. You may need to invest in new switches if you plan to use such bulbs.

2. Unstable Voltage

Generally, around the world, the standard voltage delivered to your home is between 115 to 125 voltages. If you have a voltmeter, you can check it yourself quickly. If the reading shows higher or lower reading, it means the voltage is unstable and is causing flickering. In such cases, always turn off all the appliances to avoid damage.

Contact your electricity service provider, as they will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it through the transformer. If your house is quite old, the problem might be internal in your electrical system. If this is the case, you should contact a reliable electrician. We recommend getting quotes from at least three people before opting for their service. It will help you get the best rates.

3. Overloaded Circuit

One possible reason for light flickering might be an overloaded circuit. Signs of an overloaded circuit are when you use a heavy appliance and lights begin to flicker. You should distribute the load to another circuit to avoid flickering since it signifies the circuit is overburdened. It may lead to the circuit being burnt or tripping. If the flickering happens for a longer duration, then it is not something that you should ignore or put off until tomorrow. Contact your electricity provider right away and explain the problem. If they say that everything is okay on their end, call an electrician.

4. Transformer

Another reason for flickering lights might be due to a transformer. Your neighborhood transformer is responsible for providing electricity to other homes, including yours. For some reason, someone in the neighborhood might be using more electricity than usual. It will lead to flickering lights due to overburden on the transformer. However, another reason might be that the transformer has a loose/broken wire. As a result, it is not able to provide stable electricity.

5. Fault in the main Connection

When the lights in your home flicker in a room or area without apparent reasons, it might indicate a bigger and more complicated problem in your main connection box. Your main connection box contains a large number of wires to your whole house. Only an electrician can find the problematic connection by tracing the wires and then fixing them accordingly.

6. Loose Wire

A loose or outdated wire is one of the most common reasons for light flickering. It can occur either in a switch box, LED or outlet and cause a thing called arcing, which is when current moves through gaps in the connection. It can be hazardous since it can cause electrocution to a person and is also one of the main reasons for a house fire. If you have not upgraded your electrical system for a long time, you must take the flickering incident seriously. Call the electrician to sort the problem before it leads to a more severe outcome.


A flickering light might indicate the need to change the bulb or a more serious problem. Hence, do not ignore flickering lights and try to resolve the issue promptly. It can help you avoid costly repairs and other grave consequences. If you do plan to diagnose and fix the problem yourself, wear the right outfit. Lastly, ensure children do not come near the electric wires.

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