How to Stop Faux Leather from Peeling

how to stop faux leather from peeling

As much as we all adore leather, whether it be in sofas, purses, or coats. Everyone owns a few leather items but leather has its own set of limitations. The age-old problem with leather as a material is the constant peeling and flaking that everyone frequently experiences.
But what if we tell you that it’s Wrong!

The fact is real, high-quality leather never peels. However, as you will see in this article, producers and sellers use the term leather broadly to deceive the public. Peeling is typically caused by bonded leather and imitation leather, which are occasionally referred to as leather in general.

Given that, faux leather is constructed of a base fabric and a polyurethane covering, it will eventually peel and flake. We absolutely adore the faux leather jacket, so even though it is difficult to mend, we have some tips. Most experts concur that it is advisable to discard it and get a new one. However, in our opinion, it can’t harm to try to mend it first if it’s something you like wearing.

But now let’s get back to the original query.

What causes leather to peel?

Even real leather items may start to peel off if you do not take care of them and by that we mean if you never condition them and pay no attention to storage.

Peeling in leather often happens within 2-3 years even when dryness is addressed with a leather conditioner and the item is kept out of direct sunlight. This occurs as a result of bonded leather’s often lower quality compared to actual leather. Peeling leather cannot be repaired or restored to its original position. The leather peeling may be hidden, though, so that unless you look closely, you won’t see it.

As we discussed that there is no perfect way to make it completely new but there are a few methods that would make it look like there is no peeling.

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How to Stop Faux Leather from Peeling?

There are a few different methods that you may need how to prevent faux leather from peeling. Check them out!

Buy quality leather in the first place

One of the most important things you can do is just to get a high-quality leather item in the first place. This will provide you with the most peace of mind and the highest return on your investment.

Although leather may first seem to be rather expensive, it eventually turns out to be less expensive than imitation leather or bonded leather. This occurs as a result of the durability of leather. If you purchase a faux leather sofa, jacket, or any other item, do not anticipate it to last more than two to three years. A true leather jacket, on the other hand, will cost you three times as much but will last a lifetime. As a result, in this instance, the cost per wear value decreases dramatically. Nowadays, you can also easily find quality recycled leather at a very affordable price. The reduced cost is due to the faux leather made using genuine leather offcuts. This allows people to buy leather at reasonable prices and reduces further wastage, making this option environmentally and animal-friendly.

Avoid direct sunlight on the item

The peeling, cracking, creasing, and general wear and tear that a leather garment experiences are largely due to sunlight. Therefore, store your leather items in shaded regions that are adequately shielded from direct sunlight if you want them to last longer and not peel. Direct sunlight is particularly damaging to leather shoes, which are plainly constructed of bonded leather or imitation leather.

Therefore, the ideal location for storing your leather items is a closet. It is chilly and dry, and it is presumably somewhat protected from the sun god’s troubles.

Use good quality leather conditioners

The next step in preventing the peeling of leather objects is just taking good care of them now that the sunshine issue has been resolved. And the first step in that process is usually applying a good leather conditioner.

To keep a leather item, such as a sofa, jacket, or a pair of shoes, as supple and moist as possible, leather conditioners are utilized. Although leather conditioner is often only used on genuine leather it works wonders on both imitation leather and bonded leather.

Simply dab a little of this conditioner onto your leather item and massage it in. In order to stop peeling, you must perform this procedure every few months.

Clean your leather items every couple of weeks

In addition to the preceding point, putting leather conditioner on your sofa, shoes, and coats on a regular basis won’t do the trick. It is vitally essential to regularly clean imitation leather to stop it from flaking.

So, how often should you clean, and how should you go about doing it?

Nothing extraordinary. Simply wipe your leather items down with a wet towel once every two weeks to clean them. Keep in mind that we don’t want to cause the leather to get water damaged or discolored, so make sure the cloth isn’t soaking wet.

However, bonded leather has the advantage of often being water-resistant, so you do not need to worry as much about the moisture of the material. No matter if it’s a leather sofa, or any other item like (a jacket, a pair of shoes), or something even more exotic, simply wipe it down well and make sure you get into all the crevices.

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Final Remarks

Although reading this article would lead you to believe that we have our concerns about faux leather and that it should not be used, this is not the true case.

We think choosing the type of leather you require is a complex issue, and it’s fine if each of us comes up with a different solution as long as you are happy with your leather item and it’s serving its purpose.

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